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Thursday, April 11, 2013

David Kinkade Responds To Allegations That He Couldn't Jam Old SEPULTURA Properly

During a recent interview with us (see below), Max Cavalera (SOULFLY, CAVALERA CONSPIRACY, ex-SEPULTURA) discussed the reasons why drummer David Kinkade left SOULFLY in December of 2012. As you can see, Max pretty much stated that Kinkade couldn't play the old songs properly so he decided it was time to find a NEW drummer. His son Zyon Cavalera (LODY KONG) is currently drumming for SOULFLY, but Max has made it very clear that he is currently searching for a permanent drummer.

Kinkade watched the interview in question and he is not happy with Max's comments. This is what he had to say about this:

"They want to slander me and they figure that since I was a note for note perfectionist, why not hit below the belt and make me look like a fool. I quit when I called bullshit on how the kids treated people? Shit and had absolutely zero respect for Soulfly. Snorting lines and blowing weed smoke into the bunks all the time. Anyone would have quit if having to deal with the Cavalera's and their kids for months on end. Marc and Tony are the only thing that holds that circus together. Good riddance."

Here is the two part interview:

UPDATE from David Kinkade after reading about all your comments all over the internet:

"I really appreciate the kind words. Unfortunately I permanently retired from music after my final tour last October. I haven’t played since October 23rd in Thailand. I sold all of my equipment and now I actually work on the railroad. Its hard work but the benefits and salary are well worth the effort. It goes to show the true colors since Max tries to make it look like I was fired lol. I actually quit on the last day of the last Euro tour because I was to become a Father and didn’t want to be away from my family anymore. I also couldn’t handle the Cavalera way anymore. The Soulfly experience literally broke my love for being a drummer. Too much drama, too many lies and not worth the time or energy. I worked my ass off to make a great record, play ALL the songs note for note and yet I’m talked about like a piece of shit. So much for the “respect”."

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Kinkade made the album awesome and brutal and he did play the SEPULTURA songs well live . Obviously if u wanna sound good you will play note for note unless you wanna sound like a bag of shit ... Much respect to Dave \m/

kenneth carruth said...

broke back ass drummer shut your mouth know one broke anything or snoted anything maybe it was you oxy bitch you are the worst drummer soulfly has had Zyon smokes you hands down your a spoiled little kid you could play any of the old soulfly your all feet no pocket

kenneth carruth said...

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Anonymous said...

@kenneth carruth: shity ass drummer?.. WOW, youre nothing short of a moron.. You realize hes a "METAL" drummer, right? I bet you tell carpenters they suck at their job because theyre too good at carving wood and not good enough at doing paperwork...

Anonymous said...

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