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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

John 5 Gets Personal Items Stolen At His Home, Help Him Find Them!

Thieves suck! Period! The home of Rob Zombie guitarist John 5 was broken into earlier today and a lot of his personal items were stolen. Here is a message that he posted on his Facebook page following the robbery:

"Unfortunately our house was robbed today, we accidentally didn't put the alarm on, so some assholes got lucky! We will post more pictures of more guitars, these are all the pictures we have now. I just want to put it out there, just in case anyone comes across these items.. Whoever did this will get caught hopefully one day!"

UPDATE: We have details, including serial numbers were possible. If you can help spread the word or look out in your local area, or dealers to anything that may come your way in your store, then please contact your local authorities or
contact John on his official Facebook page!.

Items stolen:

    Make/Model: Fender Telecaster
    Serial Number: R33725
    Color: Sparkle Silver

    Make/Model: Fender Telecaster
    Serial Number: V137811
    Color: Black with white piping

    Make/Model: Custom Normandy Guitars Alumicaster
    Serial Number: Custom
    Color: Chrome plated, had two black humbuckers, no pickguard and a Gibson style selector switch located where Gibson puts them (upper bout)

    Make/Model: Gibson Les Paul
    Serial Number: -
    Color: Black with gold pick-ups

    Make/Model: Deering Deluxe Banjo
    Serial Number: 02256103B
    Detail: 6 String Banjo

    Item: Painting
    Details: The Creature from the Black Lagoon painting on white frame. Custom painting by Rob Zombie
    Detail: Happy Birthday J5

    Item: RIAA Record Award
    Details: R.I.A.A. awarded to John 5 and Rob Zombie for the album Educated Horses.
    Detail: Happy Birthday J5

    Item: Mac Computer
    Details: Mac Book Pro Laptop OSX 1025

    Item: Mac Computer
    Details: Mac 21 Home Computer

If you have any information, contact him on his official Facebook page!

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