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Sunday, April 7, 2013

SLAYER Is NOT Replacing Tom Araya With Jason Newsted!!!

The main reason why Horns Up Rocks does not fool around on April Fools Day is because it can hurt our reputation as a reliable PROFESSIONAL news source. Also, we don't believe in posting false news in order to score web hits. And come on, it is very disrespectful towards you the fans, to mislead and misinform you.

Earlier this week, another website (that shall remain nameless) "pranked" a lot of Heavy Music fans by reporting that Jason Newsted (ex-METALLICA) was replacing Tom Araya on vocals and bass during SLAYER's upcoming Summer tour. This is false!

In the wise words of Max Cavalera (SOULFLY, CAVALERA CONSPIRACY, ex-SEPULTURA) "Don't, don't believe what you see... Don't, don't believe what you read". Specially if it is not Horns Up Rocks reporting it! \m/

Upcoming SLAYER concerts WITH Tom Araya:
Date City Venue Attendees Buy Tickets
06.04.13 Warsaw, Poland Impact Festival 2013
06.06.13 Enschede, Holland Muziek Theater
06.07.13 Kerkrade, Holland Rodahal
06.08.13 - 06.09.13 Amneville, France Sonisphere France
06.10.13 Dublin, Ireland The Academy
06.11.13 Dublin, Ireland The Academy
06.12.13 Belfast, Ireland Limelight
06.15.13 Padova, Italy Geox Theatre
06.17.13 Rome, Italy Antlantico
06.18.13 Florence, Italy Obihall
06.19.13 Milan, Italy Alcatraz
06.21.13 St. Goarshausen, Germany Metalfest Germany
06.22.13 Graz, Austria See-Rock Festival 2013
06.23.13 Zagreb, Croatia Culture Factory / Tvornica Kulture
06.25.13 Belgrade, Serbia Kombank Arena
06.26.13 Tokaj, HUNGARY Hegyalja Festival
06.27.13 Roitzschjora, Germany WITH FULL FORCE
06.29.13 Istanbul, Turkey Hi Voltage
07.01.13 ATHENS, GREECE Plateia Nerou Rock Gods
08.02.13 Viviero, Spain Resurrection Festival
08.07.13 Stockholm, Sweden Tivoli Outdoor
08.09.13 Oulu, Finland Jalometalli Festival 2013
08.10.13 Oslo, Norway Oya Festival
08.11.13 Derby, UK Bloodstock Open Air 2013
08.15.13 Kiweit, Belgium Pukkelpop Festival
08.16.13 Biddinghuizen, Holland Low Lands Festival
08.17.13 Hamburg, Germany ELB-RIOT Open Air Festival
08.18.13 Herford, Germany X ROCKFEST
09.22.13 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Rock In Rio 2013

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