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Thursday, January 24, 2013

CONVERGE: Watch This Piano Version Of "All We Love We Leave Behind"

Are you a CONVERGE fan? Well, you clicked on this link, so we will assume that you are a fan of the band. And if you are a fan you must know by now that CONVERGE have a NEW full-length album entitled 'All We Love We Leave Behind' available now via Epitaph Records. Here is a pretty cool piano version of their single "All We Love We Leave Behind." Check it out!

Right now, you can listen to the entire album (courtesy of Lambgoat.com)

'All We Love We Leave Behind' track listing:

01. Aimless Arrow
02. Trespasses
03. Tender Abuse
04. Sadness Comes Home
05. Empty on the Inside
06. Sparrow's Fall
07. Glacial Pace
08. No Light Escapes (bonus)
09. Vicious Muse
10. Veins and Vails
11. Coral Blue
12. Shame in the Way
13. On My Shield (bonus)
14. Precipice
15. All We Love We Leave Behind
16. Runaway (bonus)
17. Predatory Glow

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