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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

VOIVOD's Michel Langevin: NEW Album 'Target Earth' & 30th Anniversary!

This year, Canadian progressive Metal pioneers VOIVOD are celebrating their 30th anniversary! So how will the band be celebrating such a great accomplishment? Well, not only will the band be touring the entire world (details coming soon), but this week they released their 13th studio album entitled 'Target Earth' via Century Media Records. And just like fine booze: after 30 years of making music, VOIVOD sound better than ever!

Recently, we had the chance to chat with the bands founding member/drummer Michel Langevin about 'Target Earth', and the concept behind the bands latest record. Additionally, we discussed the bands 30th anniversary and the legacy the band has managed to create for themselves as one of the most important Canadian Metal bands in history. So clear your ears, and listen up!

To listen to the entire album, head over to this link: http://loudwire.com/voivod-target-earth-exclusive-album-stream/

To get the latest VOIVOD updates, be sure to download the band's new free app for mobile smart phones here:







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