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Friday, March 29, 2013

Ghost B.C.'s Album Delayed Due To Blasphemous Artwork Featuring An Orgy - Details Available!

GHOST B.C. was scheduled to release their second studio album 'Infestissumam' on April 9th via Loma Vista Recordings (NEW record label founded by Tom Whalley in partnership with Republic Records, a division of Universal Music Group). According to SPIN, the band has been forced to push the release back a week to April 16th. The reason for the delay:

Four CD manufacturers have refused to print a piece of artwork that was meant to be part of the deluxe version of the album. Reportedly, all the manufacturers took issue with the sacrilegious imagery.

"We kept on getting turned down because of the CD art, which is basically a 16th century illustration of an orgy". The NSFW illustration, inspired by the work of Gustave Dore, showcases what looks like a forest nymph orgy, but it's the religious iconography at the top that convinced manufacturers to turn off the printing press.

Even though the 'Infestissumam' booklets had all been printed, the band struggled to find anyone in the States to print the CD for them. "They weren't surprised. The comment was 'Well, I thought this would have happened sooner,'" the source said. "The artwork was meant to provoke some sort of thought, but it's been one obstacle after another".

In order to avoid delaying the album release any longer, Ghost B.C. opted to reuse the CD art found on the standard edition of their album. The artwork, a collaboration between Polish artist Zbignew Bielak II and a Nameless Ghoul, is key to an elaborate deluxe package that features each song's lyrics accompanied by a illustration to form a narrative within the music. The controversial art can still be found on both the vinyl and European copies of the Infestissuman CD. "Vinyl manufacturers don't have a problem with the artwork. Neither does Europe."

Don't forget that Sweden's kings of mystery, have announced that they are coming to South America via the following message:

"Children of South America! We are now finally bringing our diabolical crusade to your shores. On September 19, we will conduct a massive ritual at Rock In Rio! Malicious wishes..."

- A Nameless Ghoul

Tix and info HERE

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm a Christian. I find That Image Offensive. So I JusT Won't Buy It. Simple, Huh? People Need To Calm The Hell Down.