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Saturday, November 20, 2010

MADBALL video shoot for "All or Nothing"

New York Hardcore bosses Madball, will be taping a video for their song called "All or Nothing" and they want YOU there! "All or Nothing" is taken from their latest album titled "Empire", and talks about giving all your best in life no matter what challenges life throws at you.

Here are all the details:
Date: Friday November 26th
Time: 5 PM SHARP
Location: Southpaw Brooklyn: 125 Fifth Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11217

Listen to "All or Nothing" right now!

Here is a series that Blank TV produced for Madball:

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Revitalize the Scene Compilation

Listen up! Are you in a band and want to get your music heard by hundreds of people? "Revitalize the Scene" are offering a great opportunity for bands to have 1 track on 200 Compilation Discs that they will be distributing at the Shadows Fall DVD Release Party (with Thy Will Be Done) at Santos Party House on December 18th.

Confirmed bands set to appear on this disc are:

THY WILL BE DONE (Stillborn Records)
HELL WITHIN (Thorp Records)
FIRST BLOOD (Bullet Tooth)
AGE OF END (RTS Contest Winner)

Here are the details:
- $25 to get your band's 1 track on these discs.
- With the 200 Disc Compilations they we will be sending each band 2 copies and they guarantee that they will post photos online of the promotion or you get your money back!

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

TOMMY VEXT Benefit show

Tommy "Vext" Cummings has always represented Heavy Music in an honest way, he might be too honest for some bands to be able to handle him, but this is what makes him a true New York musician. Regardless of why he left Divine Heresy and Snot, Tommy is a talented singer who wont be retiring anytime soon. Unfortunately, his new project with guitarist Doc Coyle from God Forbid was put to a halt when he was viciously attacked by his own brother. Here is an extract of a recent interview with Tommy (courtesy of Metal Insider) explaining what happened that horrific day.

"On the evening of September 19th I was leaving my apartment in Brooklyn to visit my sister and was struck over the back of my head from behind during an attempted robbery. I fell and turned around and was struck again with a crowbar. The metal bar broke my left arm and this is when I saw my attacker. A 6’1, 320 pound man covered in dirt & blood. It was my estranged brother. Homeless, intoxicated and desperate, he repeatedly hit me on the back and sides with the weapon as I tried to shield myself from the blows. I managed to get on my feet and throw him off of me. I took off to a neighbors house and called 911. The ambulance arrived and I was rushed to the Hospital. After multiple X-rays & MRI’s, the doctors found I had a fractured skull and broken arm. I was discharged the next day. Because my attacker had not been apprehended I was staying with a friend in Manhattan during the first few days of my recovery. Four days after the incident, I collapsed in a Manhattan restaurant and was rushed back to the Hospital. This time the doctors found I had been internally bleeding since the 19th and now my spleen had ruptured. I went into emergency surgery at Cornell Hospital where my spleen was removed and I received a blood transfusion."

On Sunday November 28, thanks to Doc Coyle (God Forbid) and Ria Katz (Santos Party House), God Forbid, Mutiny Within, Dead Men Dreaming, Timeless, Human Decline, The Judas Syndrome, Empyreon and a Great Day To Die, will take center stage at Santos Party House in order to help Tommy collect some funds to help cover his medical bills. If you live in the tri-state area, you have absolutely no reason or excuse to not come to this show. Lets proof the world that the Heavy Music community always rises to the occasion! \m/


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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

#200: Tribute to the Horns Up Rocks CHICAS

In the last few years, life changing events took place in the life of Jo Schuftan (founder of Horns Up Rocks). After lots of hardship and some very trying times, he strongly gripped all the challenges thrown at him by life, and decided it was time to follow his passion for all things Heavy! Next thing you know, he creates a web movement called Horns Up Rocks and with perseverance, hard work and attitude, he single handily takes over the New York City Heavy Music scene. At the time some were skeptic about his creation, but he knew that the timing was perfect and that the underground music scene needed a jump start.

Today Horns Up Rocks is proud to bring you post number 200! After hearing some horror stories from some of our female fans, who have been victims of some loser stalkers, we decided to pay tribute to them. One of our missions since day 1 was to empower women worldwide! Horns Up Rocks thanks all the women who have contributed to the Heavy Music scene, you all bring in so much talent and have helped to revitalize the scene. We salute all the women that make a difference on a daily basis. All the musicians, models, promoters, artists, photographers/videographers, radio and television hosts, and of course all of you who support Horns Up Rocks! Thanks for keeping the scene alive and sexy! You can always count on us, and to proof this here is a VERY special tribute to all of you! \m/

Special thanks to Flames Of Fury for letting us use their song "Save Yourself".

Here are some interviews we have done this year with some very talented women! Enjoy!

Want to become a HORNS UP ROCKS Chica? Send us your images to info@hornsuprocks.com! \m/

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cavalera Conspiracy: Blunt Force Trauma

The mighty Cavalera Conspiracy (featuring the Cavalera brothers) announced today the title of their second album: "Blunt Force Trauma".

This will be the follow up to their 2008 epic release titled "Inflikted", an album which marked the reunion of Max and Iggor Cavalera. The Cavalera's had parted ways when Max left Sepultura in 1996. The Cavalera siblings co-founded Sepultura in 1984. Brazils' Sepultura (grave in Portuguese) redefined and established Heavy Metal outside of the United States and Europe. After Max left the band due to internal problems, the 2 brothers parted ways and didn't talk to each other for over 10 years. After Dimebag's death, Max and Iggor joined forces at the annual "D-Low Memorial Festival". At the event they were unable to refuse/resist the impact of their musical bond and Iggor joined Max on stage and together they jammed some Sepultura songs. Next thing you know, the brothers started Cavalera Conspiracy. The band also features New Jersey's shredder Marc Rizzo (Soulfly), and Johnny Chow on the low end.

Blunt Force Trauma is due out on March 28th via Roadrunner Records. Here is the track listing:

1 - Warlord
2 - Torture
3 - Lynch Mob
4 - Killing Inside
5 - Thrasher
6 - I Speak Hate
7 - Target
8 - Genghis Khan
9 - Burn Waco
10 - Rasputin
11 - Blunt Force Trauma

Click to listen to BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA!

Cavalera Conspiracy was on the media spotlight once they released "Inflikted", one big feature was the brothers on the cover of Metal Edge Magazine in an homage to The Blues Brothers. The album was also an instant hit on Sirius XM Liquid Metal that year. "Inflikted" was described as "gobsmackingly violent" and Outburn mused, "If only all family reunions could be this awesome!"

Below is a further sampling of what the press had to say about Cavalera Conspiracy and "Inflikted":

"The brothers who formed Sepultura, putting Brazil on the global metal map in the process, have reunited-personally and professionally-after more than a decade of acrimony, and their new album is a ferocious homecoming indeed." --Revolver, May 2008

"The fruit of their labor, Inflikted, is an explosive flashback to the remorseless thrash and primal groove-metal Sepultura created with 1991's Arise and 1993's Chaos A.D. Although the songs were arranged and recorded quickly, Inflikted sounds neither hastily executed nor incomplete. There's an almost telekinetic connection between Max's riffing and Iggor's drumming-the kind of chemistry that comes only from musicians who learned to play together and honed their craft through years of studio sessions and live shows." --Artist Direct

"From straightforward pummeling death metal to more complex and technical songs, Cavalera Conspiracy hits on all cylinders." --About.com

"For metalheads far and wide, it's nice knowing the Cavaleras are tight again and sounding perhaps better than ever on Inflikted." --MTV News, April 2008

"Inflikted combines the best elements of Soulfly and Sepultura. There's lots of tribal drum beats, and the guitars are fast 'n thrashy." --Hit Parader, March/April 2008

"The band mixes the old with the new to create something fresh." --My City Buzz.com

"Cavalera Conspiracy is not a mercy project, nor is it about cashing in. It's about bringing the metal back." --Ink

"No doubt this will be remembered as one of the most important heavy music releases of 2008, and quite possibly ever." --ARTIST direct

"Given Inflikted's overall high standards, the Cavalera Conspiracy may be around for a while." --All Music

So on March of 2011, you have an appointment with the Cavalera brothers, as they release the second album by their band Cavalera Conspiracy! Why pick it up? Because it will have more impact then a "Blunt Force Trauma" to the head!

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Death-Mas 2010

In the past year, the New York Heavy Music scene has experienced an explosion in the growth of it's talent. This year has also been very interesting for Horns Up Rocks, to say the least. What started as an "experiment", is quickly becoming a full blown musical movement. To celebrate New York's musical accomplishments in 2010, we have joined forces with New York's fun-band King Hell to bring you "Death-Mas 2010"!

On December 4th, Brooklyn's Trash Bar will host a line-up featuring 6 of the most exciting bands of today's underground music scene. Additionally, Jo Schuftan (founder of Horns Up Rocks) will be on hand to host and DJ the event. Horns Up Rocks has been at the forefront of the heavy music scene in New York City, helping to promote new music and revive a passion for old-school metal. Additionally, Odd Man In will be celebrating the release of their new album!

Here are all the details:

Date and time: Saturday, December 4th 2010 at 8pm

Location: The Trash Bar, 289 Grand St. in Brooklyn NY, 11211


Odd Man In: "A tantalizing blend of thrashing riffs and gracious melodies, served up with a dose of humor and a dash of bitter, here for your education and entertainment. To know us is to fucking love us, okay?" -ODD MAN IN

IkillYa: "Our mission is to create heavy music that is exciting to play, forces us each to grow as artists, and elicits raw emotion from the listener. We write from the desperate need for others to hear us and, frankly, play because we are genetically compelled to. Our new EP Recon is a collection of warning shots assembled from our first adventures as a complete unit. Each song represents a point in our mutation and a glimpse at what is yet to come. Recon is the beginning of the war for our lives." -IKILLYA

King Hell: "Metallica meets Parliament, it’s King Hell—the Epic Defenders of Metal and Funk! With dual, dynamo front-men, epic guitar, and earthquake inducing bass and drums, King Hell's groove-infused classic metal and relentless live show come with a money-back guarantee to tear the roof off the joint, burn the house down, and make audiences dance 'round the flames—and their new CD Rhythm & Bruise makes good on their sworn, solemn vow to deliver pure rock ecstasy wherever it is needed." -KING HELL

The World Lost: "World Lost's music can be compared to the thrill of being buffeted by a Category 1 hurricane. There is no thin, peep of a sound here- the music has a full sound with crisp drums, surgically precise guitars, smooth and groovy bass lines, and vocals reminiscent of the two Phil's (Anselmo and Rind) as well as Kirk from Crowbar." -DELAWARE METAL

Thinning The Herd: "Thinning the Herd was formed in a cloud of smoke, within a recessed canyon deep inside your mind. The originating members (Tapper/Spielman) met in high school -- years later forming the songwriting union known as THINNING THE HERD." -THINNING THE HERD

Death Immortal: "Launching in the summer of 2006 as Animus of Abbas, Death Immortal came to the front of the metal scene in the middle of 2008. Like a phoenix reborn from smoldering ashes, Death Immortal emerged from the helm of other fallen acts as Chester, Mark, Alex and Jason formed to conquer and take back what’s rightfully theirs. To bring to light what is in the dark and to embrace what others ignore. The band's music is what the east coast needs, a slap in the face to the rest of the world showing that New York means business." -DEATH IMMORTAL

Entertainment: Jo Schuftan of Horns Up Rocks will host and DJ.


Please join us for a very metal holiday event!

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IMPRINTED by Jo Schüftan (Founder of Horns Up Rocks)