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Saturday, April 20, 2013

SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, SICK OF IT ALL & D.R.I. To Make History Tonight In New York City!

Hardcore is alive and well in 2013. Tonight, the legendary band SUICIDAL TENDENCIES will be performing at the Best Buy Theater in New York City in support of their NEW album '13' (available now). And guess what? Joining them tonight will be NYHC legends SICK OF IT ALL, the amazing D.R.I., and WAKE THE DEAD. Doors open at 6:30 PM, so get off your couch and come celebrate that we don't five a f&*k!

Here are the remaining tour dates:

With D.R.I & Sick Of It All:

04/20 New York, NY – Best Buy Theater
04/21 Worcester, MA – Palladium
04/23 Patchogue, NY – The Emporium
04/24 Baltimore, MD – Baltimore Soundstage

With D.R.I:

04/26 Charlotte, NC – Amos’ Southend

04/27 Atlanta, GA – The Masquerade
04/28 Charleston, SC – The Music Farm

With Sick Of it All:

04/30 St. Petersburg, FL – State Theatre
05/02 Miami, FL – Grand Central
05/03 Orlando, FL – The Plaza Live
05/06 Houston, TX – House Of Blues
05/07 Dallas, TX – Granada Theater
05/09 Albuquerque, NM – TBA
05/10 Tempe, AZ – Marquee Theater
05/11 Pomona, CA – Fox Theater
05/12 San Diego, CA – House Of Blues

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METAL ALLIANCE Tour To Be Concluded This Weekend; Set Times For Both New York City Shows Available!

Today and tomorrow, the
headbangers of New York City will welcome the third chapter of the Metal Alliance Tour to Irving Plaza, at what will be the two last two shows of the tour! The lineup includes ANTHRAX, EXODUS, MUNICIPAL WASTE, HOLY GRAIL, and SHADOWS FALL! Here are the set times for both shows, which are already sold out:

ANTHRAX 9:30 - 11ish
EXODUS 8:20 - 9:00
SHADOWS FALL 6:45 - 7:15
HOLY GRAIL 6:00 - 6:30

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Music Worshipers: It Is RECORD STORE DAY!

Today is Record Store Day. Record Store day is an internationally celebrated day, which takes place the third Saturday of April each year. The purpose of the holiday is to celebrate the art of music and to support artists from all calibers. Today hundreds of fans and artists will roam around 700 independently owned record stores in the United States, along with hundreds of independent record stores all over the globe.

Here are some facts about Record Store Day:

- Record Store Day was founded in 2007 by Eric Levin, Michael Kurtz, Carrie Colliton, Amy Dorfman, Don Van Cleave and Brian Poehner.

- It is a global celebration in which recording artists from all calibers participate in by making special appearances, performances, meet and greets, the holding of art exhibits, and the release of special vinyl and CD releases along with other promotional products. The event is also celebrated with cookouts and drinking parties.

So get your ass over to a record store, buy A LOT of music and celebrate today YOUR way!

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Friday, April 19, 2013

ESCAPE To Become First Cuban Based Metal Band To Perform In New York City!

Next Saturday, April 27, Heavy Metal history will be written in New York City as ESCAPE will become the first Metal band from Cuba to perform in New York City! Talk about music revolution!!!

Joining ESCAPE on stage at Tobacco i as a very special guest will be Alex Skolnick from TESTAMENT! Also performing will be:

- ShitKill: www.soundcloud.com/shitkill
- Sixth Renaissance: www.sixthrenaissance.com
- Death Immortal: www.deathimmortal.com
- Firehaze: www.firehazeband.com
- Dark Matter: www.reverbnation.com/darkmatter10

Hosted & DJed by: Jö Schüftan of Horns Up Rocks

This historic show will take place at Tobacco Road and is only $12 (21+ with ID), RSVP HERE!

More info about Cuban metal band Escape and UnBlock the Rock, the movement to bring them to the United States here:


DEFTONES Fans: Public Memorial For Our Brother Chi Cheng (RIP) Announced!

As announced over the weekend, former DEFTONES bassist Chi Cheng died on Saturday morning at 3 AM in a Sacramento, CA hospital. As previously reported, Chi was in a tragic car accident on November 4, 2008. As a result, he suffered some very serious brain injuries. Ever since the accident Chi was in a state of semi-consciousness after suffering severe TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury).

 Chi's family have just announced a public memorial for all of his fans to come and celebrate his legacy. Here is a note from Chi's mom: 

"Dear One Love Family, 

We’d love for you to join the Cheng family on Sunday April 21, 2013 at 2:00 PM for a One Love Family gathering at Oak Grove Regional Park in Stockton, CA on Eight mile road and i5 at the pavilion. Parking is $6 per car. Bring your own drinks etc. They have picnic tables and BBQ pits if you want to bring food. 

Your outpouring of love and condolences is so very appreciated. Please come join the family as we pay a tribute of love to our dear Chi.  

Love always,"

- Mom J, Chi & the Cheng Gang

Read Chi's last blog entries HERE!

Our condolences go out to Chi's family, friends and all of the DEFTONES fans.
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UNEARTH Is Now Part Of The EONE Music Family!

Hellyeah! Our good friends from UNEARTH have joined the great folks over at EONE Music! Last time we spoke with frontman Trevor Phipps (see below), he mentioned to us that their deal with METAL BLADE RECORDS was coming to an end and that they were label shopping. UNEARTH and EONE Music are like a match made in heaven and hell!

The band is currently in the middle of writing their eight studio album, the follow up to 2011's 'Darkness In The Light', as you will watch below it should be released later this year. UNEARTH will be playing a few select shows coming up, see the complete list of tour dates below.

Jun 21Metalfest
Jaworzno, PolandTickets
Jun 22Hellfest
Clisson, FranceTickets
Jun 23ArenaWien, Austria
Jun 24Seven Sins ClubAthens, Greece
Jun 26Backstage
Munchen, Germany
Jun 27SommercasinoBasel, Switzerland
Jun 28LukazLunen, Germany
Jun 29Basinfire FestivalSpalene Porici, Czech RepublicTickets
Jun 30Barrack Music ClubOstrava, Czech Republic
Jul 05Rockhouse
Salzburg, AustriaTickets
Jul 11Rockhartz Fest
Ballenstedt, GermanyTickets

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The Zakk Wylde "Berzerker Burger" Will Be Available On 4/20!

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY's leader Zakk Wylde has teamed up with Grill 'Em All to create the "Berzerker Burger"! Described as a monstrous burger with two blackened half pound patties, Eagle Rock Solidarity battered onion rings, white truffle pomme frites, chipotle ketchup, cheddar, and thick cut bacon all smothered in chili, the burger will be available for mouths to destroy tomorrow, Saturday, April 20th at 12:00 PM ET at
Grill 'Em All's restaurant located at 19 E Main Street in Alhambra, California.

Grill 'Em All has honored other badass artists such as Dee Snider, BEHEMOTH, and NAPALM DEATH, but this is the first full blown collaboration!

"Doing a Zakk Wylde burger is a dream come true for us because the guy is everything we dig about Metal. We thought, 'What would Zakk Wylde like? Um, yeah, beer and spice!' TWO blackened patties with boozy onion rings, truffle fries, and chipotle ketchup; we know this burg is going to make people meat drunk." -
Matt Chernus, co-owner of Grill 'Em All. 

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Phil Anselmo: Record Store Day & The Comeback Of Vinyl Records; DOWN's US Tour Begins Soon!

Earlier this week, Forbes Magazine (Forbes.com) posted an in-depth piece on the comeback of vinyl and Record Store Day, written by Tim Clark. In a time where people are quick to label the current state of the music industry as "failing" or "experiencing a downfall", Tim Clark points out that the independent record store experience illustrates otherwise.

Ex-Pantera and current DOWN vocalist and Housecore Records CEO Philip H. Anselmo was interviewed for the piece, and gave his personal thoughts on the rise in record store activity and how it supports growth in the music business and community. As one of the leading voices of the recent indie label and independent music takeover, Forbes looked to Anselmo has a voice of authority.

From Forbes piece: "When he was younger, Anselmo used to constantly scour underground record stores and to this day still believes in the vinyl format."

"Record Store Day promotes this type of passion of having the actual product in your hand instead of just a download", said Anselmo. "I love having the full album, art, lyrics and I think vinyl sounds better. And as a label owner, it makes me happy to see that people slowly but surely want to have this tangible copy in their hands instead of a free [expletive] download, which is driving me [expletive] bananas."

Record Store Day is now celebrated on the third Saturday every April is the one day that all of the independently owned record stores come together with artists to celebrate the art of music. Which means that Record Store Day is TOMORROW! Forbes calls Record Store Day, "an industry phenomenon".

To read the full article, visit this direct location

DOWN's upcoming tour dates:
- May.23.2013: Birmingham, AL, Zydeco
- May.24.2013: Raleigh, NC, Lincoln Theater
- May.25.2013: Baltimore, MD, Sonar/Maryland Deathfest
- May.27.2013: August, GA, Sky City
- May.28.2013: Nashville, TN, Marathon Music Works
- May.30.2013: Broussard, LA, The Station
- May.31.2013: New
Orleans, LA, House of Blues
- June.14.2013: Donnington, UK, Download Festival
- June.15.2013: Copenhagen, Denmark, Copenhell
- June.16.2013: Törnävänsaari, Seinäjoki, Finland, Provinssirock
- June.18.2013: Moscow, Russia, Moscow Arena
- June.20.2013: Jaworzno, Poland, Metalfest Poland
- June.21.2013: St. Goarshausen, Germany, Metalfest Germany
- June.22.2013: Clisson, France, Hellfest
- June.24.2013: Ljubljana, Slovenia, Kino Soska
- June.25.2013: Zagreb, Croatia, Culture Factory
- June.27.2013: Tisza Kemping, Tokaj-Rakamaz, Rakamaz, Hungary, Borsodi Hegyalja Fesztival
- July.1.2013: Athens, Greece, Rock Gods

HERE is an extensive gallery of DOWN's recent concert in New York City!

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DROPKICK MURPHYS raise $65K in 15 hours for the victims of the Boston Marathon!

According to Rolling Stone, Boston's Celtic Punk Rockers DROPKICK MURPHYS have raised over $65,000 in just 15 hours for the victims (and their families) of the Boston Marathon bombings. How did the Boston heroes do this? By selling the t-shirt picture here on their

The tee is priced between $24.99 and $26.99, based on size, and the front reads "For Boston" with a photo of the skyline. The back is emblazoned with the city's seal and the note, "Thank you, to all who purchased this shirt. All proceeds go to the victims and families of the Boston Marathon bombings. Love, Dropkick Murphys."

Go to the band's official webshop here to purchase.

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Guy from THE RED CHORD becomes a Cop, so what is going to happen with the band?

Wow! THE RED CHORD vocalist Guy Kozowyk, has announced that he is now a proud member of the Manchester Police Department!

"Yes, it's true. I got sworn in with the Manchester, New Hampshire Police Department this week", commented Kosowyk. "I am honored to be a part of the department. I will spend many months in extensive training, doing everything I can to make the department proud and to be the best officer I can be. Thank you so much to everyone who sent well wishes today. The Red Chord has not done much in recent years, but as far as we have all discussed, we do still technically exist and hope to create something NEW when it is feasible for everyone to do so when our personal lives allow it. Thank you again for the outpouring of personal support and the continued interest in the art we create."

Bummer! This is probably the end of THE RED CHORD as far as touring goes, since by becoming a Police offer you are pretty much committing to a full time job in which you can't just ask for time off to go jamming with your band. They might still record some music here and there. But with the way the Heavy Music world works today, if you go on "hiatus" you become irrelevant very quickly since kids simply move on to the next batch of bands.

We can't blame Kosowyk though. Money is real tight at the moment for mid scale bands like THE RED CHORD, so it makes sense for him to score himself a steady job with benefits and the whole shebang. Whither you agree with his career choice of becoming a Cop or not, we'll leave that up to you. 

Note: the bands official website (
www.theredchord.com) is not even active anymore.

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

NEW BLACK SABBATH Song "God Is Dead?" Available For Streaming!

BLACK SABBATH fans: below you can crank a NEW song by the pioneers of Heavy Metal called "God Is Dead?" without any AD's!

Produced by Rick Rubin (seven-time Grammy winner, two of those as Producer of the Year), 13 features the original BLACK SABBATH: OZZY OSBOURNE, TONY IOMMI and GEEZER BUTLER.

Upcoming BLACK SABBATH tour dates:

- Sun, 8-4: Holmdel, NJ at PNC Bank Arts Center 
- Wed, 8-14: Toronto, ON at Air Canada Centre 
- Sat, 8-24: Seattle, WA at Gorge Amphitheatre 
- Tue, 9-3: Los Angeles, CA at Los Angeles Sports Arena

- Apr 20: Auckland Vector Arena, New Zealand
- Apr 22: Auckland Vector Arena, New Zealand
- Apr 25: Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Australia
- Apr 27: Sydney All Phones Arena, Australia
- Apr 28: Melbourne Rod Laver Arena, Australia
- May 1: Melbourne Rod Laver Arena, Australia
- May 4: Perth Arena, Australia
- May 12: Ozzfest, Tokyo Makahari Messe, Japan

Nov. 20 - Hartwall Arena, Helsinki, Finland
Nov. 22 - Friends Arena, Stockholm, Sweden
Nov. 24 - Telenor Arena, Oslo, Norway
Nov. 26 - Forum, Denmark, Copenhagen
Nov. 28 - Ziggo Dome, Holland, Amsterdam
Nov. 30 - Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany
Dec. 02 - Bercy, Paris, France
Dec. 05 - Fiera Arena, Milan, Italy
Dec. 07 - 02 Arena, Prague, Czech Republic
Dec. 10 - 02 Arena, London, UK
Dec. 12 - Odyssey Arena, Belfast, Ireland
Dec. 14 - Arena, Sheffield, UK
Dec. 16 - Hydro, Glasgow, UK
Dec. 18 - Arena, Manchester, UK
Dec. 20 - LG Arena, Birmingham, UK 

Be the first to get information about the new Black Sabbath album: http://bitly.com/BlackSabbathMailingList.

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CARCASS: First Group Shot With The NEW Lineup!

CARCASS's next sonic assault 'Surgical Steel' has already been recorded and is currently being mixed by Andy Sneap, not Colin Richardson (who quit the project). This will be the bands first studio album in 17 years. This highly anticipated release will see the light of day later this year via an as-yet-undetermined record label.

Here are the songs that the band recorded:

* The Master Butcher’s Apron
* The Granulating Dark Satanic Mills
* A Congealed Clot Of Blood
* A Wraith In The Apparatus
* 316l Grade Surgical Steel
* Cadaver Pouch Conveyor System
* Captive Bolt Pistol
* Intensive Battery Brooding
* None Compliance To Astm F899-12 Standard
* Mount Of Execution
* 1985/Thrasher’s Abattoir
* Unfit For Human Consumption
* Zochrot
* Livestock Marketplace

Here is CARCASS's first group shot with the NEW lineup:

- Jeff Walker

- Bill Steer
- Daniel Wilding
- Ben Ash 

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THE After School Spring Break Special Brings You Sexy School Girls, Live Music By Kore Rozzik & Others!

Tomorrow, Friday, April 19th, get off your couch and come rage at the Paper Box in Brooklyn, NY. Presented by Kore Rozzik, one of the hardest working artists in the NY Heavy Music scene, THE After School Special is the best way to celebrate Spring Break!

Here is what you can expect to take place tomorrow:

- Live music by Kore Rozzik, Sweet Cyanide, Coda Resistance
and Ommissionary
- Guest hosts: Jö Schüftan of Horns Up Rocks and Zach Waitforit Gee from Ricky's NYC!

- SPRING BLITZ Fashion Show by Miz Katastrophe
- Schoolgirl Burlesque By
Bunny Buxom+Mary Cyn
- School girl cake by Emily Cakeboss*
- XXX RAFFLE-throw in a buck for a chance to win something naughty

*Free Cake at the end of the show!

We really hope to see you there! But before you go read our next article, here is a hilarious promo video compiled by Kore Rozzik and his bandits:

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