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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dimebag Darrell Abbott: Remembered Forever!

Today would have been Dimebag's 45th birthday! Pantera’s guitarist Dimebag Darrell Abbott was born on August 20, 1966 in Ennis Texas. Influenced by his father Jerry Abbott who is a country musician and producer, Dime and his brother Vinnie Paul fell in love with music at a young age. At first Dimebag wanted to play the drums but his older brother Vinnie took over the drum kit. This was tough for Dime, who eventually started playing the trombone. However, his father was not having it, and convinced Dime to try playing the guitar. Goddamn, was his father right!

Dime’s first guitar was a Hondo Les Paul, which he got with a small amplifier. At the beginning all he did was pose in front of the mirror with Ace Frehley (Kiss) makeup, and his guitar in hand. Vinnie needed someone to play with so he started harassing his little brother. One day, Dime goes into the jam room and tells Vinnie: “Hey dude, you want to jam?” Little did they know that they were planting the seed of what would later become Pantera, which is arguably the best Heavy Metal band of the 90’s.

After a few months of jamming classics like Deep Purple’s “Smoke In The Water” with Vinnie. Dime started competing on local guitar competitions, which he usually won. On one of these competitions he was awarded a Dean ML. Coincidentally, his father Jerry had bought him a cherry burst finish Dean ML standard, the same morning of the competition. At another competition, he won a Randall Amplifier. As we all know, this became Pantera’s signature sound. Eventually, the organizers barred Dimebag from competing, because they wanted to give other kids a chance to win.

In 1981, Dimebag formed Pantera with his brother Vinnie. The two recruited vocalist Terrence Glaze (replaced by Philip Anselmo in 1987) and bassist Rex Brown. After releasing 4 albums that were produced by their father, who also owned a studio called “Pantego Sound”. Pantera got their big break, and things would never be the same in the Heavy Music World. Signed by Atco Records, who had already turned them down, the story about how Pantera got signed is very unique.

After being stranded in Texas due to a hurricane, Mark Ross (Atco Records) was asked by his boss to go check out Pantera, who were playing a birthday party in Dallas. After experiencing the insanity of Pantera (there was birthday cake all over the floor), Mark called his boss and told him: “We have to sign this guys!” Next thing you know Dimebag heads over to Philip Anselmo’s house and shows him the record contract.

From that moment on Pantera put the pedal to the Metal and started taking over the world. The band got their big break when the Metal God Rob Halford, invited the band to tour with Judas Priest in Europe. Soon after, they were asked to play the “Monsters of Rock” festival in Moscow Russia in front of 1,000,000 people. That day they outperformed Metallica, AC/DC, and the Black Crowes. During their successful career, Pantera also shared the stage with legendary bands like Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Megadeth, Motörhead, and Venom.

After 13 years of hard-hitting success, and releasing classic albums such as Cowboys From Hell, Vulgar Display of Power, and Far Beyond Driven (which charted #1 on Billboard). Pantera’s career came to a halt, mainly because of Anselmo’s addiction problems. After various failed attempts of communicating with Philip, Dimebag and Vinnie decided to start a new band called Damageplan.

In order to complete the lineup, Dime and Vinnie recruited former Rob Halford guitarist Pat Lachman to perform vocal duties, and Bob Zilla on bass. Damageplan released “ New Found Power” in the US on February 10, 2004. When writing music for Damageplan, Dimebag said that: "Damageplan wanted to stretch out and expand our capabilities to their fullest.”

On December 8th 2004, Nathan Gale shot Dimebag Darrell Abbott on stage, while Damageplan was performing at the Alrosa Villa in Columbus Ohio. Dime was shot six times (four times in the head), which killed him instantly. Gale continued shooting, killing four others and wounding a further seven. Jeff “Mayhem” Thompson (Damageplan’s head of security) was killed after tackling Gale, as was Alrosa Villa employee Erin Halk. Nathan Bray (a fan of the band) was killed while trying to perform CPR on Dimebag and Mayhem. Gale was finally shot dead by officer James James D. Niggemeyer. Dimebag Darrell was laid to rest at the Moore Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Arlington, Texas. From that moment on Heavy Music was never the same.

“I remember when I met Dimebag in Cologne Germany after Pantera’s spectacular performance. We see Dime in the distance (at least 20 feet away); we call him up and next thing you know he stumbles towards us. He was drunk as hell, and said that we were way too sober for being at a Pantera show! He calls Bobby (Pantera videographer) over, and tells him: “get this kids some blacktooths and get them on the new home video.” Lo and behold Bobby came back with some blacktooths, which we all put back fast. To this day I think of Dimebag every day, because he is the driven force of the lifestyle that we Metaleros share and are proud of.” –Jo Schuftan (founder of Horns Up Rocks)

We want to dedicate this piece to Dimebag Darrell Abbott, his family, and all his fans!

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Sick Of It All & Suicidal Tendencies to Perform Two Special Shows!

New York City Hardcore legends Sick Of It All will be joining forces with California Hardcore legends Suicide Tendencies for two very special shows in the East Coast of the United States. The first show will take place on September 16th at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, New Jersey, and the second show will take place on September 17th at the Crazy Donkey in Farmingdale, Long Island, New York. More details coming soon, but save the dates!

Sick Of It All Tendencies Discography:

- Blood, Sweat and No Tears (1989)
- Just Look Around (1992)
- Scratch the Surface (1994)
- Built to Last (1997)
- Call to Arms (1999)
- Yours Truly (2000)
- Life on the Ropes (2003)
- Death to Tyrants (2006)
- Based on a True Story (2010)

Suicidal Tendencies Discography:

- Suicidal Tendencies (1983)
- Join the Army (1987)
- How Will I Laugh Tomorrow When I Can't Even Smile Today (1988)
- Lights...Camera...Revolution! (1990)
- The Art of Rebellion (1992)
- Suicidal for Life (1994)
- Freedumb (1999)
- Free Your Soul and Save My Mind (2000)
- TBA (2012)

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The Black Dahlia Murder Discuss NEW Album, Future Plans & Recipe for Success!

Today, the Black Dahlia Murder is one of the hardest working and most crushing bands in the Heavy Music realm! After the release of their fifth studio album "Ritual" via Metal Blade Records, the band was invited to headline the 2011 Summer Slaughter Tour for the second time in history. The band is touring North America in support of "Ritual" and are also scheduled to perform with Cannibal Corpse and Suicide Silence in South America this fall. And according to singer Trevor Strnad the band has some real exciting things lined up in their Metallic agenda, that haven't been announced yet!

We had the chance to interview lead screamer Trevor Strnad while at the bands performance at the Summer Slaughter Tour in New York city, and he made it clear that the band is at a great situation in their careers after 10 years of hard work and determination. He also discusses how he trained his voice, and how the bands philosophy is still intact thanks to all the members being in synch! Without further due, here is the interview!

RITUAL 2011 North American Tour featuring THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER w/ All Shall Perish & Cannabis Corpse:

- 10/06: Columbus, OH at The Bluestone (scaled)
- 10/07: Pittsburgh, PA at Mr. Smalls
- 10/08: TBD
- 10/09: Syracuse, NY at Lost Horizon
- 10/10: Providence, RI at The Met
- 10/11: TBD
- 10/13: Richmond, VA at Canal Club
- 10/14: Wilmington, NC at The Soapbox
- 10/15: TBD
- 10/17: Corpus Christi, TX at House of Rock
- 10/18: TBD
- 10/19: Lubbock, TX at Jakes
- 10/20: El Paso, TX at Club 101
- 10/21: Flagstaff, AZ at Orpheum Theatre
- 10/22: Tucson, AZ at The Rock
- 10/23: Farmington, NM at Top Deck
- 10/25: Oklahoma City, OK at Conservatory
- 10/26: Lawrence, KS at Granada Theatre
- 10/27: Des Moines, IA at The Wheelhouse
- 10/28: Omaha, NE at Waiting Room
- 10/30: Lansing, MI at The Loft


12/03 Sao Paulo, Brazil
12/04 Curitiba, Brazil
12/06 Buenos Aires, Argentina
12/07 Santiago, Chile
12/08 Quito, Ecuador
12/10 Bogota, Colombia
12/11 Caracas, Venezuela
12/13 Mexico City, Mexico

Special thanks to Steve Lars, Paul Sosa, Metal Blade Records, all the bands, all the fans, the Irving Plaza staff, and of course the Summer Slaughter Tour Staff for organizing this killer event year after year.

Video and Photo credit: Steve Lars from Creative Ventures International

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Live Footage of Testament in Santiago, Chile!

Whenever we ask an artist which region of the world has the most dedicated and diehard headbangers, they all agree that South America takes the prize for the most raging crowds. As a result, during the last decade more and more bands have been visiting South America to experience the soccer-like chants, the adrenaline of a fully packed stadium, and to make sure all attendees leave with a smile in their face and ready to keep on grinding in a region of the world which never stops struggling.

Legendary San Francisco Thrash Metallers Testament have been working on their 10th studio album titled "The Dark Roots of Earth" (to be released in February 2012 via Nuclear Blast), recently headed over to South America and played one of the best shows of their career in Santiago, Chile. Fortunately, the show was recorded and now you can watch Testament doing what they do best: performing a furious set in front of a pack of hungry headbangers! Check it out!

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

The 2011 Summer Slaughter Tour - NYC Irving Plaza Recap!

One week ago the tri-state area Headbangers joined forces at New York City's legendary venue Irving Plaza (formerly The Fillmore) for the 2011 Summer Slaughter Tour. While we could sit here and write to you how awesome the show was and why every band slayed, we prefer to invite you to check out our Official Recap featuring members of The Black Dahilia Murder, Whitechapel, Darkest Hour, Dying Fetus and Powerglove. So sit back, relax and get ready to get slaughtered!!!


Remaining Tour-Dates:

08/19 Houston, TX – House Of Blues
08/20 San Antonio, TX – Backstage Live
08/21 Dallas, TX – House Of Blues

Special thanks to Steve Lars, Paul Sosa, Metal Blade Records, EONE Music, Relapse Records, all the bands, all the fans, the Irving Plaza staff, and of course the Summer Slaughter Tour Staff for organizing this killer event year after year.

Video and Photo credit: Steve Lars from Creative Ventures International

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Times of Grace Video Premiere For "Live in Love"!

Times of Grace are streaming the video for the uplifting song "Live in Love". But this isn't your average Hard Rock video. Rather, Times of Grace use this medium to shed light on the Rise Above Foundation and that organization's important cause. The Rise Above Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to providing Massachusetts children in foster care with enriching activities, opportunities and experiences. Given the hopeful message encased in the lyrics, the song is a perfect complement to the efforts of the Rise Above Foundation.

The clip shows the band walking through the streets of Massachusetts, singing the song and splicing footage of those in need throughout. The striking, heart wrenching images further demonstrate the point that the band is trying to make about help and hope.

In addition to close up shots of worn faces and hands, which serve to make the plight of those in need incredibly real and tangible, the video also displays statistics about people in foster care, rehab and on the streets. The video opens its arms to the homeless, the elderly and the children who are at risk.

Times of Grace singer Jesse Leach commented on the video, saying, " I am excited for this video to come out. I feel like we did a different approach to the typical performance video. I enjoyed the shoot and the day we spent driving around to different locations. I feel strongly about the message of compassion and love. I hope we are able to help change a child's life through weriseabove.org or at the very least inspire others to reach outside themselves and make a difference. I want nothing more than for our music to have a positive impact in this world. One love to all !"

Director Tim Dennesen also weighed in, saying, "'Live in Love' sends a powerful message. Anthony Jarvis, the director of photography, and I wanted to give raw visuals to this message to help spread awareness. It was a mystical quest, and a lot of fun to work with Times of Grace."

We Rise Above was equally thrilled about partnering with the band to spread their message and their mission, saying, "We're honored that Times of Grace identified Rise Above as the Massachusetts charity to spotlight in this video. Working with a band with strong roots in Massachusetts is a great way to advocate for the youth in foster care that we serve. We are proud to be part of such a powerful effort to bring critical social issues to the surface."

Without further due, here is the new video of Times Of Grace for their song called "Live in Love"!

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Dimebag Darrell to be Celebrated at Liquid Metal’s 7th Annual March of DIMEDAY!

Pantera's bad-ass legendary guitarist Dimebag Darrell Abbott will be celebrated this weekend in Dallas, Texas (A.K.A. Pantera Country) at the annual Ride For Dime. Additionally, our good friends over at Sirius XM Liquid Metal will be presenting to you DIMEDAY. These years Ride For Dime will be hosted by Liquid Metal's Jose Mangin, who always brings great Metallic vibes and plenty of blacktooths! Here is the Official Press Release:

Liquid Metal’s 7th annual March of DIMEDAY celebrates the life and music of guitar legend Darrell “Dimebag” Abbott on what would be his 45th birthday. It’s over 24 hours of ALL THINGS Dimebag and besides clips from the man himself, we’ll also feature anything Dime would want to hear if he had his own satellite radio station. Every August 20th on Sirius XM he does.

You’ll hear tons of Pantera, Damageplan, Rebel Meets Rebel, rare Dimebag demos, collaborations, and Dime approved artists such as Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Black Label Society, Kiss, Van Halen, Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, Skid Row, Hellyeah & more!

Plus, exclusive and candid Dime stories from friends, family & fellow musicians all sharing some of their favorite Darrell memories. This year, Liquid Metal host Jose Mangin will be on site at the Ride For Dime out in Dallas, Texas and will provide reports from the annual event from the heart of Pantera country.

Happy birthday Dimebag, your music and spirit forever lives on! Here’s to the pink beard in the sky!

Starts: Saturday, August 20th @ 12am ET

Ends: Sunday, August 21st @ 3am ET


Here is an interview we conducted with Dimebag's brother Vinnie Paul at these years Revolver Golden Gods Awards, in which we discuss the legacy of Pantera!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Trivium "In Waves" #13 on Billboard Top 200 & Embark on "Release Day" Tour in 3 Different Countries/2 Continents!

Trivium, who have been spending their summer on the Rock Star Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, which was their second appearance on the tour, flew to Germany in the middle of the tour to perform at Wacken Open Air on Friday, August 5th, which was the German release day for In Waves. The Wacken performance was filmed and webcast worldwide in real time with the festival. Their performance was then re-broadcast on German national TV this past Friday. Wacken was a landmark show in Trivium’s career, as it was the foursome's biggest show to date, with over 80,000 in attendance for their main stage performance.

On Saturday, August 6th, the band flew to England for their UK release show. They celebrated by supporting Iron Maiden at the O2 Arena, on the final date of Maiden's current world tour. Over 18,000 Metalheads turned out for this sold-out spectacle.

While barely catching their breath, the band then hopped a flight back to the US, to resume their dates on the Mayhemfest, playing their domestic release date show on the main stage at The Zoo Amphitheater in Oklahoma City, OK.

"Trivium want to thank our amazing fans around the globe both old and new for their support of our latest project In Waves. We’re blown away by the worldwide fan reaction and without you none of this is possible. It’s great to see metal make it into the global album charts where some say metal music doesn’t belong but this says it’s alive and well. We also want to thank all of the crazy fans who came to see us on our release day show odyssey. It's rare that a band gets to play more than one (if even one) show on the day of their album release date, but we did three! We played to an incredible crowd in Germany at Wacken Open Air with Judas Priest for the German release; then a show in England the next night with Iron Maiden for the UK release; and then two nights later a main stage show in Oklahoma City, OK with the Mayhem Festival for the US release. Through all the travel and about nine hours of sleep in total, it was completely worth it to spread the word of In Waves and live and breathe the music with our fans." - Frontman Matt Heafy

Mayhem wrapped over the weekend and the band, which was recently profiled in Billboard, which celebrated Trivium for their "evolving" its sound. will resume touring again next month, supporting label-mates Dream Theater in North America. Later this year, they will tour across Europe with In Flames, including headlining the UK Metal Hammer Defenders of the Faith Tour.

The album also received a 4-star review in Q, which proclaimed In Waves to be “blunt, focused and inventive, it’s as near to classic metal as Trivium have been.” It received another 4-star rating from Kerrang!, which said “ …In Waves takes elements from each previous Trivium era and welds them together into one glorious whole. This is not the sound of a band treading water that it could have been, but rather that of a now veteran act distilling the essence of everything they excel at into a single devastating attack.”

Here is an interview we did with guitarist Corey Beaulieu and bassist Paolo Gregoletto at their recent stop in Hartford, Connecticut while at the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival!


- Sep 24, 2011: Warfield Theatre in San Francisco. CA US
- Sep 25, 2011: Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. CA US
- Sep 27, 2011: Showbox SoDo in Seattle. WA US
- Sep 28, 2011: Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver. BC CA
- Sep 30, 2011: Kingsbury Hall in Salt Lake City. UT US
- Oct 02, 2011: Rosemont Theatre in Rosemont. IL US
- Oct 03, 2011: Royal Oak Music Theatre in Royal Oak. MI US
- Oct 04, 2011: Trib Total Media Amphitheatre in Pittsburgh. PA US
- Oct 06, 2011: Massey Hall in Toronto. ONT CA
- Oct 07, 2011: Place des Arts in Montreal. QUE CA
- Oct 08, 2011: Pavilion de la Jeunesse in Quebec. QUE CA
- Oct 10, 2011: Orpheum Theatre in Boston. MA US
- Oct 11, 2011: Mayo Center For The Performing Arts in Morristown. NJ US
- Oct 12, 2011: Beacon Theatre in New York. NY US
- Oct 15, 2011: Loud Park Festival at Super Arena in Tokyo JP
- Oct 16, 2011: Merriam Theatre in Philadelphia. PA US
- Oct 17, 2011: Warner Theatre in Washington, DC. DC US
- Oct 19, 2011: Tabernacle in Atlanta. GA US
- Oct 21, 2011: Pompano Beach Amphitheatre in Pompano Beach. FL US
- Oct 22, 2011: Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater. FL US
- Oct 23, 2011: Hard Rock Live in Orlando. FL US
- Oct 25, 2011: Verizon Wireless Theatre in Houston. TX US
- Oct 26, 2011: Bass Concert Hall in Austin. TX US
- Oct 27, 2011: Verizon Theatre in Grand Prairie. TX US
- Nov 14, 2011: Spektrum in Oslo NO
- Nov 16, 2011: Ice Hall in Helsinki FI
- Nov 18, 2011: Hovet in Stockholm SE
- Nov 19, 2011: Scandinavium in Gothenburg SE
- Nov 21, 2011: Arena in Ludwigsburg DE
- Nov 22, 2011: Stadthalle in Offenbach. HES DE
- Nov 23, 2011: Zenith (München) in Munich. BAY DE
- Nov 25, 2011: Turbinenhalle in Oberhausen. NW DE
- Nov 26, 2011: Sporthalle in Hamburg. HAM DE
- Nov 27, 2011: AB Club in Brussels BE
- Nov 28, 2011: Olympia in Paris FR
- Nov 30, 2011: 013 in Tilburg NL
- Dec 01, 2011: Guildhall in Southampton UK
- Dec 02, 2011: Civic Hall in Wolverhampton UK
- Dec 03, 2011: Academy in Manchester UK
- Dec 04, 2011: Brixton Academy in London UK
- Dec 06, 2011: Academy in Glasgow UK
- Dec 07, 2011: Academy in Newcastle UK
- Dec 08, 2011: Pavilions in Plymouth UK

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Chimaira Announce North American Headlining Tour

Yesterday Chimaira punched the world in the stomach with their latest album titled "The Age Of Hell", which is the band's follow up to their 2009 released titled "The Infection". The record has been released with a DVD containing an intimate in depth interview with the band.

Today, Chimaira have announced a headlining tour this fall in support of their new record "The Age Of Hell." Support duties will come from Revocation, Rise To Remain and label mates Impending Doom. Here are the tour dates:

\m/ 10/12 - Philadelphia, PA - Trocadero
\m/ 10/14 - Joliet, IL - Mojoes
\m/ 10/15 - Minneapolis, MN - First Ave
\m/ 10/17 - Denver, CO - Summit
\m/ 10/18 - SLC, UT - Club Sound
\m/ 10/20 - Seattle, WA - Studio Seven
\m/ 10/21 - Portland, OR - Peter's Room
\m/ 10/24 - Los Angeles, CA - Key Club
\m/ 10/25 - Tucson, AZ - The Rock
\m/ 10/27 - San Aantonio, TX - White Rabbit
\m/ 10/28 - Dallas, TX - The Door
\m/ 10/29 - Houston, TX - Fitzgeralds
\m/ 10/31 - Orlando, FL - Firestone
\m/ 11/1 - Atlanta, GA - Masquerade
\m/ 11/3 - New York, NY - BB Kings
\m/ 11/4 - Pittsburgh, PA - Mr Smalls
\m/ 11/5 - Columbus, OH - Al Rosa Villa

The band recently released a video for their song "Year Of The Snake"!

Track-listing of The Age Of Hell:

1) The Age Of Hell
2) Clockwork
3) Losing My Mind
4) Time Is Running Out
5) Year Of The Snake
6) Beyond The Grave
7) Born In Blood
8) Stoma
9) Powerless
10) Trigger Finger
11) Scapegoat
12) Samsara
13) Scum Of The Earth
14) Your Days Are Numbered

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Deftones NEW video for "Beauty School"

Sacramento's deftones have a new video for the song "Beauty School". Directed by 13thWitness, the video features shots of the band performing live and plenty of behind the scenes footage.

"Beauty School" is one of the tracks from the deftones' latest release titled "Diamond Eyes" (released on May 4 via Warner). "Diamond Eyes" sold 62,000 copies in the US in its first week and debuted at the Number 6 position on The Billboard 200 chart. "Diamond Eyes" is the deftones first album, since their bassist Chi Cheng had a horrific car accident on November 4, 2008. The accident left him in a comatose state.

Without further due, here is the brand new deftones video for their song "Beauty School":

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The Mistery Behind the Return of Black Sabbath

Yesterday we announced that the original members of Black Sabbath (Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, and Bill Ward) are working on a new studio album (The Return Of Black Sabbath). After hearing the news, guitar legend Tony Iommi made the following statement on his website.

"I'm saddened that a Birmingham journalist whom I trusted has chosen this point in time to take a conversation we had back in June and make it sound like we spoke yesterday about a Black Sabbath reunion. I hope he's enjoyed his moment of glory, he won't have another at my expense. To my old pals, Ozzy, Geezer and Bill, sorry about this, I should have known better."

If you look carefully at Iommi's statement about the reformation of Black Sabbath, he doesn't deny or confirm the allegations.

Today, the Birmingham Mail posted a conversation with Iommi’s manager, Ralph Baker, which suggests the idea of a Black Sabbath reunion still being alive.

"We haven’t got anything in place," said Baker. "He’s not denying that the guys have been talking," before rudely adding "A very insignificant little website [Metal Talk] put something out about Sabbath getting back together and being in the Midlands. That’s why Tony’s p----d off, because the story would have died a death."

So will there be a new Black Sabbath album in 2012? Lets keep our fingers crossed and our HORNS UP!

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Chimaira Unleash NEW Studio Album - "The Age Of Hell"

Chimaira are by far one of the most underrated Heavy Music bands of the last decade. However, this has never stopped the Ohio maniacs from punishing their worldwide fans with ferocious albums. Today, they are unleashing their sixth studio album and if you listen to it you will realize that even though they underwent some lineup changes, their music still possesses Chimaira's signature sound. You can listen to the entire record below, courtesy of AOL Music.

The record has been released with a DVD containing an intimate in depth interview with the band as well. "The Age Of Hell" will be the band's newest release since "The Infection" which was released in 2009.

"Words can't express what it took to create this album. We hope you love it as much as we do. Turn it up loud, this is Chimaira at it's finest." says frontman Mark Hunter.

In case you missed it, here is Chimaira's brand new music video for the track "Year Of The Snake"!

Here is the official album teaser for the "The Age Of Hell".

Track-listing of The Age Of Hell:

1) The Age Of Hell
2) Clockwork
3) Losing My Mind
4) Time Is Running Out
5) Year Of The Snake
6) Beyond The Grave
7) Born In Blood
8) Stoma
9) Powerless
10) Trigger Finger
11) Scapegoat
12) Samsara
13) Scum Of The Earth
14) Your Days Are Numbered

Chimaira is:

- Mark Hunter (Vocals)
- Rob Arnold (Lead Guitar)
- Matt DeVries (Guitar)
- Emil Werstler (Bass)
- Sean Z (Keys)
- Austin D'Amond (Drums)

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The Return of Black Sabbath's Original Lineup!

Today is a great day for all headbangers of the world! Heavy Metal pioneers Black Sabbath have announced that the original lineup composing of Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, and Bill Ward, have reformed and are already working on a new studio album! Fans can expect a new Black Sabbath record in 2011, and it will be the bands first album together since 1978's "Never Say Die!" This is what guitar legend Tony Iommi had to say about this historic reunion.

"We’re really looking forward to it and I think the stuff we’ve been writing is really good. It’s more back to the old original stuff."

As you all may recall, the band's original lineup had previously reunited in the late 1990s to record a new studio album with producer Rick Rubin, but the recording sessions were halted because of Ozzy's solo album. As a result, the band went on an indefinite hiatus. This is how the reunion of the three remaining members of Black Sabbath with Ronnie James Dio came to life, but was concluded when Ronnie passed away from cancer in May 16, 2010.

At the moment the band is only focusing on the studio album and has not announced any touring plans, mainly because drummer Bill Ward suffered a heart attack during the bands rehearsals for the reunion tour in 1998. "He hasn’t been 100 per cent. He had an operation a few months ago, so we’ll see how he is," commented Iommi.

Lets all throw our HORNS UP for Black Sabbath! We personally can't wait for a NEW Sabbath album!

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Kittie Video Premiere - "Empires"

Canadian Heavy Music band Kittie have completed production of their sixth studio album titled "I've Failed You" (to be released on August 30th, 2011 via eOne Music), and they have announced that their Official CD Release show will take place at the Highline Ballroom in New York City at the No Mercy Metal Showcase on Tuesday, August 30th. Joining Kittie that night will be Dirge Within, Diamond Plate, Alekhine's Gun and Fall of the Albatross.

As the Canadian ladies of Kittie prepare to unleash the beast once again, today they are premiering a brand new video for their song "Empires" produced by the multi-talented David Brodsky from My Good Eye Productions.

"'Empires (Part 2)' is the second half, and more frantic portion of a two part idea. Part 1 is the acoustic calm before the storm while Part 2 is a full on hurricane. The subject matter likens a union or relationship to the idea of a great empire and as history has taught us; even the most mighty and powerful of empires crumble and fall eventually. Nothing is forever." - Morgan Lander (Front Woman)

The band recently debuted the first single entitled "We Are The Lamb" which can be heard below. "'We Are The Lamb is the first single and is about as musically devastating as we get. It is a tale of self sacrifice, to give those you love a chance to grow and learn to live for themselves. I cannot express to you how proud of this album we are. 'I've Failed You' is real, honest, angry and ugly" concludes Lander.

Track Listing:

1. I've Failed You
2. We Are The Lamb
3. Whisper of Death
4. What Have I Done
5. Empires (Part 1)
6. Empires (Part 2)
7. Come Undone
8. Already Dead
9. Never Come Home
10. Ugly
11. Time Never Heals


\m/ 8/16 Sauget, IL. - Pop's
\m/ 8/19 Columbus, OH. - Al Rosa Villa
\m/ 8/20 Lake Odessa, MI. - Carnival Of Chaos
\m/ 8/21 Battle Creek, MI. - Planet Live
\m/ 8/24 Cleveland, OH. - Peabody's
\m/ 8/25 Syracuse, NY - Lost Horizon
\m/ 8/26 Clifton Park, NY. - Northern Lights
\m/ 8/27 Allentown, PA. - Crocodile Rock
\m/ 8/28 Clifton, NJ. - Dingbatz
\m/ 8/30 New York, NY. - Highline Ballroom (NO MERCY METAL SHOWCASE)
\m/ 8/31 Springfield, VA. - Jaxx
\m/ 9/1 Fayetteville, NC - Jesters
\m/ 9/2 Jacksonville, NC - Hooligans
\m/ 9/3 Spartanburg, SC. - Ground Zero
\m/ 9/4 Atlanta, GA. - Masquerade
\m/ 9/7 Houston, TX. - Scout Bar
\m/ 9/8 San Antonio, TX. - Backstage Live
\m/ 9/9 Dallas, TX. - Trees
\m/ 9/10 Lubbock, TX. - Jake's
\m/ 9/12 Farmington, NM. - Top Deck
\m/ 9/13 Tempe, AZ. - Clubhouse
\m/ 9/14 Los Angeles, CA. - The Whisky
\m/ 9/15 Anaheim, CA. - Chain Reaction
\m/ 9/16 Santa Clara, CA. - Avalon
\m/ 9/17 Orangevale, CA. - Boardwalk
\m/ 9/20 Denver, CO. - Marquis Theater
\m/ 9/21 Colorado Springs, CO. - Black Sheep

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The Horns Up Rocks Mayhem Fest Video Coverage!

The 2011 Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival came to a close yesterday at the Cruzan Ampitheatre in West Palm Beach, Florida. These years festival featured:

For the first time ever the opening act of the main stage was rotated throughout the tour, so some of us got to see Machine Head and some of us got to see Trivium opening the main stage. For most the real action was on the second stages sponsored by Revolver Magazine and Jägermeister, simply because the lineup on both stages was composed of hard hitting bands that could easily be "headliners". The only downfall of the festival was the fact that In Flames had to pull out from the festival due to a family emergency.

Horns Up Rocks covered the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival in Hartford, Connecticut, where we interviewed members of Megadeth, Machine Head, Trivium, In Flames, Unearth, Kingdom Of Sorrow, and Straight Line Stitch. Here is our exclusive video coverage!

Photo libraries:

Library 1 - Second Stages (In Flames, Machine Head, Unearth, Suicide Silence & Kingdom Of Sorrow)

Library 2 - Main Stage (Megadeth, Disturbed & Godsmack)

Special thanks to Steve Lars, Paul Sosa, Adrenaline PR, all the bands, and of course Rockstar Energy Drink for organizing this killer event year after year.


Video and Photo credit: Steve Lars from Creative Ventures International

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Warrant's Jani Lane (RIP) "That Metal Show" Appearance

As we all know, Warrant's singer Jani Lane was found dead on Thursday (August 11, 2011) in a hotel in Los Angeles. The cause of death is inconclusive after the initial autopsy was performed this Friday; toxicology results will only be available in two months. We want to send our condolences to Jani Lane's family, friends and fans.

Jani Lane was part of the eighth season of VH1 Classic's That Metal Show. It was announced yesterday that the network has decided to push the broadcast forward and instead of it airing on October 1st, it will air on Saturday, August 27th. Also appearing on this episode will Michael Sweet (Stryper) and Taime Downe (Faster Pussycat). This is what Sweet had to say about the passing of Jani Lane.

"I'm still in shock over the sudden passing of Jani. I was just sitting in a dressing room with him less than a month ago. Had I known, I would have spent more time with him. He was a good-hearted guy with a gentle soul. I know he had a tough life and many battles, but who doesn't? He seemed to be genuinely working so hard at sorting things out and getting things in order. It's a true shame."

REST IN PEACE Jani, the entire Heavy Music community will miss you! \m/

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