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Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Rocking Fashion Show

What is better than pretty women showcasing some killer clothes? Pretty women with an edge, rocking some sexy classy cocktail dresses with a lot of style. Star Frost is a fashion enterpreneur that has been working on original designs created for women who want to stand out for being original, edgy and classy. In order to share her "every day is Dress up" concept with the fashion world, Star started organizing her own fashion shows and brought in a group of women who stand out for being original.

After a number of successful fashion shows in Staten Island, Star is bringing her event to the fashion capital of the world. It is safe to assume that this will be a memorable night for all those who attend. The event will take place at Don Hill's in New York City and everyone is invited. Here are the details:

Date: Thursday July 22, 2010
Location: Don Hill's New York
Address: 511 Greenwich Street @ Spring Street
Time: Doors @ 7 PM
Passcode to get in for FREE: Fallen Star

Here is some footage from the previous fashion show!

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Beavis & Butthead are back!

It has been confirmed that the legendary MTV cartoon Beavis & Butthead will make a comeback after 13 years of silence. It is safe to assume that the boys will come back in style, because all of us have been waiting for this to happen for way too long. Not a week passes by without someone using one of their catch phrases. Catch phrases that turned Beavis & Butthead into TV icons. When you think about it, their immature humor made them worldwide icons. You can say any of their infamous catch phrases to anyone who grew up in the 90's and they will immediately crack up. "I am Cornholio, I need TP for my bunghole. Do you have TP for my bunghole?"

The show not only features the boys being rebels and trying to score with babes. It also features music videos which the boys either rip apart or head bang to, but either way they end up going on a crazy train. This show played a huge role in the rise of Heavy Music in the 90's, and we hope that it picks up where it left off and that it brings back some of the MTV flavor of the 90's. And lets not forget that Beavis and Butthead are the first cartoon to throw the HORNS! \m/

As we all wait with great anticipation for Beavis & Butthead to take over MTV once again, here are a few legendary clips:

The boys watching PANTERA!

The boys watching SLAYER!

The boys watching METALLICA!

Suckiest Music Videos!

Beavis & Butthead in "Stewart's House":

Beavis & Butthead "Frog Baseball":

Beavis and Butthead "Evolutions Sucks":

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The Hixon: Rising Up

Last December we headed to the "Man Cave Fiesta", hosted by Jose Mangin from Sirius XM Liquid Metal. After a tedious bus ride in the snow, we finally arrived at the Mangin hood. As we are looking for the address, we run into a big dude with a bottle of Don Julio on his hand. We look at each other and smiled as in saying "this is going to be a good night". This big dude was none other then Eduardo Barragan. Eduardo is the guitarist of The Hixon, a crushing Thrash Metal band from New Jersey!

The party started and I ran into the rest of The Hixon boys, which include Marc Hixon (Vocals), Stephen Wells (Drums) and Flip Martorano (Bass). Marc who has a striking resemblance to Chuck Billy from Testament, was sipping on Jim Beam and we immediately started cracking jokes. Next thing you know we are all talking Metal, drinking hard drinks and being obnoxious Metal heads.

Then Jose asks them to play a few songs at his jam room. They look at each other and in unison they say: "Lets do this!" We had never heard this band before, and were completely stoked to see how tight they were. Their music was well received by everyone who attended the party.

Fast Forward 6 months and we find out that they are opening for Charred Walls of The Damned at the Gramercy Theater in New York City. We arrived at the venue minutes before they played the biggest shows of their lives. It was surprising to see how calm they were. It was great to see them get on stage with so much confidence and to see them play such a killer set. We were lucky to have captured some of their performance on video and we think you should definitely check it out. The Hixon are proof that if you persevere as a band, and never compromise your musical ideals, you can rise up to the occasion and make some ears bleed!

Here is The Hixon with their song "Turn Up the Hate":

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Alex Skolnick: From Jazz to Metal

Alex Skolnick from Testament and the Alex Skolnick Trio, is one of the most well grounded guitarists in Heavy Music. He is one of the founders of the legendary Thrash Metal band Testament and in 2002 he started a musical project called the Alex Skolnick Trio. He has also played in bands such as Ozzy Osbourne and has contributed his talent to many musical projects. You may be wondering how can a musician be so good at playing both Jazz and Metal, when the key in Jazz is to play "quietly" and the key in Metal is to play "as loud as it gets." Does guitar legend Joe Satriani have something to do with this? Does BB. King have something to do with this? We had this same questions, so we decided to find out what makes Alex Skolnick such a diverse guitar player. We also talked to Alex about the contributions of the great Ronnie James Dio to Heavy Music. Here are the results:

Live pictures by: Mitchell Damien Maurer
Additional images by: Alex Skolnick, Tom Couture, J.D. Choi and Newsis

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Monday, July 12, 2010

No Mercy Metal Showcase - Part DOS

The underground Heavy Music scene is going through very exciting times here in New York City. There are a vast amount of young up and coming bands that have a crushing sound, and the fans are starting to notice this. One of the top reasons why we started Horns Up Rocks is because we know how hungry both the bands and the fans are for something new and original. I think collectively, the Heavy Music fans are getting tired of the same musical equation. So we predict some very interesting times for the Heavy Music scene here in New York City.

We are very proud and stoked to announce that Horns Up Rocks will be co-sponsoring the No Mercy Metal Showcase! The main reason why we decided to do this is because we believe whole-heartedly in the movement that Gotham Rocks, Tech-9 Music and Tim No 37 have created. So on Saturday July 24th, you are all invited for Part Dos of the No Mercy Metal Showcase, in which you will get to experience first hand what we are talking about.

There will be 9 killer bands performing at Santos Party House, which is New York's #1 club! Here are the details:

DATE: Saturday July 24, 2010
LOCATION: Santos Party House
ADDRESS: 96 Lafayette St.
New York, NY 10013

3:45 Dush - absolutely up the minute in their approach to aggressive music, yet at the same time, they draw on melodies and atmospherics that evoke ancient truths, summoning to mind the Bronze Age and the mysteries of the cradle of civilization.

4:30 Until Ashes - We're not here to change the world, but we're here to make it at least a tad bit more bearable.

5:15 We Fall As Heroes - They're not ordinary, because if you ask a random metal head in Queens, they know about WFAH.

6:00 From Bliss To Devastation - Music and lyrics filled with passion and written from the heart, live performances filled with raw energy and emotion allow them to connect with their audience.

6:45 Letchworth - Their style varies from fist throwing, heart pounding breakdowns, to melodic melodies.

7:30 Eyes of The Sun - Our music is intended to create a range of emotions for the listener that we ourselves experience and extract from.

8:15 Facing The Sun - came together as a band in 2007 when some like-minded, blood thirsty folk decided that they wanted to redefine what metal is today.

9:00 Embrace Agony - Melodic heavy metal band with methodical and creative approach to their music that blends different elements of metal, hardcore and hard rock into one powerful delivery.

9:45 Severed - managed to survive and conquer the fickle nature of the NY music world through an indomitable work ethic and a musical ideology that favors quality songwriting above all else.

Hosted by Mother Unique!

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