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Friday, October 5, 2012

AC/DC: Brian Johnson Celebrates His 65th Birthday!

Today, AC/DC's Brian Johnson is celebrating his 65th birthday! Johnson was born in Dunston, Gateshead, England, on October 5, 1947. But don't call him old, as we all know Johnson is still one of the most ENERGETIC and badass singers in all of Heavy Music! Johnson has been the main singer and lyricist for Rock N' Roll legends AC/DC since 1980, following the untimely death of Bon Scott. While this was no easy task, Johnson has proven time and time again that he was the perfect choice for AC/DC. Johnson was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2003, along with the other members of the band.

AC/DC lead guitarist and co-founder Angus Young later recalled, "I remember Bon playing me Little Richard, and then telling me the story of when he saw Brian singing." He says about that night, "There's this guy up there screaming at the top of his lungs and then the next thing you know he hits the deck. He's on the floor, rolling around and screaming. I thought it was great, and then to top it off—you couldn't get a better encore—they came in and wheeled the guy off!'" Johnson was diagnosed with appendicitis later that night, which was the cause of his writhing around on stage. The band agreed immediately that Johnson's performing style fit AC/DC's music. Johnson's first album with AC/DC, 'Back in Black', became the second best-selling album of ALL time (the album has sold over 50,000,000 copies).

So raise your glass (or fist) in the air, crank your volume and lets salute Mr. Brian Johnson on his birthday! \m/

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