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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Max Cavalera Pt I: Maximum Cavalera Tour, NEW Supergroup & The State Of Metal In 2013!

Ever since he arrived to the Heavy Music scene in 1984, Max Cavalera has been constantly reinventing his musical craft. While it was his work with the mighty SEPULTURA that helped him become an International Metal Superstar, Max has proven through his additional work with SOULFLY and CAVALERA CONSPIRACY that his musical abilities are extremely multidimensional.

Max left SEPULTURA in 1996, following the murder of Dana Wells (Max's stepson) and the firing of Gloria Cavalera Bujnowski (Max's wife & Dana's mother) as SEPULTURA's manager. While many artists would have had a hard time starting a NEW band and making it successful, Max has proven with SOULFLY that his musical vision is what sets him apart from other artists. Get this, SOULFLY turns 16 years old this year and have eight studio albums under their musical belt and are already working on album # 9!

Additionally, Cavalera has a NEW supergroup that features Greg Puciato from THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, Troy Sanders from MASTODON and David Elitch, former member of THE MARS VOLTA.

On Thursday, March 14, we met up with Max at his hotel room in New York City before the "MAXIMUM CAVALERA Tour" show at The Gramercy Theatre. Once the camera was rolling, we chatted with him about passing the torch of Metal to his sons Richie, Igor and Zyon. We also discussed his NEW supergroup and when fans can expect to hear that project. And we also talked to him about the state of Heavy Metal in 2013. Check out what Max had to say about all of this. This is part I of our in-depth interview with "El Patrón Del Metal", Max Cavalera!

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