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Monday, January 21, 2013

The NFL Explains Why They Don't Book Heavy Music Bands To Perform At The Super Bowl

As we all know the National Football League, the advertisers, and the television networks, started playing it safe after the Janet Jackson "wardrobe malfunction". We believe that they are playing it too safe, and as a result are booking the same type of acts over and over again.

Apparently, MEGADETH applied for the Super Bowl Halftime Show, and were rejected. According to NFL Committee spokesman Sal Mozzarella:

“With the exception of Aerosmith, Pearl Jam, and maybe Metallica, the NFL has never considered using a Heavy Metal band to play at our events. We are a family-friendly form of entertainment, thus we could not in good conscience support a form of music that has been inextricably linked to everything from devil worship to drug abuse. With all due respect to Megadeth, they simply don’t have the fanbase, the mass appeal, the creativity, or the artistic component of groups like Black Eyed Peas and Madonna that have made recent halftime events very successful. We don’t want to cast a dark shadow over our product with music of this nature. Right now, we are leaning toward Kid Rock, Taylor Swift, Jay-Z, and possibly our Sunday Night Football showstopper Faith Hill. That is the kind of music people generally associate with football.”

What we find pretty ironic is that they are constantly cranking up Heavy Music at every single NFL football game, but they still insist in booking the same type of artists because as mentioned above "is the kind of music people generally associate with football". Bullshit!

We know that there are many other bands that would kick ass at the Super Bowl Half Time show, and we encourage you to send us your picks to info@hornsuprocks.com! Or simply leave a comment below! \m/

HERE are our picks! 

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Anonymous said...

Didn't sal Mozzarella get fired from the NFL Super Bowl committee two weeks ago for some kind of scandal? I'm certain he did.

Matt Gold said...

Because the guys in Aerosmith, Pearl Jam and Metallica never did drugs right? For christs sake, Metallica was once called Alcohollica!!!

Anonymous said...

thats cool keep playing the same old shit over and over, real fucking sterotype

Anonymous said...

Cause nigger bullshit is absolutely family oriented. Nothing like selling crack rocks while fuckin hoes and beating bitches..

Fuck the NFL, fuck main stream music..

Sincerely and honestly yours, Cpt. White.