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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Judas Priest's "Epitaph Tour" In New Jersey Proves Bands Legacy!

Last night (November 18th), legendary Heavy Metallers Judas Priest performed at the Izod Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey, as part of the North American leg of the "Epitaph Tour". The show was a complete hit as far as the performance of Judas Priest, unfortunately both Black Label Society and Thin Lizzy were turned way down on the PA, which resulted in them sounding diluted. We understand that the headliner, in this case Judas Priest, always wants to sound louder than the opening bands, but in a way the fans are being ripped off by purposely making bands sound weak at a big arena. This needs to be considered by every "big" band, the fans are paying good money to see a good show, not to just to see one band sound good.

Judas Priest performed the following songs.

Battle Hymn
1) Rapid Fire
2) Metal Gods
3) Heading Out to the Highway
4) Judas Rising
5) Starbreaker
6) Victim Of Changes
7) Never Satisfied
8) Diamonds & Rust Joan Baez cover

Dawn Of Creation
9) Prophecy
10) Night Crawler
11) Turbo Lover
12) Beyond the Realms of Death
13) The Sentinel
14) Blood Red Skies
15) The Green Manalishi (With the Two Pronged Crown) - Fletwood Mac cover
16) Breaking the Law
17) Painkiller

Encore - The Hellion
18) Electric Eye
19) Hell Bent For Leather
20) You've Got Another Thing Comin'

Encore 2
21) Living After Midnight

Judas Priest "Epitaph Tour" with Black Label Society and Thin Lizzy (Remaining tour-dates):

- Nov. 19 - Johnstown, PA - War Memorial Arena
- Nov. 20 - Lowell, MA - Tsongas Center
- Nov. 22 - Toronto, ON - Air Canada Centre
- Nov. 23 - Quebec City, QC - Colisée Pepsi
- Nov. 24 - Montreal, QC - Centre Bell
- Nov. 26 - Reading, PA - Sovereign Center
- Nov. 27 - Winston Salem, NC - Lawrence Joel Memorial Coliseum
- Nov. 30 - Tampa, FL - 1-800-ASK-GARY Ampitheatre
- Dec. 1 - Miami, FL - Bayfront Park Ampitheater
- Dec. 3 - Biloxi, MS - Hard Rock Hotel and Casino

"We're pulling out all the stops. We've built a brand new stage set, we've got all the effects that people love us for — the lasers, the fire, the bombs, the smoke, new costumes, and the bike. It's just a full-on metal extravaganza." - Rob Halford

As for whether this is really the end of Judas Priest's touring days, guitarist Glenn Tipton said, "We don't plan on retiring. We've said that this is our last world tour. It takes a chunk out of your life — 18 months. We won't be doing any more world tours as such and in many parts of the world, it will be the last time people will get a chance to see us. But we're not gonna stop. We've got an album in the can now, we will start to write with [new guitarist] Richie [Faulkner], there will be more albums, and who knows?! There might be a string of dates that we can manage to do. We're just not gonna do another major world tour. We've been doing it for 40 years and it's time to let the younger bands have the chance."

Photo credit: Steve Lars from Creative Ventures International & Steve Lars on Facebook

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Obituary - FREE Live Webcast From New York City Tonight!

Currently in the midst of their East Coast Possession tour, legendary Florida Death Metal goliaths Obituary will have their New York City appearance streaming live via their website. The show will take place tonight (Saturday, November 19th) at 8:45 PM EST at Santos Party House in Manhattan. Fans unable to make it to the show in person will get a chance to experience the mayhem in real time -- for FREE -- by going to: Obituarynation.com. Fill out the registration form on the splash page and prepare for the pummel.

Commented guitarist Trevor Peres, "The shows so far have been going awesome. We're set to tear up New York City!"

The band is currently composing the follow-up to their "Darkest Day" full-length, released in 2009 with plans to enter the studio early in the new year for a tentative late spring/early summer 2012 release.

OBITUARY - East Coast Possession Tour 2011 w/ Denial Fiend [remaining dates]:

- 11/19/2011: Santos Party House - New York, NY (with HYPOXIA)
- 11/20/2011: The Casbah/Tremont Music Hall - Charlotte, NC
- 11/21/2011: The Archive - Atlanta, GA

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Obituary Set To Perform In New York City Tomorrow With Denial Fiend & Hypoxia!

Legendary Florida Death Metallers Obituary are currently on a short East Coast run of dates with Denial Fiend. Tomorrow (November 19th), the two bands will be joined by Hypoxia for a show that's not to be missed! The event will take place at Santos Party House in Manhattan, NY. Here are all the details:

- Lineup: Obituary with Denial Fiend + Hypoxia at Santos Party House in New
- Location: Santos Party House (96 Lafayette Street New York, NY 10013) - Main room
- Date: November 19th, 2011
- Doors: 7 PM
- Ages: 16+
- Cost: $20
- Click to purchase tickets!

Obituary is currently writing the follow up to their "Darkest Day" full-length, released in 2009 via Candlelight Records. "Our goal is to be in the studio by January or February and to release the album in May or June of 2012," says Peres. "Of course, the album will be followed up by a ton of tour dates. We will start out in Europe with the Summer festival circuit, followed by a proper European tour package and then do a full North American tour in the Fall of 2012."

Additionally, the band is working on a new website that will allow fans a more interactive Obituary experience. "We'll be able to have more direct, real-time communications with our fans through our website utilizing audio, video, chat rooms etc. We're working on making these features function on our website, but as soon as we are ready to go live we will make an announcement."

OBITUARY - East Coast Possession Tour 2011" with Denial Fiend (Remaining tourdates):

- 11/18/2011 42nd Street Rock House: Greensburg (Pittsburgh), PA
- 11/19/2011 Santos Party House: New York, NY (With HYPOXIA)
- 11/20/2011 The Casbah/Tremont Music Hall: Charlotte, NC
- 11/21/2011 The Archive: Atlanta, GA

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Paradist Lost Releases NEW DVD “Draconian Times MMXI” & Premiere NEW Music Video!

Paradise Lost hailed from Halifax, West Yorkshire, England, in 1988. Ever since then the band has managed to create a legacy that is leaving and breathing proof that it pays to create original music even if it takes longer to succeed. After 12 studio albums and thousands of shows, it is safe to say that Paradise Lost will go down in the history books as one of the most multidimensional bands in Metal!

The band announced today, that their new "Draconian Times MMXI DVD" is now available for purchase in the US exclusively at CM Distro (link below)! In anticipation of the release, the band is now premiering their new music video for "The Last Time". The video can be seen below.

The limited deluxe edition is a must-have for all Paradise Lost fans with its 2 DVDs + CD + extended 32 page booklet including stories from the original "Draconian Times" release year 1995, taken from Metal Hammer (UK), Terrorizer (UK), Rock Hard (Germany), Aardschok (Netherlands), Heavy Rock (Spain), Metal Shock (Italy), and Metal Hammer (Poland).

Paradise Lost has also posted a trailer for the DVD that features a documentary, live footage, and interviews. Here is the preview of "Draconian Times MMXI".

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VILDHJARTA - Video Premiere Of 'dagger'!

Progressive djentlemen VILDHJARTA have teamed-up with Metal Hammer (Germany) for the exclusive premiere of their new video clip "dagger"! Directed by Jakob Arevarn, "dagger" is the second music video from the Swedish septet's forthcoming debut album, "måsstaden", which will be released via Century Media Records on November 28th in Europe and November 29th in North America. You can watch the clip below.

VILDHJARTA's conceptual masterpiece is now available for pre-order on CM Distro, so be sure to reserve your copy here. All pre-orders will include a download of the non-album track "to be continued", which will be emailed to customers on street-date. See below for måsstaden's track-listing.

1. shadow
2. dagger
3. eternal golden monk
4. benblåst
5. östpeppar
6. traces
7. phobon nika
8. måsstadens nationalsång
9. when no one walks with you
10. all these feelings
11. nojja
12. deceit
13. the lone deranger
14. to be continued (CM Distro pre-order track ONLY)

The band's previous music video, "benblåst", can be viewed below. In this mind-bending video clip, director Rob Mestas draws us into the obscure world of "måsstaden", a concept record that tells the tale of a hidden and isolated town, narrated in a classic fable manner.

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Exhumed, Goatwhore & Havok = Triple ThreaT of meTal (Video Available)!

Last Wednesday (November 9th), three very dangerous bands took center stage at Club Europa in Brooklyn, NY and pummeled the audience with an extreme dose of Metal. We are talking about Exhumed, Goatwhore and Havok, of course. This tour package is definitely one of the hardest hitting North American tours in the Fall of 2012. Not only does each band possess a unique blend of ear piercing sounds, but the three bands offered a very cohesive night of razor sharp Metal for all those who dared to attend! While we were there, we conducted interviewed with members from each band, and came up with a real cool piece titled "Triple ThreaT of meTal!" that you should all watch after you read our exclusive show review!

The show at Club Europa was set on fire by Havok from Denver, Colorado. A band that has been making plenty of Thrashing noise ever since their inception in 2004. The energy that this band delivered while on stage to the headbangers of New York was lethal and they definitely brought joy to the audience thanks to their positive vibrating Metal. If you haven't checked Havok out, you must!

Next up, was the one and only Goatwhore. A band that ignites any venue up thanks to the crushing in your face Blackened Death Metal that's delivered with precision by Ben Falgoust and company. When this band steps on stage nobody is allowed to stand still, and if they do, they might be ran over by the members of the pit. There is no question that when Goatwhore comes to New York City, the most extreme Metalheads leave their basements to pay homage to one of the most crushing Heavy Metal bands today. If you missed them this time around, they will be returning in 2012 with Lock Up (click here for details)! They will also be releasing their fifth studio album on this upcoming Valentine's Day, how lovely!

Finalizing the night of neck crushing Metal was the mighty Exhumed. Ever since they surfaced in 1990, these guys have been constantly mixing the envelope of Metal with their unique flavors of Gore Metal. From the second they step on stage they are like a stick of dynamite that's ready to explode, and as a result the fans go absolutely ape shit. Their groundbreaking music is to blame for kids going home with a sore neck, a nice buzz, and definitely drenched with sweat, or maybe even some blood. Their NEW songs from "No Guts, No Glory" (available now via Relapse Records) are transmitted effortlessly live; even the faster technical parts sound pretty damn tight. If you haven't seen Exhumed live yet, do your ears and neck a favor by checking these extremists out!

Without further due, here is a video entitled "Triple ThreaT of meTal!", starring Exhumed, Goatwhore, and Havok! Watch and share!

Remaining tour-dates:

11/18/2011 Korova/Goregrowler’s Ball – San Antonio, TX w/ Suffocation
11/19/2011 The Juggernaut – Gallup, NM *
11/20/2011 Orpheum Theatre – Flagstaff, AZ *
* = no Goatwhore

Video and photo credit: Steve Lars from Creative Ventures International & Steve Lars on Facebook

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GWAR To Tour Europe In Early 2012 Despite The Death Of Cory Smoot!

Ancient Antarctic Metal marauders GWAR will carry on with their plans to tour Europe in January 2012, despite the recent death of guitarist Cory Smoot, during the bands "Return of the World Maggot Tour".

Said GWAR spokesman Dave Brockie (A.K.A. Oderus Urungus): "When Cory died, we all wanted to go home and take care of the family and our own grief. But the best way to do that is by playing all the shows we have planned. The response from the U.S. Metal community and especially the whole international GWAR family has been overwhelmingly supportive... these GWAR fans need the chance to pay their respects to Cory, and canceling any shows would deprive them of that."

"Let's make these shows a celebration of Cory Smoot, one of the most amazing players in Metal... I am calling on the European GWAR family to get out there and drag everybody in sight to these gigs! We shall honor Flattus Maximus in the only way we know how... by rocking the fuck out!!!"

The Smoots, GWAR, and Metal Blade Records have created the "Smoot Family Fund", and GWAR and Slave Pit are calling on the Metal community to support Cory's family in this tragic time. Donations can be made here.

"C'mon everybody from our Rock star buddies to the most zit-covered bohab,"said Brockie. "Cory had a growing family that is going to need help-for a long time. Of course GWAR is doing everything we can, and we need you to help as well.

If you would prefer to donate to the Smoot Family Fund by mail, the address is:

Slave Pit Inc. (C/O Smoot Family Fund)
PO Box 5225
Richmond, VA 23220

The band has officially retired the character of Flattus Maximus, and will finish the U.S. and Europe tours as a four-piece. GWAR lead singer Oderus Urungus had this to say about their missing lead guitarist.

"Flattus, without our permission I might add, has stolen our Skumship and returned to his beloved home planet, Planet Home. So once again we are marooned on your miserable planet!"

Check out this amazing video tribute to Cory:

For 27 years GWAR's relentless tour schedule and bristling release schedule have been evidence of the bands fanatical dedication to not only their fans but Metal itself. GWAR's decision to continue on with these tours has put that dedication to the test like nothing before. Now more than ever they need your support. HAIL FLATTUS, AND HAIL GWAR!


01/11/12 - BE - Antwerp - Trix
01/12/12 - UK - Bristol - Bierkeller
01/13/12 - UK - London - Electric Ballroom
01/14/12 - UK - Coventry - Kasbah
01/15/12 - UK - Manchester - The Ritz
01/16/12 - UK - Belfast - Spring & Airbrake
01/17/12 - IE - Dublin- Button Factory
01/18/12 - UK - Wrexham - Central Station
01/19/12 - UK - North Yorkshire - The Duchess
01/20/12 - UK - Swansea - Sin City
01/21/12 - UK - Nottingham - Rock City
01/22/12 - UK - Reading - Sub 89
01/24/12 - UK - Portsmouth - Highlights
01/25/12 - DE - Bochum - Matrix
01/26/12 - DE - Bielefeld - Forum
01/27/12 - DK - Copenhagen - The Rock
01/28/12 - SE - Gothenburg - Brewhouse
01/29/12 - NO - Oslo - Rockefeller
01/30/12 - SE - Stockholm - Klubben

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Black Sabbath Announce European Tourdates!

Last Friday (November 11th), the pioneers of Heavy Metal, the legendary band Black Sabbath, announced that they will be recording a new album in 2012 with producer Rick Rubin! The band also announced that they are planning a World Tour! The band is estimated to earn the musicians £100 million a piece, that's around $159 million, meaning each member of the band could take home up to £25 million (approximately $40 million)!

Black Sabbath attempted to record a new album in 1998, but had to abandon the project due to personal issues within the band and as a result only released two songs as part of a concert album entitled "Reunion". Following the "Reunion" tour that took place that same year, the band reunited sporadically in 1999, 2002, 2004 and 2005 for select concerts. The last time that the quartet of doom appeared together, was at their induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 2006.

Today (November 18th), Black Sabbath has announced a chunk of European tour-dates.

Here they are:

- May 18: Moscow, Russia - Olimpiski
- May 20: St. Petersburg, Russia - New Arena
- May 23: Helsinki, Finland - Hartwall Arena
- May 25: Stockholm, Sweden - Stadium
- May 29: Bergen, Norway - Bergen Calling Festival
- May 31: Oslo, Norway - Spektrum
- Jun. 02: Malmö, Sweden - Malmö Stadium
- Jun. 04: Dortmund, Germany - Westfalenhalle
- Jun. 10: Donnington, UK - Download Festival
- Jun. 12: Rotterdam, Holland - Ahoy
- Jun. 15: Bilbao, Spain - Azkena Rock Festival
- Jun. 17: Nantes, France - Hellfest
- Jun. 19: Paris, France - Bercy
- Jun. 22: Dessel, Belgium - Graspop Metal Meeting
- Jun. 24: Milan, Italy - Gods of Metal

Here is video of last weeks press conference (courtesy of Backstage Axxess)!

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Motörhead Unveil The Motör-Bag, Limited to 4000 copies Wörldwide!

With the holidays around the corner, British Heavy Metal icons Motörhead released "The Motör-Bag"! Filled with exclusive items that are not available anywhere else, "The Motör-Bag" is the perfect holiday present for the headbanger in your life!

In addition to the carrying bag, inside are two Double Vinyl LPs of stunning Motörhead performances in their entirety recorded in New York's Best Buy Theater and the Manchester Apollo, that can only be found in "The Motör-Bag" package, PLUS a unique Crew T-Shirt and laminate pass, and no fan will want to miss out on owning a piece of “The Wörld Is Yours” 2010/2011 stage backdrop, mounted and numbered.

If that isn’t enough – the Deluxe version includes the Digipack (DVD + CD) of “The Wörld Is Ours – Vol 1 – Everywhere Further Than Everywhere Else” , and a Double Vinyl LP recorded live at the Teatro Caupolican in Santiago, Chile. "The Wörld Is Ours Vol. 1 - Everywhere Further Than Everyplace Else" came out on November 14 via Motörhead Music/UDR/EMI. The DVD was shot by Banger Films and Sam Dunn ("Iron Maiden Flight 666", "Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage", "Metal Evolution").

"Gigantour" 2012 with Megadeth, Volbeat, and Lacuna Coil,

26 – Susquehanna Bank Center – Camden, NJ
27 – Mohegan Sun Arena – Uncasville, CT
28 – Theater at Madison Square Garden – New York, NY
29 – Tsongas Arena – Lowell, MA


1 – Glens Falls Civic Center – Glens Falls, NY
2 – Colisee Pepsi – Quebec City, QC
3 – Bell Centre – Montreal, QC
5 – K-Rock Centre – Kingston, ON
7 – General Motors Centre – Oshawa, ON
8 – Copps Coliseum – Hamilton, ON
9 – Palace of Auburn Hills – Auburn Hills, MI
10 – Aragon Ballroom – Chicago, IL
12 – Eagles Ballroom – Milwaukee, WI
14 – Myth – St. Paul, MN
16 – Prairieland – Saskatoon, SK
17 – Shaw Conference Centre – Edmonton, AB
18 – Big 4 Building – Calgary, AB
20 – Abbotsford Ent & Sports Centre – Abbotsford, BC
21 – Showare Center – Kent, WA
23 – Event Center at San Jose State University – San Jose, CA
24 – Gibson Amphitheatre – Universal City, CA
25 – Comerica Theatre – Phoenix, AZ
26 – Tingley Coliseum – Albuquerque, NM
28 – The Fillmore Auditorium – Denver, CO

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Avenged Sevenfold Announce FREE Show!

Photo: Mary Ouellette / SoundSpike

Avenged Sevenfold recently completed a successful North American run, which saw them headlining the Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar festival. Now the band is gearing for a one off show in San Jose, Puerto Rico, which will take place this Saturday, November 19th! Once they return from Puerto Rico, Avenged Sevenfold will kickoff their own headlining "Buried Alive" tour, which launches in Ft. Meyers, Florida on November 23rd (list of tour-dates below). Support for this treck comes from Hollywood Undead, Asking Alexandria, and Black Veil Brides. For this tour Avenged Sevenfold is offering fans very budget conscious ticket costs, ticket prices range from $35 to $45 (including special family four pack offers in particular markets).

Today, the band announced that they will be performing a FREE show at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California, on December 16th. However, Uproar ticket holders will be guaranteed free entrance and first pick of seats. Act fast; these tickets will only be available 11/17 at 10am – 11/23 at midnight.

Upcoming tour-dates:

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Korn - Song Premiere 0f 'Sanctuary'!

Korn is ready to once again revolutionize the eyes and ears of the Heavy Music fans with the release of their tenth studio album titled "The Path of Totality" (set to be released on December 6th via Roadrunner Records). In anticipation of this release, a NEW song entitled "Sanctuary" can be streamed below.

"The title "The Path of Totality" refers to the fact that in order to see the sun in a full solar eclipse, you must be in the exact right place in the exact right time. That's how this album came together. I think all the producers feel the same way. I'm not sure it could ever happen again." - Jonathan Davis

Track-listing of "The Path of Totality":

1. "Chaos Lives in Everything"
2. "Kill Mercy Within"
3. "My Wall"
4. "Narcissistic Cannibal"
5. "Illuminati"
6. "Burn the Obedient"
7. "Sanctuary"
8. "Let's Go"
9. "Get Up!"
10. "Way Too Far"
11. "Bleeding Out"

The album will be released in two configurations: as a standard 11-song CD and a special edition CD that will include bonus tracks as well as a DVD of "The Encounter", a full-length video concert of Korn's mind-blowing, once-in-a-lifetime performance in the middle of a 900-foot long crop circle in a wheat field in Bakersfield, California. The complete concert, previously seen last year on TV and online in an abbreviated form, will be offered in its entirety to those who purchase the deluxe version.

Additionally, today Korn announced that the first leg of their "Path of Totality (P.O.T.)" tour will play key ballrooms and feature dubstep DJ's Datsik and Downlink, as well as young upstart Dutch Dub-rockers Dope D.O.D. Expect a groundbreaking experience unlike any other Korn tour.
- Nov. 18 San Antonio, TX
- Nov. 19 Houston, TX
- Nov. 20 Dallas, TX

Korn - "Narcissistic Cannibal," featuring Skrillex and Kill the Noise from Revolver Magazine on Vimeo.

Photo credit: Steve Lars from Creative Ventures International & Steve Lars on Facebook

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RIOT - Full Album Stream Available!

The wait is nearly over! Legendary US Metal outfit RIOT are releasing their hugely anticipated fourteenth album 'Immortal Soul' in North America via SPV/Steamhammer this coming Tuesday, November 22nd.

Today, you can listen to RIOT's NEW album 'Immortal Soul', courtesy of Metal Insider!

Riot's "Immortal Soul" by metalinsider

Here is a promo video created by the band, featuring a song from the album: "Wings Are for Angels".

This was released earlier this year for a Japanese Tsunami relief album by Avalon/Marquee, and it earned massive positive feedback already. The album "Immortal Soul" was released last week by Avalon/Marquee in Japan and it received #2 in the most prestigious magazine BURRN! Right behind the highly anticipated new Chickenfoot album.

"Wow, this is quite an achievement" comments Tony Moore. Chickenfoot is an all star band and gets hyped across the world. And we are next in line? This is awesome! Thank you Japan, we sure want to be out there as soon as possible in 2012.

Tony Moore, who is still recovering from an oral surgery, adds: "We are really happy about all that positive feedback for 'Immortal Soul', but equally for the fact that Riot is back. Journalists all over the world give us the highest marks and speak about this album very highly. We have interviews on a daily basis and I believe every magazine on this planet has a Riot story in their current/next issue."

Right now Riot is about to confirmed a few US shows in early 2012 - dates and venues to be revealed soon - and are looking forward to play the 70,000 tons of Metal Cruise in January.

"Immortal Soul" track listing:

01. Riot
02. Still Your Man
03. Crawling
04. Wings Are For Angels
05. Fall Before Me
06. Sins Of The Father
07. Majestica
08. Immortal Soul
09. Insanity
10. Whiskey Man
11. Believe
12. Echoes

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Sister - Video Premiere Of 'Bullshit & Backstabbing' + Video Interview Available!

Swedish sleaze and Punk influenced Metal band Sister have just released their second music video off their brand new album 'HATED', for the track "Bullshit & Backstabbing"! Watch the brand new clip below, courtesy of Metal-Hammer.de!

Here's what the band had to say about their new video: "The video for "Bullshit & Backstabbing" is the first video we've done with a crew behind the cameras. The song is a favorite of the album 'HATED' for all of us in the band and it felt right to make a video of it. We found a greasy spot to shoot it at and got to work. Like always we wanted to keep it on a basic level and just do a video with what Sister is all about Just deliver the Punk Rock we've always done. This is what we do and the video crew Bröderna Blom and Tinnerholm got it down and made it sick. Check it! P.S.: No animals were seriously harmed during the shooting of this video!"

Sister, who hails from Stockholm/Jönkoping Sweden, formed in early 2006 working hard to build up a name as a strong act both live and in the studio. Sister consists of 4 members - Jamie on vocals, Lestat on guitars and backing vocals, Rikki on bass and backing vocals, and Cari on drums and backing vocals - who combine the sounds of Punk, Glam, Rock, and Metal with an end result sounding something like the bastard child of GG Allin and Guns N' Roses.

Sister's Metal Blade debut 'HATED' came crashing through the Metal scene, beer in hand, on June 7th.

Make sure to catch Sister at the following live shows:


24/11/11: NL - Zwolle - Hedon
25/11/11: DE - Pirmasens - Quasimodo
27/11/11: DE - Berlin - C-Club
30/11/11: BE - As - GC Drieschaar
01/12/11: DE - Recklinghausen - Vest Arena
02/12/11 - DE - Burglengenfeld - VA Zentrum
03/12/11 - DE - Leipzig - Hellraiser
04/12/11 - DE - Köln - Essigfabrik
06/12/11 - DE - Langen - Neue Stadthalle
07/12/11 - CH - Pratteln - Z7
09/12/11 - DE - Balingen - Volksbankmesse
10/12/11 - DE - Memmingen - Stadthalle

Here is come video taken from the acoustic session SISTER did for Rock It TV, along with a video interview Chris from Rock It TV did with SISTER!

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Corey Taylor's Lecture At Oxford University - Part 2 (Video Available)

On June 8, 2011, Corey Taylor was asked to conduct a lecture at Oxford University. In case you live under a cloud of smoke, Oxford University is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world! The message that Taylor had for all those who attended this lecture, is one that everyone should read:

"Too many people chase dreams that they don't understand," he said. "Too many people try to go for things that they'd like to do but they're not realistic enough to know they don't have the talent."

Here is part 2 of Corey's lecture:

In other Corey Taylor news, he recently embarked on a national solo tour billed as “An Evening With Corey Taylor". Here are the remaining tour-dates.

- Nov. 17: Bronze Peacock at HOB - Houston, TX
- Nov. 18: Trees - Dallas, TX
- Nov. 19: Gothic Theater - Denver, CO
- Nov. 21: Waiting Room - Omaha, NE
- Nov. 22: Varsity - Minneapolis, MN
- Nov. 23: The Rave - Milwaukee, WI
- Nov. 25: Eagle Theatre - Detroit, MI
- Nov. 26: Double Door - Chicago, IL
- Dec. 01: Corona Theatre - Montreal, QC
- Dec. 02: Mod Club - Toronto, ON
- Dec. 04: Middle East - Boston, MA
- Dec. 05: Highline Ballroom - New York, NY
- Dec. 06: World Cafe Live - Philadelphia, PA
- Dec. 07: The Met - Providence, RI
- Dec. 09: Starland Ballroom - Sayreville, NJ
- Dec. 10: Sound Stage - Baltimore, MD
- Dec. 12: Masquerade - Atlanta, GA
- Dec. 13: The Social - Orlando, FL

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Wino & Conny Ochs Collaboration Complete; Set To Be Released In Early 2012!

The folks at Germany’s avant-rock source Exile On Mainstream Records are thrilled to report that the final master for "Heavy Kingdom", the anticipated collaborative album by Wino and Conny Ochs has arrived at label headquarters, and the final details on the album’s release are being finalized.

The legacy of Scott “Wino” Weinrich in the world of Heavy Music is indisputable and ever evolving, and here he teams up with Conny Ochs, a songwriter so pure and honest in his output that he seems to be the perfect partner for the straightforward Weinrich. The two met for the first time in 2010 when Conny was supporting Wino on his acoustic solo tour promoting his acclaimed solo album, "Adrift". Through music they discovered a very similar approach to life and art, and a shared wisdom in creating music. It really seemed like two souls becoming one after they got to know each other. Together the two wrote, performed and recorded an incredible set of soulful tunes that speak for themselves, as well as a Townes Van Zandt cover. The artwork contains drawings by both Weinrich and Ochs, and follows the dedicated and deeply personal approach of the whole album. Here is the cover art for "Heavy Kingdom":

Heavy Kingdom Track Listing:

1. Somewhere Nowhere
2. Heavy Kingdom
3. Dust
4. Vultures By The Vines
5. Dark Ravine
6. Traces Of Blood
7. Heavy Kingdom Jam
8. Highway Kind
9. Dead Yesterday
10. Here Comes The Siren
11. Labour Of Love

"Heavy Kingdom" will be released throughout Europe on January 27th, 2012 and in North America sometime in March, a final release date to be confirmed in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned for tracks from the record to be released in the near future, as well as the details on a month-long European tour being finalized for March and April.

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Coheed and Cambria Announce Replacement For Chris Pennie & Enter The Studio!

2011 has been a tough year for Coheed and Cambria, not only did drummer Chris Pennie decided to call it quits earlier this month, but they also had to fire their bassist Michael Todd after he was arrested by Attleboro, MA Police this past July, after showing a Walgreens pharmacist a note on his cell phone which said he had a bomb and that he wanted some Oxycontin.

Yesterday, the band announced that they will be rejoined by drummer Josh Eppard and that they have entered the studio to work on the follow-up to their 2010 album "Year Of The Black Rainbow". Here is the band's official statement.

"We didn't originally plan to make a big splash about this, but when Chris made his announcement, we were ultimately compelled to. We didn't want anyone to be concerned about the state of the band, and trying to keep things quiet was proving to be really tough. And besides, we're just really excited and wanted to share that feeling with you.

"Chris Pennie is a dear friend, a superb band-mate and one of the best drummers in the world. He brought a workmanship and sense of professionalism to Coheed that completely improved us as a band, and allowed us to reach new heights. He will always be a member of the Coheed family, and we ask you to support all his endeavors.

"As the songs for the new record began twisting into shape, it slowly became apparent that these songs were very dynamic, and could truly flourish with the groove-oriented approach that Josh naturally brings to the table. We also missed Josh as a person — what he meant to us as friends and the energy and humor he exudes. But this isn't about nostalgia; it's about who we are now, and what we can achieve musically and as a family, together going forward.

"We understand there are risks involved bringing Josh back into the fray. Even with his two years of sobriety, this is a giant leap of faith on our part. But at the end of the day, we have all grown up, and we have all been through so much, that playing with Josh again is sort of like coming home. It's comfortable, it's familiar, it just feels right… it's hand in glove.

"Last week, we entered Applehead Studios with Michael Birnbaum and Chris Bittner to begin work on our sixth studio album. We're three songs in, can't wait to share it."

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Philip Anselmo Gets Venom Tattoo In Brazil - Video Available!

Following Down's epic performance at the SWU Music And Arts Festival this past Monday (November 14th) in São Paulo, Brazil (click to watch), Phil Anselmo was tattooed by Roger Marx of Estúdio Nimbus. Anselmo got a pentagram with the words "Die Hard" inked on his left wrist in tribute to the legendary Heavy Metal band Venom! Here is the video of Anselmo getting scarred for life:

In other Down news, Down recently entered "Nodfaratu's Lair" (Philip Anselmo's home studio) and began work on Down IV, Part 1. Here is a progress report from riffmeister Kirk Windstein!

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Megadeth Perform At The SWU Festival In São Paulo, Brazil - Entire Performance Available!

Ever since Thrash Metal legends Megadeth unleashed their thirteenth studio album "TH1RT3EN" on November 1st via Roadrunner Records, the quartet of mayhem has been busy on the road taking names. Their Th1rt3en World Tour kicked off last week at a sold out show in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This past Monday (November 14th), paid a visit to thousands of fans in Brazil! The show took place in São Paulo, Brazil, the largest city in South America and the great people over at Multishow, were there to capture their entire set. Here is what went down!

CD track listing:

01. Sudden Death
02. Public Enemy No. 1
03. Whose Life (Is It Anyways?)
04. We The People
05. Guns, Drugs & Money
06. Never Dead
07. New World Order
08. Fast Lane
09. Black Swan
10. Wrecker
11. Millennium Of The Blind
12. Deadly Nightshade
13. 13

Additionally, the band recently premiered the music video for the first single out of Th1rt3en for the song "Public Enemy No. 1". The comical video was shot in California, a few days after Megadeth performed at the Big Four Concert at Yankee Stadium. Oh, and it features a very badass monkey! Watch it now!


Latin American tour:

11/17 - Jose Cuervo Salon - Mexico City, Mexico
11/19 - H&H Metal Fest, Calle 2 - Guadalajara, Mexico
11/20 - Banamex Auditorium - Monterrey, Mexico

"Gigantour" 2012 with Motörhead, Volbeat, and Lacuna Coil,

26 – Susquehanna Bank Center – Camden, NJ
27 – Mohegan Sun Arena – Uncasville, CT
28 – Theater at Madison Square Garden – New York, NY
29 – Tsongas Arena – Lowell, MA


1 – Glens Falls Civic Center – Glens Falls, NY
2 – Colisee Pepsi – Quebec City, QC
3 – Bell Centre – Montreal, QC
5 – K-Rock Centre – Kingston, ON
7 – General Motors Centre – Oshawa, ON
8 – Copps Coliseum – Hamilton, ON
9 – Palace of Auburn Hills – Auburn Hills, MI
10 – Aragon Ballroom – Chicago, IL
12 – Eagles Ballroom – Milwaukee, WI
14 – Myth – St. Paul, MN
16 – Prairieland – Saskatoon, SK
17 – Shaw Conference Centre – Edmonton, AB
18 – Big 4 Building – Calgary, AB
20 – Abbotsford Ent & Sports Centre – Abbotsford, BC
21 – Showare Center – Kent, WA
23 – Event Center at San Jose State University – San Jose, CA
24 – Gibson Amphitheatre – Universal City, CA
25 – Comerica Theatre – Phoenix, AZ
26 – Tingley Coliseum – Albuquerque, NM
28 – The Fillmore Auditorium – Denver, CO

Photo credit: Steve Lars from Creative Ventures International & Steve Lars on Facebook

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Portuguese American Metallers CypherSeer Check In From The Studio

CypherSeer are currently in the studio working on their follow up to their last release "Origins". Guitarist Sergio Ribiero has checked in with an update on the bands progress:

"First order of business - CypherSeer would like to announce that for the next record, Martin Brändström from the band Dark Tranquility, will be laying down all the keyboard work. After months searching and speaking with some of the industry's best and most respected keyboardists, Martin just absolutely blew us away with his ideas and playing. We felt an immediate connection and we felt his keyboard style would fit our music the best, since we are aiming for a more updated overall sound on the up-coming record.

"Speaking of our new record... We are currently recording demos to be shipped out for editing, and soon after that, the actual recording will begin. As of right now the projected date for the start of recording is mid January. In terms of the actual songs, we feel that we are getting ever-closer to the sound that defines CypherSeer. We were very meticulous and made sure all the songs were to their absolute potential before we started demoing them. In comparison to "Origins", the new songs are darker, heavier and took an overall ominous direction, which is something absolutely new to us, but at the same time it felt very organic when we were in the writing process. Nothing was forced and we tried to do away with as much "filler" as possible. Also in this next album, we conclude the "Haunted Saga" story, with 3 more songs. The story ends in a dramatic, epic battle that makes one think if such thing is possible - no lack of creativity here."

CypherSeer will be playing a few shows in between the recording: January 6th at Kaza Rock in Newark, NJ (other bands in the bill TBD) and on January 11th at The Gramercy Theater in New York City with legendary Metal band Sanctuary.

We also have setup an online store - CypherSeer.bigcartel.com - selling all our t-shirts. More merchandise to be added soon.

CypherSeer's latest release "Origins" is available for purchase HERE.

The vision, sound, and drive are completely in sync, as a new era begins...

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Toxic Holocaust Announce 2012 North American Tour - Tourdates Available!

Portland, Oregon's Punk Metal badasses Toxic Holocaust will hit the road again in 2012 for a two-week stretch of dates alongside English Dogs, The Casualties and Havok! The tour will be fired up on February 10 in Baltimore at the Ottobar and trek its way towards the West Coast, and extinguished on February 25 in Santa Ana at the Galaxy Theatre.

Toxic Holocaust will be touring in support of their critically-lauded "Conjure And Command" full-length released via Relapse Records earlier this year.

Commented About.com of the release: "Masters of the hook and the earworm, TOXIC HOLOCAUST will have Conjure And Command playing in my head for a long time." Cvlt Nation noted: "TOXIC HOLOCAUST have given fans a record that they will be able to devour now and for fucking years to come," while The Onion's A.V. Club added: "sweetly redolent of thrash, d-beat, and raw sewage, the album simmers with tar-thick riffage, staggering breakdowns, and a corroded dose of self-loathing. If this is what TOXIC HOLOCAUST’s next decade is going to look like, bring it on." The Washingcity Paper agreed: "...it’s refreshing to hear a thrash band that is so single-minded about its whirlwind riffs and pastor-baiting lyrics."

"Conjure And Command" is out now internationally and available across several formats including a limited edition, deluxe CD and DVD set that includes a full Toxic Holocaut live show. The album is available for purchase through Relapse HERE and iTunes HERE. In addition, "Conjure And Command" is streaming in its entirety below!

Toxic Holocaust Winter 2012 Tour with English Dogs, The Casualties, and Havok!

2/10/2012 Ottobar - Baltimore, MD
2/11/2012 The Middle East - Boston, MA
2/12/2012 Europa - Brooklyn, NY
2/13/2012 Les Foufounes Electriques - Montreal, QC
2/14/2012 The Opera House - Toronto, ON
2/15/2012 Peabody’s - Cleveland, OH
2/16/2012 Reggie’s Rock Club - Chicago, IL
2/17/2012 Station 4 - St Paul, MN
2/19/2012 Summit Music Hall - Denver, CO
2/21/2012 Studio Seven - Seattle, WA
2/22/2012 Branx - Portland, OR
2/23/2012 The Pound - Oakland, CA
2/24/2012 Key Club - West Hollywood, CA
2/25/2012 Galaxy Theater - Santa Ana, CA

The band is currently crushing skulls in Europe on a five-week adventure with Kvelertak, Trap Them and Wolves Like Us. Here are the remaining tour-dates.

11/17/2011 Sticky Fingers - Gothenburg, Sweden
11/18/2011 Logo - Hamburg, Germany
11/19/2011 Underground - Koln, Germany
11/20/2011 Doornroosje - Nijmegen, Holland
11/21/2011 02 Academy 2 - Oxford, UK
11/22/2011 02 Academy 3 - Birmingham, UK
11/23/2011 The Speakeasy at Queens - Belfast, Ireland
11/24/2011 ABC - Glasgow, UK
11/25/2011 Roadhouse - Manchester, UK
11/26/2011 Underworld - London, UK
11/27/2011 Muziekodroom - Hasselt, Belgium
11/28/2011 Le Ferraileur - Nantes, France
11/29/2011 Le Nouveau Casino - Paris, France
11/30/2011 Substage - Karlsruhe, Germany
12/01/2011 Abart - Zurich, Switzerland
12/02/2011 New Age Club - Roncade, Italy
12/03/2011 Szene - Wien, Austria
12/04/2011 Conne Island - Leipzig, Germany
12/05/2011 Exit Chmelnice - Prague, Czech Rep.
12/06/2011 Festsaal Xberg - Berlin, Germany
12/07/2011 Colos Saal - Aschaffenburg, Germany
12/08/2011 Backstage - Munchen, Germany
12/09/2011 Hirsch - Nurnberg, Germany
12/10/2011 Sputnikhalle - Munster, Germany
12/11/2011 Voxhall - Aarhus, Denmark
12/12/2011 Vega - Copenhagen, Denmark
12/13/2011 Kulturbolaget - Malmo, Sweden

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Lock Up Announces First-Ever North American Tour With Special Guests Goatwhore & Strong Intention!

Lock Up, the UK Death Metal group featuring genre veterans, Tomas Lindberg (At The Gates, Disfear), Shane Embury (Napalm Death, Venomous Concept), Nicolas Barker (ex-Cradle Of Filth, ex-Dimmu Borgir) and Anton Reisenegger (Criminal, Pentagram), has announced its first ever North American tour, a headlining run with Goatwhore and Strong Intention, set to kick off in February.

Said drummer, Nick Barker, “After many attempts in the past, sadly to no avail, Lock Up finally gets to make it stateside for a string of shows with our good friends from Louisiana, Goatwhore. For us in Lock Up, to play with Goatwhore in the US is like a dream tour, as they are one of our favorite bands - and being good friends with them too only makes this package even more special to us. Be prepared North America ‘cause we're coming over to blast your minds into deathgrind oblivion!”

Lock Up is touring in support of its third studio album, "Necropolis Transparent", which hit stores in July on Nuclear Blast Records. Stay tuned for more information on Lock Up.

Lock Up w/ Goatwhore and Strong Intention:

2/08 – Buffalo, NY @ Club Infinity
2/09 – Albany, NY @ Bogies
2/10 – Boston, MA @ Club Lido
2/11 – Montreal, QC @ Katacombes
2/12 – Tortonto, ON @ Wreck Room
2/13 – Chicago, IL @ Reggie’s
2/14 – Columbus, OH @ Alrosa Villa
2/15 – Baltimore, MD @ Sonar
2/16 – Brooklyn, NY @ Europa

Lock Up is:

Nick Barker – drums
Shane Embury – bass
Tomas Lindberg – vocals
Anton Reisenegger – guitar

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Six Metal Blade Records Artists To Appear On The 'Saints Row: The Third' In-game Soundtrack!

THQ Inc. (NASDAQ: THQI - News) and Volition, Inc.® announced that Saints Row®: The Third, the biggest, most over-the-top guilty pleasure in gaming, is available now for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. The official launch trailer has been posted to the official YouTube channel and you can watch it below.

Saints Row®: The Third gives you control of the Saints at the height of their power, and you live the life to show for it. Now Steelport is ripe for the taking, and it's up to you to make the city your own. Mold the skyline based on your choices, outfit your crew in classy gangster gear or furry costumes, and make life-or-death decisions that will change Steelport, and the Saints, forever. This is now your city. These are now your rules. Strap it on.

"There's no way to describe Saints Row: The Third other than pure, over-the-top fun," said Danny Bilson, Executive Vice President, Core Games, THQ. "In a sea of games that are doing the same thing over again, it's incredibly refreshing to take Saints Row in a completely new direction, and incredibly satisfying to see the reaction from fans so far. Today, we all embrace the crazy."

Not only is the game over-the-top, but the soundtrack is as well. The game boasts seven in game radio stations to enjoy while flying and driving through Steelport. Metal Blade Records boasts a huge presence on The Blood, the in-game station featuring an assortment of Metal tracks. The complete track listing for the station is below and includes the Metal Blade artists Amon Amarth, Between the Buried and Me, The Black Dahlia Murder, Goatwhore, Job for a Cowboy and Shai Hulud.

The Blood:

- After the Burial "Berzerker"
- Amon Amarth "Runes To My Memory"
- Between the Buried and Me "Obfuscation"
- The Black Dahlia Murder "Necropolis"
- Black Veil Brides "Perfect Weapon"
- Chemlab "Suicide Jag"
- The Dillinger Escape Plan "Farewell, Mona Lisa"
- Drowning Pool "Feel Like I Do"
- Goatwhore "Apocalyptic Havoc"
- Job for a Cowboy "Regurgitated Disinformation"
- Marylin Manson "arma goddamn mother****in geddon"
- Mastodon "Divinations"
- Miss May I "Apologies Are For The Weak"
- Opeth "The Lotus Eater"
- Otep "Rise, Rebel, Resist"
- Shai Hulud "Misanthropy Pure"
- Strapping Young Lad "Love?"
- Tugboat "Slow Revolution"
- You Love Her Coz She's Dead "Engine Wrecker"

The full listings for all seven channels can be seen now over on analoghype.com.

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Black Tusk Discuss Their Unique Soundscape From These Years Metalsuckfest!

Savannah, Georgia's Black Tusk have been busy taking names on the road ever since the release of their new studio album entitled "Set The Dial" (released on October 25th via Relapse Records). The bands latest effort was produced by Jack Endino (Soundgarden, High On Fire, Skeletonwitch). Set the Dial’s ten tracks cook like the Savannah heat, raising up their signature brand of primal, triple-vocal, chromatic madness, and tattooing it across canyon-wide grooves.

Recently, the band performed at the first annual Metalsuckfest at The Gramercy Theatre in New York City. Prior to the bands demolishing set, we had the chance to chat with the entire band about the bands sonic approach and about their future plans. Set the dial to 11 and pay close attention!

Black Tusk is currently on the road with Thou and MonstrO on select dates. Here are the remaining tour-dates.

- Nov. 16: Little Rock, AR at Downtown Music (w/ Thou, MonstrO)
- Nov. 17: Nashville, TN at The End (w/ Thou, MonstrO)

Video credit: Steve Lars from Creative Ventures International & Steve Lars on Facebook

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Austrian Death Machine To Release 'Jingle All The Way" - Available Digitally & On Vinyl!

The one and only Austrian Death Machine spent some time in the studio recently, mostly to lift weights, but also to record a few new songs. The songs are based on the ultimate holiday movie, "Jingle All the Way", which stars Ahhnold, of course! The songs are a regaling tale of the pursuit of a one "Turbo Man" doll, sung by Tim Lambesis and Ahhnold.

The digital version of "Jingle All the Way" will be available for download wherever downloads are sold as of December 6th, 2011 and the limited 7" vinyl single will be available shortly thereafter and can be pre-ordered now. This piece of vinyl will be the perfect stocking-stuffer for the most brutal of friends and family. Ahhnold only asks that the vinyl not be gifted to "puny wimps" or "girly men".

Fans can pre-order the Jingle All the Way 7" now over on metalblade.com/austriandeathmachine and at blkmarketmerch.com/collections/austrian-death-machine.

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CKY/World Under Blood Guitarist Deron Miller Shows Off NEW Jackson "Warrior" Guitars & Encourages Fans To Submit Suggestions For Riff Lessons!

CKY/World Under Blood guitarist/vocalist, Deron Miller, recently inked a new sponsorship deal with Jackson Guitars, and he’s posted a video on YouTube (which you can see below) to show off his new hardware. Miller is excited to start ripping his brand new Jackson “Warrior,” and he is calling on fans to let him know what riffs from any of his projects they’d like to learn. Miller will field all the requests via Facebook, YouTube and email, and plans on recording video guitar lessons on his Flipcam. Tune into the video message to find out how you can get in touch.

Miller, who recently parted ways with longtime sponsor, Parker Guitars, is more than excited to begin this new relationship with Jackson. Said Miller, “I get emails, I get responses, I get photo sessions, and most importantly, I get guitars!”

The “Warrior” model (pictured above) will be Miller’s weapon of choice for all future projects.

Added Miller, “I saw it and was floored. It reminded me of the B.C. Rich Chuck Schuldiner played, and it plays perfect for my fretting hand and picking style. It’s considered a metal guitar I suppose, but the way it plays would work for any kind of music.”

Miller’s most recent project, the melodic Death Metal outfit, World Under Blood, released its debut album, "Tactical", in July via Nuclear Blast Records. The full-length can be purchased online through the Nuclear Blast webstore: US webstore and European webstore (Europe), on iTunes or on Amazon.com.

Stay tuned for more info on Deron Miller and World Under Blood.

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Long Island Rockers Dead Superstar To Make Triumphant Return To New York City Tonight!

New York Based band Dead Superstar has been blowing up the East Coast with their furious music. Their relentless assault has drawn the attention of multiple venues for their highly requested return. This high energy band resonates such a force that local bar patrons become the biggest fan. Tonight, Dead Superstar return to New York City to share their uncompromised music with their local fans. The band will be joining searching for daylight, who will be presenting their brand NEW album at the Lit Lounge in Manhattan. Click here to RSVP

Dead Superstar has been paying their dues, sharing the stage with notable Rock icons like Five Finger Death Punch, Drowning Pool, Powerman 5000, Cold, Taproot, Bobaflex and Lacuna Coil. In the spring of 2009, under the inspired guidance of producer Joey Z (Life of Agony), the band entered Method of Groove Studios in Brooklyn, NY to record "Tribulations" then later mixed by producer Corey Lowery (Eye Empire, Stereomud, Stuck Mojo).

Dead SuperStar/BobaFlex Tour!

11/16/2011 New York NY Lit Lounge (Dead Superstar only)
11/17/2011 Syracuse NY Station 58
11/18/2011 Hartford CT Up or On the Rocks
11/19/2011 Brookfield CT The Room
11/23/2011 Janis landings FLA w Sevendust
11/25/2011 Beer Googles Largo, Fl
11/26/2011 Twist Of Lime New Orleans,La
11/27/201 Mobile,Al

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