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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

METALLICA To Re-Record 'Kill Em All'?

In celebration of the upcoming 30th anniversary of the release of METALLICA’s time-honored debut album, allegedly the band have announced that the second album to be released under their NEW label, Blackened Recordings, will be a re-recorded version of 'Kill Em' All'. The bands debut album was originally released on July 25, 1983.

Lars Ulrich commented on the re-recording, stating:

"The songs on Kill Em All are vintage Metallica, but will benefit so much more from today’s studio and mixing technology. So we decided it would be better to re-record them entirely than release a simple remaster from those old analog recordings. I can’t wait to get in the studio and do these songs justice and give them a polished, modern sound".

UPDATE: reportedly this was an April Fools Joke. When are the online NEWS outlets going to understand what the word PROFESSIONAL means? We have contacted the Metallica camp to see if there are any plans of re-recording 'Kill Em' All'. We will let you know once we hear back from them.

Don't forget that METALLICA's "Orion Music + More" will take place this year
in Detroit, Michigan during the weekend of June 8-9, 2013." Full details HERE

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You have got to be kidding me!

They are going to re-record Anesthesia? That was Cliff's best tune... a true bass solo for the ages... and they are going to re-record?

Makes me sick!