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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

ALICE IN CHAINS Respond To Allegations That Their NEW Album 'The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here' Is Satanic

As you probably know by now, ALICE IN CHAINS' fifth studio album entitled 'The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here'
will be released on May 14. The album was produced by Nick Raskulinecz (Foo Fighters, Deftones) and engineered by Paul Figueroa.

During a recent interview with Noisecreep, the band responded to allegations that their NEW album cover is satanic. If you look closely at the image above, you will notice that the dinosaur that appears on the cover contains a symmetrical hologram of that same dinosaur. When combined together it looks like the face of the devil.
“They’re not wrong for believing that dinosaur stuff, but we aren’t wrong for asking them to explain it either,” says drummer Sean Kinney.

“Are we supposed to believe that some little mythical dude with cloven hooves cruised around the planet hiding bones that were millions of years old to fool us for some fucking reason? It’s ridiculous.”

The band’s leader, Jerry Cantrell, further discussed religion in general:
“I think there’s overwhelming evidence that things aren’t working right now. We need to start growing up as a people,” he says.

“When you’re teaching people that being gay is a mortal sin, yet a good portion of the people teaching this are fucking kids, there’s a huge problem.

“It’s insane when a religion tells you it’s OK to strap a bomb on yourself to blow someone else up because they believe in something different. If a religion is teaching you that it’s OK to hurt somebody, exclude somebody, dominate somebody — I have a problem with it. The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here just speaks to the lamer parts of how those things are taught and the shitty things we do to each other because of our different beliefs.”

Here are some of the song titles out of the NEW AIC record:

- Voices - Low Ceiling - Stone - The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here - Hollow - Lab Monkey - Hung On A Hook - Pretty Done - Breath On A Window - Choke - Phantom Limb

Beginning later this month, Alice In Chains will be playing a number of headline tour and festival dates this Spring. Complete date and venue information are listed below. For information on where to purchase tickets, head to www.aliceinchains.com/tour.

Apr 25 - Miami Beach, FL - The Fillmore
Apr 26 - Tampa, FL - WXTB Rockfest
Apr 27 - Jacksonville, FL - Welcome To Rockville
Apr 30 - Birmingham, AL - BJCC Concert Hall
May 1 - Augusta, GA - William B. Bell Auditorium
May 4 - Charlotte, NC - Carolina Rebellion
May 5 - Norfolk, VA - Norva
May 7 - Bethlehem, PA - Sands Event Center
May 8 - Pittsburgh, PA - Benedum Center
May 10 - Boone, IA - Central Iowa Expo
May 12 - St. Louis, MO - KPNT Pointfest
May 14 - Sioux Falls, SD - Lyons Fairgrounds
May 15 - Milwaukee, WI - Eagles Ballroom
May 18 - Philadelphia, PA - Susquehanna Bank Center
May 19 - Columbus, OH - Rock On The Range
May 21 - Ft. Wayne, IN - Embassy Theatre
May 22 - Evansville, IN - Aiken Theatre
May 24 - Lincoln, NE - Pinewood Bowl Amphitheater
May 25 - Pryor, Oklahoma - Rocklahoma
Jun 15 - Donington Park, England - Download Festival
Sep 19 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Rock in Rio

The bands first single out of their upcoming NEW record is called "Hollow" and is now available via iTunes at this link: 

https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/hollow-single/id586393217 Watch the music video for "Hollow" HERE!

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