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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

LIFE OF AGONY's Joey Z Unleashes NEW Website For Method Of Groove Studio!

While on tour with LIFE OF AGONY in 2005, Joey Z had the vision of owning his own pro studio; A place where he can continue to build the other side of his career, and stay creative in between touring… Very soon after, he got to work. The studio opened in February 2006, and since, has become one of the prime spots in New York State to record. The atmosphere has been described as inspirational, magical, and comfortable. Professionally treated, the studios acoustics definitely deliver, and the proof is in all of the great recordings that have come out of here. Over the years the studio has continued to add stellar equipment to its arsenal. Most recent additions include, a vintage Amek recording console, Aurora converters, and a Neve summing mixer. The sound is phenomenal.  There are also two lounges where you can spread out a bit, and a kitchen, complete with everything you would need. Most of all, whether you are a touring professional, or local weekend warrior, you will get the full experience of a top-notch recording studio, and your final product will sound accordingly.

Here is a statement from Joey Z regarding MOG's brand NEW website:

"I'm proud to announce, and reveal, the NEW Method of Groove Studio website. The designer, Anthony Kondyra dedicated many weeks to this over-haul and I couldn't be happier with the results. The addition I'm most excited about is the Artist Vault... Inside you'll find individual pages on all the bands I worked with, complete with samples of music we recorded, video, photos, & bios. Any band that records with me from here on, will have a page in the Vault. It's a vision I had for years. There's also a blog that I will be personally posting news, recording tips, gear recommendations, and basically all studio/Joey Z stuff."

Please take a minute and check out the site right now, right here: www.methodofgroovestudio.com

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