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Monday, March 25, 2013

STRYCHNIA To Collaborate With A Member Of DYING FETUS!

New Jersey Metallers STRYCHNIA began recording their NEW EP entitled 'Reanimated Monstrosity' this past March 3 at Frightbox Recordings in Clifton, NJ with producer Bobby Torres. This is the same studio and producer that the band worked with back in 2010 when they recorded their debut album 'The Anatomy of Execution'.

The Death Metal quartet plans to conclude the recording sessions by April and plan on premiering the self-titled track "Reanimated Monstrosity" some time in April on Horns Up Rocks! 

The title track of the bands NEW EP features a very special appearance by one of Death Metal's finest vocalists and guitarists. We are talking about Mr. John Gallagher from DYING FETUS! Gallagher is tracking vocals for "Reanimated Monstrosity" as we type this!

Here is the track listing for 'Reanimated Monstrosity': 

1. Reanimated Monstrosity (featuring John Gallagher)
2. War Sermon
3. Killdozer
4. Cephalectomy
5. Slaughtered (Pantera Cover) 

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