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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Legendary Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul recently talked to "Artisan News Service" about the upcoming 20th-anniversary deluxe edition of PANTERA's classic "Cowboys From Hell". Which was also their major-label debut, and changed Heavy Metal forever.

Pantera released a previously un-released song titled "The Will To Survive" earlier this week on their Official Pantera Facebook Page. The song was part of the Cowboys From Hell demos. Right now you can also have your own "Cowboys From Hell" listening party.

Make sure you warn your neighbors! Here are the songs included on this listening fiesta:

- Cowboys From Hell - Disc 1
- Psycho Holiday - Disc 1
- The Art Of Shredding - Disc 1
- Cemetery Gates (Live) - Disc 2
- Primal Concrete Sledge (Live) - Disc 2
- Heresy (Live) - Disc 2
- Shattered (Demo) - Disc 3
- Message In Blood (Demo) - Disc 3
- Domination (Demo) - Disc 3

PANTERA listening party (QuickTime)
PANTERA listening party (Windows Media)

To celebrate the 20-year anniversary of "Cowboys From Hell", Pantera is offering a limited edition, web-store exclusive box set. This box set contains merchandise only available in the band's official web-store! Here is what this box set contains:

- Cowboys from Hell Logo Flask
- Belt Buckle Bottle Opener
- Cowboys from Hell Exclusive T-Shirt
- 4 Piece Guitar Pick Set
- Cowboys from Hell 20th Anniversary Expanded CD

All items come in a Texas Shaped Collector’s Box! You can purchase it right here!

The "Deluxe" and "Expanded" editions of "Cowboys From Hell" will be released on September 14th at all retail outlets. This special editions will also be sold on Pantera's Official site and on Rhino Entertainment's site. The "Deluxe Edition" will be available for a suggested list price of $29.98 (hard copy) and $17.99 (digital copy) and the "Expanded Edition" for $19.98 (hard copy) and $12.99 (digital copy).

The "Cowboys From Hell" 20th-anniversary reissue track listing:

Disc One - Ultimate, Deluxe, and Expanded Editions

01. Cowboys From Hell
02. Primal Concrete Sledge
03. Psycho Holiday
04. Heresy
05. Cemetery Gates
06. Domination
07. Shattered
08. Clash With Reality
09. Medicine Man
10. Message In Blood
11. The Sleep
12. The Art Of Shredding

Disc Two - Ultimate, Deluxe, and Expanded Editions

01. Domination (live) *
02. Psycho Holiday (live) *
03. The Art Of Shredding (live) *
04. Cowboys From Hell (live) *
05. Cemetery Gates (live) *
06. Primal Concrete Sledge (live) *
07. Heresy (live) *
08. Domination (live, "Alive And Hostile" EP) †
09. Primal Concrete Sledge (live, "Alive And Hostile" EP) †
10. Cowboys From Hell (live, "Alive And Hostile" EP) †
11. Heresy (live, "Alive And Hostile" EP) †
12. Psycho Holiday (live, "Alive And Hostile" EP) †

Disc Three - Ultimate and Deluxe Editions Only

01. The Will To Survive *
02. Shattered (demo) *
03. Cowboys From Hell (demo) *
04. Heresy (demo) *
05. Cemetery Gates (demo) *
06. Psycho Holiday (demo) *
07. Medicine Man (demo) *
08. Message In Blood (demo) *
09. Domination (demo) *
10. The Sleep (demo) *
11. The Art Of Shredding (demo) *

* Previously unreleased
† Unreleased in the U.S.

FINALLY, here is the chat with Vinnie Paul:

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Desi Sanchez: Education, Passion & Action!

Desi Sanchez (born Adesina Sanchez) is one of the most dedicated and passionate media personalities in the entertainment industry. Not only does Desi proudly represent the Latino culture here in the United States, but she is also leaving a mark in music, fashion and culture. This is why we decided to interview Desi about her past, her present and her future. We predict that Desi will become one of the top media personalities in the United States within the next 5 years. At the moment she is hosting three TV shows, she is working on her musical sound, and smiling at life. She is also a visual artist and an actress. If you are familiar with Desi, you know that she can make people smile within seconds with her radiant energy.

Desi broke into the entertainment industry when she joined American Latino TV's "Latination" in 2005. Ever since then, she has been working non stop on her skills. She recently became the face of MTV 2, simply because she has phenomenal talent and she is a pleasure to watch on television. Good interviewer, great personality and plenty of latino fire.

If you wonder how Desi became a successful TV personality? The answer is discipline and determination. She is constantly taking classes to better herself, because mediocrity has never been accepted in the Sanchez household. Without further due, here is the interview we conducted with the "brightest smile" in the entertainment industry!

Photography by:
Desi Sanchez
Carlos Ayalo
Rod Savant

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Hixonfest 2010: RECAP

When The Hixon performed with Charred Walls of the Damned this past July at The Gramercy theater here in New York City, we discussed with the band the idea of having their annual Hixonfest take place in the big apple. At the time it was just an idea we had, but soon we started making all the arrangements necessary to make Hixonfest 2010 happen. Together with Jefferson Avenue Productions we delivered a true night of Heavy Metal, here is what went down.

It all started around 7 o'clock, on a perfect Friday night. As soon as the doors opened and Jo Schüftan (Horns Up Rocks founder) started blasting Pantera's "Domination" through the PA, the party was started! People started strolling into Ace of Clubs as Lies Beneath were getting ready to perform at Hixonfest 2010. Our host for the evening Richard Christy (Howard Stern Show and Charred Walls of the Damned), was sipping on cold beer and greeting all those who approached him. Around 8:30 Lies Beneath took over Ace of Clubs, and during the next half hour the crowd indulged their ears into some crushing Heavy Metal.

Around 9 o'clock, the event promoters Jo Schüftan (Horns Up Rocks) and Tim Strohsnitter (Jefferson Avenue Productions) welcomed everyone to Hixonfest 2010. Then they introduced Richard Christy who immediately made everyone laugh and pointed out how awesome it was to host an event celebrating The Hixon and all things Metal. After his comedy act and some more music was blasted through the PA, Richard introduced the band Canons from Long Island. The band played a good half hour of uncompromised music, which lead into Frankie Scorpions' "Crown Ink Divas" model search. During that time she presented the crowd with a handful of tattooed sexy girls, and she even introduced model and actress Danielle Darkko to the crowd. She then welcomed CEO of Wyld Chyld Tattoo Billy Deluso on stage, and the crowd picked the "Crown Ink Diva" of the night.

Then Richard Christy returned to the stage and Frankie mentioned how sexy his Metal voice is. He then proceeded to introduce the headliners of the night, The mighty Hixon from South Jersey. The band took center stage and for the next hour, Ace of Clubs was a headbangers heaven, and a parents nightmare. We were very stoked to see the crowds response, and it made us very proud to prove that Heavy Metal in New York City is very much alive. It was also very Metal to see sexy girls dancing on the strip pole, while The Hixon crushed Ace of Clubs. After a short ear break for the attendees, the all female Judas Priest tribute band Judas Priestess, were ready to keep the party rolling.

Judas Priestess came to Ace of Clubs with an ass kicking mentality! This phenomenal band always makes the guys head-bang their heads off their bodies, and the girls shake their booties out of control (specially if there is a strip pole involved). They had every single Judas Priest song perfectly crafted, and proved why Rob Halford gave them his seal of approval. As music promoter and music expert Tim Martinez (A.K.A. DJ Tim No 37) mentioned to us: "Judas Priestess is the best tribute band I have ever seen."

Right before the last band of the night known as Sealed With a Kiss took center stage, Tim from Jefferson Avenue Productions raffled 2 Slayer tickets for American Carnage (featuring Slayer, Megadeth & Anthrax), a poster signed by Howard Stern and his Sirius XM crew, a box of music courtesy of Tones of Death, and a magazine package courtesy of Revolver Magazine and Royal Flush Magazine. Then Sealed With a Kiss finished the night on a very high note.

We want to thank all the kick ass bands that performed (The Hixon, Judas Priestess, Lies Beneath, Canons & S.W.A.K.), all of you who attended, our host Richard Christy for being such an awesome guy, Frankie Scorpion and the Crown Ink Divas, Wyld Chyld Tattoo, Jose Mangin and everyone at Sirius XM, Josh Bernstein from Revolver Magazine and Royal Flush Magazine, Liz Snair from Tones of Death, Ace of Clubs, our videographer Justin Hawkins, our photographers Steve Ventura and Tracy Alison, and of course our partners in musical crime: Jefferson Avenue Productions. See you next year for Hixonfest 2011.

Here are some quotes that summarize Hixonfest 2010:

"I am very THANKFUL for all the people who traveled to get to the NYC Hixonfest, but the long distance award goes to Hal Strong! He took the red eye in from California and made it to the Hixonfest!" - Marc Hixon (THE HIXON)

"Thank you so much for everything last night! I have a pretty brutal hangover today, but it was well worth it!" - Richard Christy (Howard Stern Show & Charred Walls of the Damned)

"Hixonfest was an awesome badass night for METAL in NYC! Kudos to all involved for making it happen and all the great people who showed up for some righteous headbanging! Thanks for having Judas Priestess on the bill! XOXO" - JUDAS PRIESTESS

"Thanks so much to everyone who attended Hixonfest 2010! NYC always Welcomes The Hixon With Open Arms & Bangin' Heads! Great Crowd Last Night!" - Flip Martorano (The Hixon)

"Great time last night! Good to see friends both new and old rocking out and having fun. Awesome music, great people... JOB WELL DONE!" - Jessica (Alekhine's Gun)

"ROCK ON! Hixonfest 2010 NYC was badass! Loved every minute of it! The show was electric and you guys were on it 100%!" - Hal Strong (California)

"Definitely what the Metal Community needed. Saw a lot of familiar faces and perfect for networking and just having a good time!" - Jeff Martinez (DESOLATE & Alekhine's Gun)

"Hixonfest was fucking phenomenal! The most and best fun I've had in a long time! Keep it brutal and massive! \M/ - Talya (New York)

"Amazing time at Hixonfest 2010! It was my first and certainly won't be my last... the bands, the tattoo modeling contest, the bartender being a Phillies fan... loved it all!! CANNOT WAIT FOR Hixonfest 2011!" - Evelyn (Albany)

"Great atmosphere! Had a wonderful time, great bands, fun contests! Looking foward to next year. This is what the metal community is all about! :)" - Jessica (New Jersey)

Photographer: Tracy Alison

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

No Mercy Metal: Episode 3

The underground Heavy Music scene is going through very exciting times here in New York City. There are a vast amount of young up and coming bands that have a crushing sound, and the fans are starting to notice this. One of the top reasons why we started Horns Up Rocks is because we know how hungry both the bands and the fans are for something new and original. I think collectively, the Heavy Music fans are getting tired of the same musical equation. So we predict some very interesting times for the Heavy Music scene here in New York City.

The third edition of No Mercy Metal Showcase (brought to you by Gotham Rocks, Tech-9 Music and Tim No 37) will take place on Thursday September 2nd at Crash Mansion in New York City. You are all invited!

There will be 7 killer bands performing. Here are the details:

DATE: Thursday September 2nd
LOCATION: Crash Mansion
ADDRESS: 199 Bowery Street (@Spring Street)
New York, NY 10002

7:45 One Hit Kills

8:30 Metalfier - Metalfier is a NYC Heavy Metal band formed in 2001 by Andrew Janda guitars/vocals. Music/Lyrics written by Andrew Janda

9:15 Impuria - Impuria Is Ready to emerge in the Music scene as a unique sounding and exciting Live Presence.

10:00 Flames Of Fury - Blowing everyone away with their extreme mix of power, speed, thrash, epic, doom, black, symphonic, traditional, & modern metal styles.

10:45 Suspyre - Formed in 2001, Suspyre’s brand of melodic metal can be attributed to the band members' wide range of influences. These talented, young musicians from New Jersey have discovered an energetic and gifted way of combining progressive rock and symphonic metal with classical and jazz fusion.

11:30 Eyes Like Cyanide - A Hardworking,New York based metal band with all the trimmings.

12:15 Fall of the Albatr - Incorporating sexy jazz interludes, intense latin rhythms, emotionally driven rock riffs,and a strange, but witty sense of humor, Fall Of The Albatross manages to create metal that is eclectic and enjoyable for the open-minded listener.-

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