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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The CAVALERA's, The Real METAL Familia! Interview Available With MAX & His Sons At The Maximum Cavalera Tour!

Ever since he arrived to the Heavy Music scene in 1984, Max Cavalera has been constantly reinventing mis musical craft. While it was his work with the mighty SEPULTURA that helped him become an International Metal Superstar, Max has proven through his additional work with SOULFLY and CAVALERA CONSPIRACY that his musical abilities are extremely multidimensional.

Thankfully, Max has also served as a mentor to his musician sons Richie, Igor and Zyon. While the Cavalera's are not the only Metal family in the Heavy Music world, they are the only family in the Metal world that have shared a nationwide tour in which Max's SOULFLY was supported by INCITE (Richie's band) and LODY KONG (Igor and Zyon's band).

The "Maximum Cavalera Tour" recently wrapped up, and all who attended really enjoyed seeing the Cavalera clan in full force! And we can't forget Max's soul mate Gloria. Gloria has not only been Max's backbone in all of his musical projects, but she has also taught her sons that a strong work ethic and humbleness, will help them achieve their goals while keeping the Cavalera legacy intact!

We recently had the chance to chat with Max and his sons about the "Maximum Cavalera Tour", and how life on the road as a family has made them a stronger family. We also talked with them about Max's involvement in their son's musical careers and how he is making sure that they are learning the business with little to no guidance. Check this exclusive interview out with the Cavalera's, the real Metal familia!

Video credit: Steve Lars from Creative Ventures International & Steve Lars on Facebook

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