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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

TRIVIUM's Matt Heafy Talks About Album # 6

TRIVIUM recently announced that they are D O N E tracking their NEW sonic assault! The bands sixth studio album is being produced by David Draiman, frontman of DISTURBED. Here is what Draiman had to say about working with TRIVIUM!

The bands very own Matt Heafy, recently chatted with Roadrunner Records about the production of #6 and how the band ended up crossing paths with Draiman. A few excerpts of the interview follow:

How was the decision made to have David Draiman produce the new record?

I’ll backtrack and I’ll give you the whole story. When Disturbed did their first tour ever, I was like 16 or 17 years old. It was Danzig headlining, Six Feet Under direct support and Disturbed opening. That was the first time I ever saw Disturbed. Throughout the years…in 2005, we finished our show in Chicago – we were supporting Danzig, we were second out of five for the Danzig/Kataklysm tour, and David Draiman just happened to be at the show. He came up and was like, “Hey, you guys are awesome, I’ve been a fan of you guys for a while,” and we were really blown away that the guy from Disturbed liked our band. So that was it – it was kind of this quick little meeting. But we’d meet every other year or so at a random show, and we’d kind of keep in touch.

One day I remember online I saw a picture of one of our fans, wearing a Trivium shirt, posing with David Draiman, and Draiman was wearing a Trivium hoodie. I was like, this is fucking awesome! He’s an actual fan. So we became friends and started bumping into each other every once in a while, and he brought us and As I Lay Dying out on their headlining tour of Australia and New Zealand. From there we were able to hang a little bit more, and then we did Mayhem together. On Mayhem, I passed him a copy of In Waves, saying “Hey man, thanks for all the support over the years, I hope you dig our new record.”

Last date of the tour, he pops in and wants to talk to me, and he tells me that never before has he felt we were ready to make the jump, before now. And when he heard In Waves, he knew that Trivium was ready to make the leap. That he’s always been a big fan, but when he heard the songs and the songwriting power that was In Waves, he wanted to work with us. And he said, If you want to work with me, I would love to work with you. And naturally we were like, Yeah, we’d love to.

We knew he worked with Disturbed production-wise from seeing it in the liner notes, but we never really knew what he did, until one day he had us at the studio and we checked out the Device stuff. And as soon as I heard it, I was like, All right, now I know who’s been doing this – not to take anything away from Disturbed, because I know it takes those four dudes to make it what it is, but when I heard the ingredients that I really loved as a singer and a songwriter and a melody writer in the stuff that David was doing with Device, I was like OK, I see that the ingredients are in this that I loved from Disturbed, so David is definitely a producer.

After we heard that, we were like, Yeah, we’ve gotta work together. So we passed demos to each other – it might have been over a year. We started writing the demos before In Waves even came out, which we always seem to do, not because we have to but just because we feel inspired. So we’d pass him batches of demos, he’d pass us notes back, and we’d keep a bible. And we’d keep doing that throughout the touring cycle. And not doing it in a regimented way or anything, just when we felt like it was a good time to work, we’d work and send it to him, and he would give us great critiques, and the songs kept getting better and better from a distance. Finally we built up a schedule and moved in with him for about two months. And the record was made, and now we’re back home.

Read the rest of the interview HERE!

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