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Saturday, January 26, 2013

NEW Cliff Burton Signature Bass Unveiled At Namm - Pictures Available!

   Picture by: METALLICA

Yesterday (January 25), Cliff Burton's father, Ray Burton (pictured above and below), took over the the Aria Guitars booth at NAMM to do the introduction of the "Aria Pro II Cliff Burton Signature Bass" and he also signed autographs for the fans of METALLICA.

This bass guitar took over a year to produce and is authorized by the Cliff Burton family and the Metallica camp. The body is the original SB shape and made of alder. The bass is loaded with an Aria MB-V passive pickup. It has a single tone and volume control with a dual sound mini-toggle switch. The bridge is solid brass with gold plated saddles. The bass will ship inside of a deluxe ostrich hardshell case and a certificate of authenticity signed by Ray Burton. 
Order HERE!

Here are some pictures, courtesy of METALLICA:

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Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it technically have been played by Cliff Burton to be his signature series? And he's been dead for 20 years? I could understand calling it the Cliff Burton Memorial series.. but he never played one of these. I call it a money making BS scheme and his father should be ashamed.

Anonymous said...

He did play a Black and Gold Aria. It's modeled after the bass he used on Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets.

Anonymous said...

Cliff did play Aria Pro basses. Cliff received several Aria Pros which he then had modified by Aria hence the brass and gold plated hardware. Cliff's rickenbacker was wearing out due to touring and his alembic spoiler was stolen and so at that time Aria basses was what he was using until he passed.