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Friday, March 12, 2010

Horns Up Rocks EYE!!!

The Horns Up Rocks Eye will document life as it happens, unedited and uncensored. However, we will focus on high quality entertainment.

The first installment of the Horns Up Rocks Eye Video Blog, dedicated to Paul Gray (RIP) - The Horns Up Rocks Eye Blog

We had a chance to talk to Revolver's Editor in Chief Brandon Geist at the screening party, about the award show and also about the great Ronnie James Dio. Here is what went down:

This is a series of tributes we put together for one of the most influential artists to ever exhale from New York City. Mr. Peter Steele. Rest In Peace brother! \m/

Pete Steele Tribute # 1 (JennCity): From NYC with LOVE!

Pete Steele Tribute # 2 (Dj Tim NO 37): From NYC w/h LOVE!

Pete Steele Tribute # 3 (Misfit): From NYC w/h LOVE!

On Monday April 5, 2010, the new blood of American Heavy Metal "Mutiny Within" demonstrated why Roadrunner Records took this phenomenal band under their belt. Here is the band performing "Year of Affliction" and "Images".

The Horns Up Rocks crew headed over to Richard Christy's birthday bash and ran into one of the ambassadors of Heavy Metal: Jose Mangin from Sirius XM Liquid Metal, MTV's Headbangers Ball & Latination!

On Saturday April 3, 2010 the Horns Up Rocks caught The Hixon and Richard Christy on drums performing Judas Priest classic "Living After Midnight".

On Saturday April 3, 2010 the Horns Up Rocks eye was in the center of the action at Richard Christy's birthday bash at Duff's Brooklyn!

At the Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention, the Horns Up Rocks Eye went on a mission. Part of that mission was to show you all what went down and also for Jo Schuftan from Horns Up Rocks to get his dream tattoo at the convention! A PANTERA, CFH TATTOO!!!

All Music by PANTERA (All RIghts Reserved)

At the Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention, the Horns Up Rocks Eye caught a body suspension performance hosted by Joanna Angel from Burning Angels. Sit
back, relax and enjoy!

WARNING: This stunt is performed by a professional stunt artist! PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT!!!

At the Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention, the Horns Up Rocks Eye a crazy performance by The Enigma along with his sidekick Serena Rose. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

WARNING: This stunt is performed by a professional stunt artist! PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT!!! (EXPLICIT CONTENT)

At the Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention, the Horns Up Rocks Eye caught the Crush (Body Suspension) performance. Sit
back, relax and enjoy!

WARNING: This stunt is performed by a professional stunt artist! PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT!!!

On St. Patrick's Day 2010, the Horns Up Eye caught the best party in town with Jimmy Gestapo and his band Murphy's Law. Before the band hit the stage, there was a traditional Celtic jam!

HERE IS what the HORNS UP EYE saw on St. Patrick's day 2010! UNEDITED, UNCENSORED! Murphy's Law LIVE!!!

On St. Patrick's Day 2010, the Horns Up Eye caught the best party in town with Paulie Bearer and his band Joe's Law. Here is their classic "Pretty in Pinko"!

At a Karaoke place in Korea Town, New York. The Horns Up Rocks EYE caught the dudes that decided that it was time for the PANTERA Karaoke Reunion! They destroyed F'ing Hostile!

Here in New York City you never know what you will run into. At a restaurant in Brooklyn, the Horns Up Rocks EYE caught Coney Island's Johnny Bizarre hammering a nail inside his nose and his assistant Miss Poison Puss takes it out with her mouth!

Here in New York City you never know what you will run into. At a restaurant in Brooklyn, the Horns Up Rocks EYE caught Coney Island's Johnny Bizarre hammering a nail inside his nose!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Horns Up throwers in the MEDIA!!!

This section of the site will feature those throwing the Horns Up in the Media. If you want to contribute, send your pictures and videos to hornsuprocks@gmail.com. (DISCLAIMER: The images and videos shown here are for promotional use ONLY!)

LOPEZ TONIGHT on TBS (Weekdays at 11 PM):

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

NEW deftones song & video!

In 1997, I moved from my home country Colombia to the beautiful country of Germany. To make a long story short, one day at school my friends Igor and Bastiaan where standing by the locker area talking about deftones. As soon as I heard the name deftones, they had my full attention. Bastiaan let me borrow "Adrenaline" and a few days later we went to see deftones at a very small club in Cologne Germany. The stage was literally below my knees, Igor and I where getting crushed since we where at the front row. Chino didn’t help us much, since he was using us as his stage for most of the show. This was the first deftones tour in Europe!

During their amazing set they where so loud and furious that the fans ended up taking over the stage. The band got scared and had to stop playing! Chino ended up climbing on the PA to avoid getting crushed and the only way they got all of us to get off the stage was by promising us some new songs from "Around the Fur". The next few days I thought I had gone deaf at the deftones concert.

Not even a year later, Igor and I went to see deftones at the Bizarre Festival in Cologne, Germany. This time deftones where playing on a huge stage, but yet again Chino used us as his stage and the constant waves of crowd surfers, who wanted to sing with Chino, crushed us! During their killer set the rain was pouring on all of us. Half way through their set the stage was one huge flood, so the band had to stop playing so no one would end up getting electrocuted! While the stage crew was attempting to dry the stage, Chino decided to come down to the floor area and started asking: "Who wants a little Vodka?" Igor and I didn't think twice and drank a few sips of Chino’s mix: Orange Gatorade with Absolut Vodka. Once it stopped raining, the show resumed. After the band finished their set with "Head Up", the fans wanted more. To this day many consider that performance, one of the best in the history of the band!

As soon as we got back to my place, we turn on the TV. There we are on TV with one of our favorite bands, playing one of their best performances ever! After we were on TV, people would recognize us when we went to shows. That is a memory that my brother Igor and I will definitely take to our graves!

Fast forward to November 4, 2008 when bassist Chi Cheng got into a terrible car accident. At the time the future of deftones was uncertain and for the next year they focused on raising money for Chi's treatment. Chi is currently in a minimally conscious coma and only a miracle treatment can bring Chi back to full consciousness. One of the treatments his doctors are using is known as "electrotherapy". As you can imagine, this is a very expensive treatment.

In order to afford to costs of such treatment, Chi's family started a foundation called "One Love For Chi". Thanks to the support of the fans and other artists, they have been able to raise almost $100,000.

What really amazes me is the support from all the artists within the Heavy Music community. The project that has helped the most is the instrumental song that was produced by Korn’s bassist Fieldy. The project, which was recorded last summer features: Jim Root and Sid from Slipknot, Munky and Ray Luzier from Korn, Dave Mc Clain from Machine Head, Robert Trujillo from Metallica, Clint Lowery and Morgan Rose from Sevendust, Brian "Head" Welch (formerly of Korn), Wayne Lozinak from Hatebreed, Wuv from POD, Mike Wengren from Disturbed and Adam Dutkiewicz from Killswitch Engage. We encourage you to donate whatever you can to "One Love For Chi". All proceeds are going to Chi's family.

Deftones made the decision to continue making music without Chi, because they feel this is what Chi would want them to do. Sergio Vega from the band Quicksand is replacing Chi temporarily only. There is a lot of hope of seeing Chi back on stage soon; thanks to the treatment he is ongoing. This treatment would be would be impossible without everyone’s support!

The new deftones album titled "Diamond Eyes" will be released on May 4th through Reprise Records.

Here is the track list:

01. Diamond Eyes
02. Royal
04. You’ve Seen the Butcher
05. Beauty School
06. Prince
07. Rocket Skates
08. Sextape
09. Risk
10. 976-EVIL
11. This Place Is Death

Here is the video for their new single titled "Skates and Rockets":

We want to dedicate this post to Chi Cheng! Keep him in your prayers and again we encourage you to donate anything you can to "One Love For Chi", even a penny makes a difference!

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By: JoSchuftan

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dead Superstar: A Big Bang!

Not very often do you find a band that stands out from the mess of bands that sound exactly the same. It is pretty sad, but Dead Superstar brings hope back to the Music Industry. Formed in 2005, Dead Superstar is here with a clear mission: they want to bring the masses a fresh mix of musical elements and through their powerful, energetic performances; they hope to cross new boundaries. After seeing them perform 3 different times, at 3 different venues, I have no doubt that this phenomenal band will be a significant force within the next decade. With the release of their brand new album titled "Tribulations" and their radio campaign kicking off on March 9th, Dead Superstar is very excited to bring their music to the masses. I recently had a chance to interview the band at The Delancey and after a few minutes of conversing with them, and I realized that their mindset is definitely on target! Here is what went down after they took over the stage at The Delancey on Friday February 19th:

HU: Alright! I am here in New York City, by the Williamsburg Bridge, by The Delancey, with this band called Dead Superstar.

In Unison: Dead Superstar!

HU: Yeah! Dead Superstar just jammed hard man! And you guys…

Terrence: Take 1!

In Unison: (Laughter).

HU: So Troi, you were going to tell us a story. What happened? Go ahead.

Troi: I have a story that happened with our old band Perseverance a few years back. We were playing up in Toronto. And these two guys smashed a window, fucking grabbed the TV set, walked to the curve and where like: “Yo, Taxi!!!”

Terrence: (Laughter).

Troi: Taxi pulled up. The guys got in the fucking cab with the TV and took the fuck off! (Laughter).

HU: Did you guys get any video of that?

Terrence: No.

Troi: No, no, no… I wish we did bro!

HU: So first of all. Introduce yourselves; say what you play, where you are from, and your influences. We’ll start with you man.

Troi: Hmmm… Troi Mosby. Long Island New York, via Queens. Influences: Anything grooving, anything hard.

HU: For example?

Troi: Hmmm… From Pantera to The Village People bro! I am all across the spectrum.

Terrence: The Village People? Yeah kid!

Jared: Wow!

HU: (Laughter). How about you?

Terrence: (Laughter). Hmmm… Terrence Keith. My influences go back into the deep roots man. We are talking like 70, 60’s… James Brown into Zeppelin and The Doors, into 90’s Grunge. Like Rock from Rage Against the Machine, Soundgarden, a little Black Sabbath and Pantera. It goes all over the floorboard baby, all over the floorboard.

HU: Speaking of Black Sabbath, did you know that it recently was the 40th anniversary of Black Sabbath?

Terrence: Yes, I did hear that.

Evan: Yeah…

HU: And I think most musicians today if it wasn’t for Black Sabbath... Black Sabbath shaped up what was going to happen in the music industry with Hard Rock music. I think they were The Beatles of heavier Rock.

Terrence: I agree. And also a band a lot of people are sleeping on is AC/DC…

Evan: AC/DC, I was about to say that.

Terrence: AC/DC…

Evan: AC/DC all the way!

Terrence: A lot of people think they had…

Evan: They are Rock N Roll.

Terrence: Yeah, they think that AC/DC had those mundane like grooves because people used to say: “Oh, they had no groove!”

Jared: Done, dirt, cheap…

In Unison: (Laughter).

HU: And since you mentioned AC/DC, it is Bon Scott’s death anniversary today.

Jared: Today is the day?

HU: Today is the day.

Jared: Ahhh man… that is a really sad day.

Troi: Really?

Jared: I am Jared. I am the drummer for Dead Superstar. I am most deeply influenced by Bon Scott’s pants in the “Let It Be Rock” 1982 wide-release movie.

Terrence and Evan: (Laughter).

Jared: When Bon Scott opened the show wearing a pair of ripped jeans and by the end of the show the jeans where so scared of Bon Scott, they had fallen off of his body miraculously…

Terrence: (Laughter).

Jared: I thought that fucking was the most amazing Rock N Roll moment that I have ever seen on film. So here is to fucking Bon Scott!

Terrence: Hip, hip.

HU: Like an imaginary shot?

Jared: Exactly.

HU: Yeah, I mean…

Jared: What’s funny is that Bon Scott was 33 years old when he died and a lot of people in music, and the musicians and artists know about this thing, is that 27, 33 curse. That artists die at 27 or they die at 33. And that is something that is really close to us. We had people that we know die at that age. We got family that where musicians that have died at that age. And most of us have escaped both of curses at this point. We are just worried about Evan; he is a little under the wire.

Terrence, Troi and Evan: (Laughter).

Jared: Bringing up Bon Scott, that curse and that whole thing, is really important to us because our record “Tribulations” is coming out. And a lot of the songs are about loss and things that have happened to us in our lives as people. Whether we have been injured or hurt, or somebody died, or somebody close to us is no longer with us... So that is important.

HU: Yeah right on! You always have to keep the memory of everybody who has passed, because they influence us in one way or another. Whether it is through art, through music, through family. They influence who we are and the future of what we are going to be. Like for example, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, any other influences that you can think of?

Evan: Man, I listen to everything! I don’t even know where to start. But if it sounds good, if it has a good riff to it; it can be any type of Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Extreme Metal… I listen to everything. I love the riffs of Lamb of God and August Burns Red, and then I’ll get down with 311 and the Dave Matthews Band. Whatever it is man, if I hear a good riff, if I hear a good solo... I might be influenced by it. I also like a lot of progressive music like anything that John Petrucci and Dream Theater, or Opeth does. I let all the different kinds of influences just come together and I try to write whatever sounds good.

Troi: The Who is still rocking it out in the Super Bowl.

HU: Yeah!

Troi: Fucking 62 years old man! Don’t get fooled again!

Terrence: No one mentioned the Rolling Stones. But hey, that’s all good.

HU: But they already had it. Since we were talking about different bands that have influenced so many other bands, for example, Metallica, Do you guys think they will ever have a spot at the Super Bowl?

Terrence: I don’t think they ever will.

Troi: I don’t know…

Evan: They should! They absolutely should, but they probably won’t. You know whom I would love to see: a Led Zeppelin reunion at the Super Bowl.

Jared: Oh wow! That would be amazing! I think that the NFL has the balls to put Metallica on stage at the Super Bowl. They are just going to have to get through other bands first, you know? They did Bruce Springsteen, and they did the Rolling Stones, and they did The Who.

Terrence: Did U2 do it yet?

Jared: Yeah, U2 did it.

HU: U2? I think so right?

Troi: Yeah.

Jared: Definitely.

Troi: Janet Jackson with the titty!

Terrence: Oh!!!

Troi: (Laughter).

Terrence: The titty!

In Unison: (Laughter).

Jared: That was the best!

HU: No, no… you had to bring that up!

Evan: I went to grab a beer and I saw everyone’s face! I missed it!

Troi: That was a nice titty you know?

Evan: I looked away to pick up my beer and I see everyone’s face… The Missed Boob!!!

Troi: I wanted to see that titty since she appeared in “Good Times”!

In Unison: (Laughter).

Jared: Yo! I have to agree with that!

Troi: (Laughter).

Jared: That is pretty much when I was interested.

Evan: I think that was before my time.

Terrence: You got it over with at the Super Bowl.

Troi: (Laughter).

HU: That was classic.

Jared: I don’t want to let everybody else look at my girl. You know what I am saying?

HU: Since you where talking about the new record, what else can you tell us? In my opinion it is obviously fresh, I heard the music just now, and it is real good!

Evan: It's raw! It's dynamic! And there is a lot of variety. We don’t stick with any particular types of given labels, whatever you want to label the type of music that you hear. And that is one of the things that are going wrong with all music these days; everyone feels that a certain type of music has to be labeled a subgenre of a genre. Whatever it is, Hard Rock, fucking Groove Metal … Death Core now is the hot thing in Extreme Metal. You know if it is good music, if it sounds good… just play it, listen to it, like it and call it whatever you want to.

Troi: Yeah! We went into the studio with Joey Z from Hard Rock/ Metal band Life of Agony … and we just did our thing man. Just laid down our tracks and what came out, came out man. There was no set plan! We did our thing and we just tried to make it happen. I hope everyone likes it.

HU: How was working with Joey?

Troi: Great!

Evan: Fucking awesome!

Troi: (Laughter).

HU: Obviously you spent a lot of time together with him and with yourselves in the studio. Was there something that happened ridiculously funny or something that just inspired the record during the process? Whether it was pre-production, production, mixing…

Troi: All I can say about this album… it was made of on Jack Daniels and late night sushi bro!

Terrence: (Laughter).

Troi: A lot of hours up in the docks in Brooklyn just doing our thing man. It was an interesting experience. Joey Z is a good man. He grew and we grew with him.

Terrence: (Laughter).

Troi: It was an experience bro! It was a great experience that I would do again in a minute. It was good times. We got what we wanted to get across.

Terrence: Let me tell you that he did one hell of a job on the album. But you got to pick it up and see for yourself because it is dope. The production is off the hook, everything is tight and you got to check it out because it has a message and it is a good vibe, and a grooving CD.

HU: And where can people find the CD? Give them a couple of links, plug yourselves.

Troi: DeadSuperstar.net.

Evan: MySpace.com/DeadSuperstarMusic. ReverbNation.com/DeadSuperstarMusic.

HU: Are you guys on Twitter?

Evan: Yeah, we are on Twitter. You can follow us on there.

Terrence: Do we Twit?

Troi: We are on Twitter, we Twit, we Facebook, we iTunes, we CD Baby, we La La, we Lu Lu…

Terrence: We take your sister to a ball, we do all those things and we do it right.

Troi: That’s right!

Terrence: (Laughter).

Troi: We take your sister to the fucking concert; drop her off with her panties in her back pocket.

Terrence: (Laughter).

Troi: We do all that shit! (Laughter).

Terrence: When we drop her at her house in a freaking carriage, you know it’s us.

Troi: That’s right! We lean her up against the door, push the doorbell and bounce!

In Unison: (Laughter).

HU: Any closing remarks? What do you want people to know about Dead Superstar?

Jared: We want them to know that the album drops March 9th to radio. And that our manager Tom “Smitty” Smith is bringing the album to the people all across the United States. We are going to be on Sirius, we are going to be on College Radio, we are going to go to specialty shows and markets. We are going to be out there getting plays on radio stations across the US, Canada and even some in Europe, so we want people to call up and request our songs! If you hear the shit and you like it, call up your radio stations. Call and request Dead Superstar. Tell them to play it all day long because the only way we can get out there and play for people, is if they want to hear the music. And if they hear the music on the radio, they got to tell them to keep playing it because it is hard to get bands across the country.

Evan: Yeah, we do it all for the fans. That is what it is all about. If people didn’t like our music, if we weren’t having a good time by playing awesome music for awesome people, then we wouldn’t be doing this. So we are getting it out there on the radio. Request Dead Superstar at your local station, at Satellite Radio, or whatever it might be playing. And we are looking forward to kicking ass with everybody out there.

HU: And that is the right attitude. And you know what? Not only pick up the CD, but pick up the merchandise and go to the shows. Everybody, this is for every single band out there! You have to support your local acts. We are in New York where there are a lot of hungry bands, and there are some really, really good bands out there too.
Evan: Exactly.

HU: What you are doing is basically evolving to something different. You don’t want to sound like ABCDE, like a formula to try to get that musical perfection, because that fails.

Jared: Yeah.

HU: What you guys are trying to do is get your own flavors out through your own influences. You guys are obviously pretty different dudes.

Troi: Oh yeah man. You got to come to the shows; our shows are an experience man. The more people the better. All I can say is prestige worldwide.

Evan: OH God!!!

Troi: Catalina Wine Mixer baby!

In Unison: (Laughter).

Troi: That just happened! (Laughter). Fucking Evan will eat your dick like fucking Kobiachi!

In Unison: (Laughter).

Jared: I hope this is not going to be at the Satellite station or Cable station, because you are going to have to sensor the shit out of us.

Terrence: Bleep! Bleep! Bleep! Bleep! Bleep! Bleep!

Troi: We want to thank you for coming down man and just seeing the show, interviewing us. And giving us the time to get our shit out there and hopefully everyone will dig it man.
HU: The sky is the limit. Thank you guys! Dead Superstar, you guys fucking rock! Any last words?

Evan: Joe…

HU: You never told us who you are?

Evan: You kick ass Joe. My name is Evan. I play guitar for Dead Superstar.

HU: We forgot that part with you right? (Laughter).

Evan: I figured you knew who I was.

In Unison: (Laughter).

HU: But now I know who all of you are.

In Unison: (Laughter).

Terrence: Wait. You don’t know who I am?

Troi: (Laughter).

HU: No, no… who are you?

Terrence (Laughter).

HU: Who are you?

Terrence: My name is Terrence and I am the front man of Dead Superstar. And I just want to say that our music is a revolutionary spiritual message that we want everyone to take a listen to and I want to say that it is not something plastic, that we just made up just to get to number 1, top 10 hits, whatever. This is real! What we write is real. We come from our hearts, we come from our souls and we want to break through. And we want to send a message out. And that is all I got to say. Dead Superstar! It’s almost like a big bang. And that is what we are trying to create, something new, and something different. A new creation of music, bless it.

HU: Amen.

Troi: Troi Mosby, Dead Superstar.

Jared: Jared, Dead Superstar. Terrence that last part was very moving. I want you to hold me right now! I feel very emotional.

Terrence: (Laughter).

HU: (Laughter). Alright, thank you guys!

You can listen to this interview and to their new record titled "Tribulations" right here:

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This is a video taken by Nik from Rock Metal Inc.:

This are Radio Stations that will be playing Dead Superstar's new album titled "Tribulations". If you don't see your local station listed, call them and tell them you want to hear Dead Superstar!

Music Choice
Full Metal Jackie

Commercial Specialty:
KEYJ Abilene, TX
KFLY Eugene, OR
KFTE Lafayette, LA
KJML Joplin, MO
KMKF Manhattan, KS
KROX Austin, TX
KRRX Redding, CA
KSHE St. Louis, MO
KZZE Medford, OR
WAQX Syracuse, NY
WCHZ Augusta, GA
WDHA Cherry Hill, NJ
WKGB Binghamton, NY
WKTA Rebel Radio Chicago, IL
WLFE Burlington, VT
WOBX Nags Head, NC
WRIF Ferndale, MI
WVBR Interlaken, NY
WXRX Rockford, IL
WYBB Charleston, SC

KKFI Kansas City, MO
KSJS San Jose, CA
WBGU Bowling Green, OH
WEOS Waterloo, NY
WMPG Portland, ME
WORT Waunakee, WI
WSOU S. Orange, NJ
WSUP Platteville, WI
WWSP Custer, WI
WXCI Danbury, CT

By: JoSchuftan

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Miss JennCity means Double Trouble!

Jennifer Arroyo (A.K.A. Miss JennCity) is one of the sweetest and most badass New Yorker Latina rockers in the music industry. Not only is she the former bass player of Kittie and one of the creative minds behind Suicide City and Spine. She also runs her own production company (Jenncity Productions), she is a music event promoter, a DJ, an event host and she is part of the cast of the all female Rock Opera Broadway show: Chix 6. Recently, I had the chance to talk to Jenn at Santos Party House after a night of partying at the first edition of Double Trouble. So here are the words of a knowledgeable and admirable woman who has done so much for Heavy Metal, and is a true ambassador for woman throughout the entire music scene.

HU: I am here at Santos Party House having a fucking Metal party night. Thanks to…

JennCity: Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

HU: (Laughter).

JennCity: I could go on forever!

HU: That’s impressive…

JennCity: (Laughter).

HU: That’s almost better than Phil Anselmo on Cowboys From Hell, which we are hearing right now. Jenn, first of all, thank you so much for putting this together. This is fucking awesome!

JennCity: Listen; I don’t really want to take any sort of credit because honestly it had everything to do with Desolate and Severed, my boy Tim No 37, my little brother for life! He was DJing tonight. And this was something we had talked about for a couple of months and when the opportunity came up, we didn't think twice because I am really trying to pay things forward. I feel like the Metal community has been so good to me in whatever outfit I’ve been in. Whither it was when I was in Kittie, even with Suicide City, which was not a Metal band. I really feel like the Metal community has always been there no matter what. The attitude is: "Yeah, we are going to fucking headbang no matter what (with funny tough chick voice)!" And I’ve got mad love for that and you got to pay it forward. I am a big believer of that. The Metal community has been so good to me; I am going to be more than that to the Metal community in giving back. So luckily tonight we where able to put together Desolate and Severed… and honestly both those bands killed it! I mean, I am still in the middle of the party. You know what I mean?

HU: Yeah!

JennCity: Having a great time. I can’t express how happy I am about tonight.

HU: I think everybody was very stoked. As you said, Desolate and Severed where awesome! We actually got here early and we caught The Judas Syndrome. I don’t know if you know them, but they are a band to watch.

JennCity: No, no, no… I knew about the show that was going on beforehand and unfortunately I was not able to make it earlier this evening. But a bunch of great bands played tonight and that helped out as well tonight, when they found out that the Metal and awesomeness was going to be continuing. We really lucked out. And it shows and proofs that people want Metal in New York fucking City.

HU: Right, not only in New York. All over the country and all over the world.

JennCity: No, no, no… all over the world and you are absolutely right! I know I am saying New York City right now, only because I am pretty proud of those who love to throw the Horns Up! Because they came out and they represented, and you know what? That’s how we keep things alive. Santos Party House is voted all across New York City: the number one club to come to. And just to know that they throw in an all-Metal night at least once a month is pretty amazing. So we are very lucky, so lucky.

HU: So this was the first edition, hopefully of many, of Double Trouble.

JennCity: Yeah, Double Trouble! I mean, Double Trouble is like I am not getting into trouble but I am going to double it. It’s a good thing! Next time, fingers crossed for it. I am 99% sure it’s going to go down. We are going to have dancing girls; we are going to add a bit more to the pallet other then amazing Metal! But it will always come down to, and the bottom line will always be: incredible Metal bands, Metal all night, a place where you can come feel comfortable and have a great time. No drama, no bullshit! Just loving the music, loving the vibe. That’s what it’s really all about.

HU: Absolutely! And you mentioned before, you’ve done Kittie, you’ve done Suicide City. Now you are doing… what is it called Chix 6?

JennCity: Yeah, in a very strange turn of events, I play in an all female Rock opera called Chix 6. You can check out the website.

HU: Nice!

JennCity: And you can check out everything, we are actually going to be staging the show in the next couple of months. That’s all I can say, I want to say more and I want to tell you everything! But I am not technically allowed to. It’s very exciting and that’s also for the open-minded Metal head, and for anyone who likes Rock music. I mean, just think about it it’s Broadway, which is something completely different. And just remember someone who loves the shit out of Metal and Heaviness is about to invade. And you can bet your fucking Metal ass, that we’ll be leaving a mark! Trust it now baby!

HU: So that proofs obviously that Metal is fucking expanding over and over!

JennCity: Yes.

HU: At the Superbowl, there are always playing Metallica on the background; they are always playing fucking Ozzy!

JennCity: You see, it’s always there! And sometimes for some people it’s subliminal, but it’s always there! I’ve been to some Football games around the country. And I’ll hear “Enter Sandman”, I’ll hear different things and it gets the place riled up. Old Queen, that’s rocking off course! Or some Ozzy or some Black Sabbath even, let’s really take it back!

HU: (Laughter).

JennCity: And you know what it always gets people amped. So put 2 and 2 together! You know what I mean? Metal is always been the underdog and I want to be one of those people. And everyone that happens to be in my beautiful little world and all that good stuff, whoever wants to help support Metal and be a part of it: come holler at your girl. Because that’s what we are really trying to do and remind people: yeah, at big sports games they play Metallica, Ozzy, Black Sabbath, old school Queen and that’s amazing. Yo what the fuck is up? That’s what’s really good...

HU: Yeah.

JennCity: And that’s what’s really up, that’s what’s really up! It’s taking it to a whole new level.

HU: With that said, do you see either Metallica, Black Sabbath, or any of the top, let’s say old school Rock bands. Or it could also be AC/DC...

JennCity: Right.

HU: Playing the Super Bowl halftime show, anytime soon?

JennCity: Man, I’ll tell you this. Personally, I think it might be AC/DC to really help break that wall. We got really close, I know it’s cheesy, but we got really close with Prince because he’s got some guitar licks that might impress you if you listen. And so we got close with him. And Bruce Springsteen, off course he is the boss over here. He is a rocker. A Metal head, you know I am not going to sit here and be like: “yeah, he is a big Metal head!” But he is a rocker and so at least that’s a step in the right direction. Could that happen one day? Absofuckinglutely! How will that happen? Everyone just keep supporting what they love.

HU: Exactly! It’s on Broadway, obviously all over the world with concerts, the records… So you got to definitely buy the records, buy the merchandise, support it! Because otherwise…

JennCity: You got to support it! And Desolate and Severed, everyone please go to their My Spaces, if you are still on My Space. But yeah, that’s a great way to find bands. MySpace, Facebook, find them on Twitter. Whatever it is that you do your Social Networking and all that good stuff, please find these bands. Please support them. Because it’s really interesting and it’s really funny. I’ll tell you a very, very quick story. All this bands are like: “yo, are you going to come to my show…”

(Drunk girl falls down the stairs and yells!)

JennCity: This girl busted her ass, bless her heart. (Laughter). So a lot of bands come to me and say: “Come support this and come support that.” And that’s all good, but the thing is everyone reading this please do go support your local Metal band. Or your local stoner rock band, who is probably going to be a Metal band in the next 6 months anyways. Or whatever it is that is Metal and it’s Heavy, they are the ones who really need their support. Because honestly as being a promoter and someone who books shows. The people who own and run the club, or whoever I need to fucking talk to. Everyone wants the bottom-line. Sadly, and I say that kind of with a tear. I got to give them good reports. Sadly, it comes down to a bottom-line for a couple places. So please go out and support wherever you are. I don’t care if you are in Atlanta Georgia, I don’t care of you are somewhere in Florida, Texas, Phoenix… wherever you are it is irrelevant. Please support whoever is throwing down with your Metal and Hard Rock scene, because it really helps. You being there and you bringing a friend or 5 of your friends, it really counts at the end of the day. And luckily motherfuckers like me can go back and be like: “Yeah, so bam, bam, bam.” And it makes it very worthwhile to places that don’t want to have Metal but they can’t help it, because everybody wants it.

HU: Alright Jenn, finally I got to ask you this. I know you where on the road with Kittie for many years…

JennCity: Yes.

HU: What was the best tour, the best night of a tour…

JennCity: (Laughter).

HU: Because you know what? I got to give you a lot of credit because you where the fucking pioneers of all chick Heavy Metal bands, period. Worldwide! I remember I saw you guys in Ozzfest 2000 with Ozzy in Holland. Slayer played there too. And that shit was...

JennCity: Listen, I can’t even believe… you where there for real?

HU: I was there.

JennCity: Are you serious that you where there? I have so many stories about that night! (Laughter). I don’t even know if it would be legal for me to say them. But I’ll tell you this: Kittie are the best, I still love those girls. I am widely supportive of them. No bad blood with me, you know what I am saying? I just wanted to move on do something different with Suicide City. Really, that’s all it was. So bless those girls, they are still kicking it. And you know what? Every time Kittie and anyone in Kittie walked up onstage, they made history. Because there is no… no, no, no, no other female band that has outsold Kittie. And those girls, we got platinum on the wall. You know what I am saying? And there has been over 1 million records sold combined. And even more so after I left them, but I know they have done their thing and bless their hearts. And I am widely supportive of anyone and any women in Metal specially, because we are like a really tight neat group. We could all go and stand right there at that little corner and all converse. We are really just tight with each other. But you know what, it is all good. Somebody has to break boundaries and guess what? Kittie has done it; Kittie has continue to do it. They get nothing but mad love and respect from me. And go pick up their new album! Go to their website, all that good stuff. And as for wildest, I mean I got to be honest with you. (Laughter). As in favorite tour stories… (Laughter). I will say this: there has been some times where ladies, women, are very excited to meet us. And sometimes girls would do anything to meet us, even though you know…

HU: (Laughter).

JennCity: I am not here saying that the girls from Kittie where trying to meet girls, but girls where trying to show whatever to Kittie! And sometimes… Ok, I am going to say that Ozzfest 2002 was one wild trip. Can we say that? I am sorry about the limitations on time.

HU: No problem.

JennCity: Ok. Let’s say it involved beautiful women and tits, and random things.

HU: What’s your favorite band?

JennCity: Hmmm... Slayer, I got to say Slayer slash Metallica. It sounds so cliché to say, but I am going to say it. For Metallica lets say from Master of Puppets and before. Ok? And Slayer, kind of any time because that is a good time with Slayer. Those are my two. And I also love Cro Mags, Agnostic Front. You know, I am a New York City girl and that was big on me. And Life of Agony, you know the melody, the way Keith just sang, just the intensity. And I am not saying they where Metal but they brought something so Heavy to the table, and so emotional to the table. At the time, being a young girl, I never heard anything like that in my life. And that was pretty intense and it was great. So I am going to say Slayer, Metallica, the Cro Mags, Agnostic Front and Life of Agony are my favorite 5 bands.

HU: Awesome! Thank you Jenn, so, so much!

JennCity: Thank you guys so much! I could talk here all night but you probably don’t want that.

HU: Oh, we’ll be around. We’ll see you around either at the fucking bar, the club, at the shows…

JennCity: I love it! Mad love to you, your homeboy, everybody… and you listening just check out all the great bands: Desolate, Severed. You can check out Miss JennCity on Google. Tim no 37, who DJed tonight, I don’t know what kind of site he has going on but he is like my little brother so I love him. Double Trouble, fingers crossed, once a month here at Santos Party House. Thank you for the love!

HU: Fingers crossed and Horns Up. Thank you!

JennCity: Fingers crossed, Horns Up! (Kiss).

HU: Thank you.

JennCity: Mad love!

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