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Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Recap with Jose Mangin

When we were planning our end of the year recap, we had a full bag of ideas. However, the last thing we wanted to do was to use old content, simply because this is the formula that most media outlets use. Luckily, we were able to create exactly what we think you deserve. We truly believe that this is the best recap you will see when it comes to Heavy Metal in 2010.

Here at Horns Up Rocks we've been very lucky to be at the right place, at the right time. As a matter of fact, the majority of our content was gathered with a simple formula: connect with the artist, be honest with the artist, and never script the interviews. This is a skill we learned from the "Voice of Metal": Jose Mangin from Sirius XM Liquid Metal and MTV's Headbangers Ball!

And who better then Jose to tell you about the most important moments in Heavy Metal in 2010, the most important albums, the Most Valuable Players, and even some pretty cool behind the scene moments!

With this video, which will be our last one for 2010, we want to wish you all an amazing 2011 and remember to keep the Horns WAY Up! Be safe, because we need every single one of you in the Army of Chaos! And remember: If it's getting too loud, you are getting too old!

Special thanks to Jose Mangin for his endless support and for keeping Heavy Music stronger than all for over 10 years! \m/

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

FEAR FACTORY forced to postpone tour!

The mighty Fear Factory, who released what we consider to be the album of the year with "Mechanized", were forced to postpone their short stretch of shows here in the United States due to a family emergency. The tour was suppose to start today and end on January 8th.

Fear Factory had a bittersweet year in 2010: Earlier this year they toured with Metallica in Australia, New Zealand and Japan (SWEET); at the end of their UK tour their bus caught fire (BITTER). Stay tuned for more news about Fear Factory!

In case you were planning on catching this tour, the best we can do to cheer you up, is to share with you some live footage we took of the band earlier this year! \m/


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

NEW CROWBAR VIDEO - The Cemetery Angels

When we recently saw Crowbar groove the hell out of Santos Party House here in New York City, little did we know that they were taping parts of their latest video at this epic show. The name of the song is "The Cemetery Angels", which is the first single out of the new Crowbar record titled "Sever The Wicked Hand" (February 8th - E1 Music), and its a balls out jam with lots of groove. Buckle up and check it out!

Here is a video interview we did with Kirk Windstein right after the show, which also includes awesome life footage!

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VOD NEW Album Update!

Long Island's most successful Hardcore band in history, is lining up a very interesting 2011. Vision Of Disorder recently performed at the Best Buy Theater in Times Square New York, along with Life Of Agony, Biohazard, and Seventh Void. The band brought its uncompromised attitude and did what they do best: get the crowd off their feet and into the pit. It is extremely hard for any band to follow Vision Of Disorder, because the band wont let anyone sit or stand still.

From the moment they got on stage and teased the crowd with some Black Sabbath, we knew it was going to be a legendary performance. By the time they played their legendary song "Element", the venue was pretty much packed and going ape shit. The band continued their set without any interruptions, because singer Tim Williams does not like standing still and blabbering about stupid shit. This is evident when we have interviewed him for Horns Up Rocks.

We absolutely believe that 2011 is going to be a phenomenal year for Vision Of Disorder, not only because the band sounds better then ever, but because after taking an extended musical break, the band is on the proper head space to return with full force. Want to find out more about what's in store for VOD in 2011? Check out this video interview we did with singer Tim Williams backstage at the Best Buy Theater, while Life Of Agony was performing.

We want to thank Tim Williams and Vision Of Disorder for their continuous support, and Brenna and Dan for granting us access at the show. Special thanks to Evil Steve for his camera work, and to Simi Friedman for the killer pictures. \m/

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IMPRINTED by Jo Schüftan (Founder of Horns Up Rocks)

Monday, December 27, 2010

MADBALL Sets It off!

The Kings of New York Hardcore played a mean set at The Studio at Webster Hall on December 19th. The Hardcore titans celebrated the release of their latest offering “Empire” (released on October 10th), as part of the "East Coast Empire tour". Joining Madball were openers Incendiary, Lionheart and Bitter End. This was the last show of the tour.

As soon as Freddy Cricien, Hoya Roc, Mitts, and fill-in drummer Ben Dussault (ex-Throwdown) stepped on stage, the crowd went wild. The "kids" were hungry for some Hardcore, the real deal Hardcore that has been Madball's trademark since 1988. Madball performed a devastating set that had the whole floor shaking like an earthquake.

Despite of flaws from the sound guy at the beginning of the set, the action was non-stop. From the moment they kicked off their set with their classic song "Set It Off" (which you can view below), all the way to their classic staple shout "Hardcore Still Lives", Madball brought the beat-down. Freddy Madball and company know their roots and their fan base, proof of this is when they sing in Spanish, these tracks always sound the hardest! Just saying.

The new tracks from "Empire" were very well-received and had the audience singing and swinging hard, specially to "All or Nothing" (the band recently recorded a video for this song in Brooklyn), and "R.A.H.C. (Real American Hardcore)": an instant anthem that hopefully will stick to their already violently classic setlist.

Madball have nothing to prove at this point in their career. Their music and legacy speaks for itself. The bruisers live, and they won’t go out without a fight.

We want to thank Madball for so many years of amazing music, and for supporting Horns Up Rocks since day 1! Huge shout-out to Cuz Joe from Black N Blue Productions for putting this epic show together! \m/

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INKED by Javier Samaniego

Kids LOVE Metal!

The most important thing in life is family! Without the love, support, and respect from our families, we are inexistent. Sometimes we tend to take our family for granted, because we are too “busy” with insignificant events. Recently, our founder Jo Schüftan interviewed his daughter Sheila for “Saturday Morning Metal with Kara Pain”, which is a new show on Sirius XM Liquid Metal. The segment aired on Christmas day!

Sheila’s radio career started when she was a tiny little girl. Actually, her first words were broadcasted on WQKE 93.9 (SUNY Plattsburgh radio station) to the inmates of Clinton County Jail. Jo would usually bring Sheila to his weekly program called “The Kings Of Chaos”. This is how Sheila learned about bands like Black Sabbath, which is still her favorite band! Sheila’s first metallic words included: OZZY, SLAYER, and of course METAL!!!

Today we present to you a video produced by Jo, dedicated to his daughter Sheila. The video features the radio segment, along with a showcase of Sheila’s many talents (acting, dancing, snowboarding, swimming, wall climbing, fighting, playing the violin, making sand castles).

We want to thank the Liquid Metal crew for their continuous support and dedication to the Heavy Music scene. After ten years of carrying the torch and helping to spread the word worldwide! It is safe to assume that they are the most important Media Outlet in the world, when it comes to Heavy Music.

Here is the video! Dedicated to Jo's familia and his gorgeous bad-ass daughter Sheila! If you want to go On Air with your kid(s), email Kara Pain at kara@siriusxm.com

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IMPRINTED by Jo Schüftan (Founder of Horns Up Rocks)