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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Is Dave Lombardo Moving Out Of SLAYER & Resurrecting GRIP INC.?

It seems like drumming legend Dave Lombardo is ready to move out of SLAYER, after the band refused to offer him a better contract (details HERE). During a recent interview with Greece's Rock Overdose, Lombardo confirmed that Casey Chaos from AMEN will be fronting a resurrected version of GRIP INC. A tour is in currently in the works, and the chances of a NEW GRIP INC. being recorded are very high.

You may recall that Lombardo formed GRIP INC. when he first left SLAYER in 1992. The band had been on and off since it formed, and their future was uncertain due to drummer Dave Lombardo's commitments with and the death of frontman Gus Chambers. Now that Lombardo's future in SLAYER is pretty shady, it makes sense for Lombardo to resurrect GRIP INC. Stay tuned as more updates become available.

Via Blabbermouth 

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Surprise surprise. Isn't this like the 6th time he's quit Slayer? Get Paul Bostaph back. he's better than Dave anyway!!