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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hatebreed Destroy Everything at their Hometown Show at Toad's Place

Yesterday was a chaotic day full of thunder storms, extreme humidity, and plenty of chaos! As soon as we arrived to Toad's Place the crowd was already warmed up for the mayhem that was about to ensue. Next thing you know the lights go out and Connecticut's number one band in history, took over center stage after 5 months of not performing live. Everyone went bezzerk when Hatebreed kicked off their set with their violent anthem "Everyone Bleeds Now", out of their self-titled album. The crowd didn't stop moving from the second that drummer Matt Byrne played the intro beat all the way until the band finished their set with "I Will Be Heard" out of their Perseverance record. The record that cut Hatebreed's path into International stardom, here is what Jamey Jasta had to say about this:

"Coming in 2012 we are going to be celebrating the tenth year anniversary of this album and the time has fucking flown by. But that record changed all of our lives man, it took us all over the world!"

Last night Hatebreed's fans got their money's worth and left drenched from the extreme heat at Toad's Place. The show went on without any major incidents thanks to Jasta's constant reminders to the crowd:

"Listen up real quick! When you come over the barricade, make sure you respect the security guys. You respect them, and they will respect you. Alright? We got nothing but love for Toad's Place and the whole staff! So lets keep it cool all fucking night!"

This message sums up what Hatebreed has always been about: unity, respect and human love! Last night was very emotional for everyone who attended the show and paid tribute to Mario Comesanas (Sirius XM Liquid Metal and Revolver Magazine), who passed away earlier this week from an aggressive form of leukemia. Hatebreed dedicated the entire set to him:

"We want to dedicate this entire show to our good friend Mario from Liquid Metal who passed away earlier this week at the young age of 30," commented Jamey Jasta.

So what did the fans think about the show?


"Great show last night @ Toad's !!!! Always great to see my favorite band play live!!" - Heather Voss

"You guys destroyed Toad's Last night. it was my first Hatebreed show. You guys are one of my favorite bands I had a fucked up week and seeing Hatebreed made it so much better. I hope to see you all again soon." - William Petroccio

"Great show as always last night! You guys sounded better than ever. We can always count on you to bring it when you come home to CT!" - James Kyer

At the end of the show we had to chance to chat with Hatebreed's drummer Matt Byrne about the future of the band. HE told us that the band has already recorded some song ideas on tape and should have a new record out in 2012. They are also planning a US tour that will probably happen in the fall. Exciting times for Hatebreed and their fans, who are as diehard as they come!

Here are some EXCLUSIVE live videos from the show:

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Slipknot's First Performance since the Passing of Paul Gray #2

As we all know, Slipknot lost their bass player Paul Gray #2 on May 24, 2010, when he died from heart failure. Ever since then Slipknot's future has been very uncertain, but the band decided to do a few shows in memory of #2. The band performed their first show yesterday (June 17) at the Sonisphere Festival in Athens, Greece.

For this very special performance the band didn't have a bass player on stage, and instead paid tribute to Paul Gray by having his bass and jumpsuit placed right were he would usually stand at. They also used their original red coveralls and old school masks.

Here is what went down:

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Metallica + Monopoly = A Game Made In Hell

Here are two facts in life that nobody can question: Metallica flies the Heavy Metal flag up high and Monopoly is everyone's favorite board game! Well, the two have joined forces! Yes, now you can enjoy a good game of Monopoly Metallica while cranking up Master Of Puppets. Here is the OFFICIAL press release:

“The fast-dealing property trading game” just got faster! MONOPOLY METALLICA Collectors Edition takes the popular board game to a whole new level. Every aspect of the game designed for the true Metallica fan in mind. You’ll “pass go” through historic Metallica events and locations around the board such as club shows, festivals, studios, childhood homes and other metal landmarks!

Game pieces include the Kill 'Em All hammer, Justice scales, St. Anger fist, Black Album snake, ninja star, and the “Jump in the Fire” demon (addition board game pieces sold separately). Land on one of the “Binge and Purge” or “Jump in the Fire” spaces and be rewarded or fined in true Metallica form. “You won’t believe the price, you’ll pay!”

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Howard Stern talks about the Passing of Mario Comesanas

The King of all Media, Howard Stern, got the sad news about the untimely death of his colleague Mario Comesanas from Sirius XM Liquid Metal and this is what he had to say:

"I was reading about a guy, worked here at Sirius. I didn't know him but this is pretty sad. His name was Mario Comesanas, he was one of the hosts at Sirius XM's Liquid Metal channel. He was working here for ten years, 30 year old guy. He had a fiance, family, friends and stuff. Evidently for those in the Liquid Metal fan area, they really liked this guy. Mario was dedicated to Heavy Metal Music. He died from an aggressive form of leukemia at thirty years old."

You can watch the entire segment right here:

Rest In Peace Mario! \m/

Indestructible Noise Command are ready to Set It Off with ‘Heaven Sent… Hellbound’

The Thrash Metal scene has been a big part of Heavy Music since its inception in the early 80's. After losing some attention due to new musical tendencies that prevailed within the scene, the genre has been fortified and as a result Thrash Metal today is stronger than ever. This was proven when the "Big 4" decided that it was time to join forces to demonstrate to the world that it was time to once again infect them with a vulgar display of power! The unity displayed by the "Big 4" inspired many bands like International Noise Command (I.N.C.) to make a strong comeback in order to keep the Thrash Metal flag flying high.

When I.N.C. came out in the mid 80's, they grabbed the West Coast scene by storm since at the time it was unheard of for a band from Connecticut, a state known for Hardcore music, to have a young group of kids demolishing the Thrash Metal scene. The brainchild behind I.N.C. is Erik Barath, who is the founder and the lead guitarist of I.N.C. When the the band came out in the mid 80s they had a lot of potential, to the point that bands of the caliber of Pantera were opening for them. So what happened? We had the chance to interview Erik and this is what he had to say:

"We broke up in 1990, after we put out two records: "Razorback" (1987) and "The Visitor: (1988). Everything was going pretty well... and long story short, a lot of bad things happened. The band started fighting sinde we were young and immature. We were all teenagers basically. We broke up and there was really nothing said about it for two decades." - Erik Barath

Here are some facts about I.N.C:

- They performed with bands like Pantera, Exodus, Megadeth and King Diamond.
- The band got signed to Giant Records only six months after graduating from High School.
- Critics and fans within the tri-state area had their minds blown away by the sonic assault that I.N.C. presented to the masses.
- Their heavy and aggressive music translated very well on stage and n vinyl.
- I.N.C. is:

Dennis Gergely ~ Vocals
EriK Barath ~ Guitar
Anthony Fabrizi ~ Guitar
Sam Roon ~ Bass
Dennis Leeflang ~ Drums

Here is some information about their comeback album:

- I.N.C. and Candlelight Records have teamed up to distribute the band’s upcoming full-length release, "Heaven Sent…Hellbound".
- Its album is set to be released on August 9th, 2011, through Rising Records.
- "Heaven Sent…Hellbound" is the band’s first full-length offering in over 20 years.

Here is an EXCLUSIVE interview we did with Erik Barath about the past, the present, and the future of the band:

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

No Remission "Through Blackened Skies"

In the last year we have come across a lot of up and coming bands, and for the most part we have noticed that the quality of the music is pretty damn decent. But once in a while we come across a band that lives and breaths Heavy Music, and that are focused on getting their music to a new level of confidence and power through good hard hitting well though-out songs! We recently got the chance to listen to the newest record by upstate New Yorkeans No Remission, titled "Through Blackened Skies", and our ears headbanged from the first until the very last one. Then we had to spin the record again and again, because it is that good!

Combining elements of Heavy Metal and Hardcore, No Remission delivers a brutal sonic assault that is combined to perfection with different harmonic elements such as flamenco style acoustic guitar sounds. "Through Blackened Skies" was produced by Billy Graziadei (Biohazard, Suicide City, Blood For Blood), who definitely captured the power behind No Remission in a very organic way. One thing that stands out from this record is that you can tell that is not overproduced with Pro Tools tricks, which is refreshing in times when so many records are way overproduced. If you want to listen to an original band that has a raw, energetic, well polished sound. No Remission will make your ears very happy!

Track list:
1. Carbon Copy
2. All Hell Breaks Loose
3. Skeletal Messiah
4. Nine
5. Malevolence
6. Rage Within
7. Three Years
8. The Hunter
9. This Plague Will Kill Us All
10. Redemption
11. Benevolence
12. New Dark Age
13. Signal Loss

Brutal Bitches Productions presents the No Remission "Through Blackened Skies" record release show!

- Date & Time: Saturday, June 18, 2011 @ 7:00pm
- Location: The Studio at Webster Hall (125 East 11th Street)
- Lineup: No Remission, Alekhine's Gun, Left In Ruins, and Arcane Malevolence
- Cover: $10 (TICKETS)
- Age restriction: 21+ with ID
- Sponsored by Horns Up Rocks

Here is the Official event flier:

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Hatebreed Returns Home for a one-off Show at Toad's Place

The state of Connecticut is waiting with anticipation for the return of the mighty Hatebreed to New Haven's legendary venue "Toad's Place". The show will take place tomorrow Friday June 17, 2011, and the band will be joined by The Acacia Strain, Lionheart and Bound For Pain.

Every time that Hatebreed performs there, the place erupts into one huge mosh pit that usually leaves plenty of casualties behind: broken bones, blood on the floor... you name it! Last time we saw them perform live at "Toad's Place" was for the CD Release show for their covers album titled "For the Lions", and it was one of the best Hatebreed performances that we have ever seen. Hatebreed is fully loaded with songs that touch the soul and crush your bones, the question really is if Connecticut is ready for Hatebreed?

What makes this show really special is that it is a one-off show, and possibly their only East Coast show of the year. Right after they destroy "Toad's Place", Hatebreed will play the Montebello Metal Fest in Canada. Then they will embark on yet another European Tour which will kick off on June 24 in Switzerland (Sonisphere Festival) and will conclude on September 3 in Barcelona, Spain.

"Hatebreed always have the biggest circle pits I have ever seen to this day! Love them! Best band ever... in Hardcore! And they have been able to tell everyone to shut the f&*k up! Nobody is exempt from a beat-down and I learned that from Hatebreed!" - Shawn Crahan (Clown from Slipknot)

6/17 - New Haven, CT - Toad's Place
6/18 - Montebello, Quebec - Montebello Marina
6/24 - Switzerland, - Sonisphere Festival
6/25 - Sardinea, Italy - Santu Juanne
6/26 - Novo Gorizia, Slovenia - Mostovna
6/27 - Budapest, Hungry - Durer Kert
6/28 - Warsaw, Poland - Proxima
6/30 - Hengelo, Netherlands - Metropol
7/1 - Sulingen, Germany - Reload Festival
7/2 - Roitzschjora, Germany - With Full Force
7/3 - Bucarest, Romania - Metal Fest
8/5 - Tinley Park, IL - First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre
8/6 - Clarkston, MI - DTE Energy Music Theatre
8/7 - Noblesville, IN - Verizon Wireless Music Center
8/20 - Dinkelsbühl, Germany - Summer Breeze
8/21 - Theix, France - Motocultor Festival
8/22 - Haarlem, Netherlands - Patronaat
8/23 - Copenhagen, Denmark - The Rock
8/24 - Bochum, Germany - Matrix
8/26 - Charleville Meziere, France - Cabaret Vert
8/27 - La Souterraine, France - Espace de l’Ecluse
8/28 - Villava, Spain - Sala Totem
8/30 - A Coruna, Spain - Sala Ola Green
8/31 - Lisbon, Portgual - Cine-Teatro Corroios
9/1 - Granada, Spain - Sala El Tren
9/2 - Madrid, Spain - Sala Heiniken
9/3 - Barcelona, Spain - Sala Razzmatazz

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Liquid Metal Mario Comesanas Obituary (Starring: Jamey Jasta, Joey Z & Roger Miret)

It is with heavy hearts that we here at Sirius XM say farewell to our fellow metal soldier and Liquid Metal host Mario Comesanas… Mario peacefully passed away the evening of June 13th in Jersey City, New Jersey due to an aggressive form of leukemia from which Mario was very recently diagnosed with…he was 30 years young… Our thoughts are with his fiancé, family, friends & fans worldwide…

“Hey everybody this is Jamey from Hatebreed. He was a really great guy. Always looked out for me. Great supporter of Hardcore and Heavy Metal and this is just such a huge loss for the scene. Guys like Mario are few and far between. I'm really just deeply saddened by this. My deepest sympathies to Sirius XM Liquid Metal Listeners and Marios family and close friends, my heart goes out to you.”

Mario started his radio career at Seton Hall’s Pirate radio station in NJ then joined the Sirius XM family back in 2002 where he came on as one of the original satellite metal DJs… since then he’s help spread heavy metal music & more importantly hardcore music to a massive audience both on and off the air, through his work with Revolver Magazine & RED Distribution & of course in his own bands December Aeternalis & more recently Low Road, who just finished recording their debut with Joey Z from Life Of Agony producing…

“This is Joey Z from Life Of Agony. Mario was a genuine caring friend. Most enthusiastic person you'll ever meet. We had the greatest time. He dropped some great, great vocal tracks. He's the type of person that always knew what he wanted, and worked hard to get it. He just left a little too young. From all of us, we love you brother. We'll never forget you.”

Mario’s passion for music, energy, spirit, laugh & attitude towards life, video games & metal will live on forever….

“Mario my brother this is Roger from Agnostic Front. Everything we've done together, musically, that kind of stuff, that’s true brotherhood that lives forever. The Superbowl [of Hardcore], all the bands you love I love, all the great New York bands. Just want to say that your dedication, your commitment, was one of those that stood the test of time. And I could just see you out there, taking a stage dive for Hardcore. For the love of it all man. You’re a good dude brother. God rest your soul.”

Rest in Peace dear friend… you will be missed and never forgotten… Heaven just got heavier…

CLick here to watch a video that contains the actual audio that was produced at Sirius XM in memory of Mario!

Mark Morton: To Auction Guitar to Benefit Victory Junction

Lamb Of God's guitar master Mark Morton is known in Heavy Music as one of the best guitar players of the last decade. His work with Lamb Of God has inspired many kids worldwide to pickup a guitar and practice, practice, practice. Morton's unique style of Blues style licks mixed with crushing riffs have helped to give Lamb Of God their signature sound. We all know now that right? But did you know what Mark is heavily involved with Victory Junction? Whats is Victory Junction? Read the OFFICIAL press release to find out, and to see how you can be cool like Mark and help little awesome kids!

"Lamb Of God" guitarist Mark Morton is pleased to announce that he will be auctioning one of his stage guitars used at the upcoming D-Tox Fest in Montebello, Quebec for charity. All proceeds from the auction will go to Victory Junction, a camp for chronically ill children in Randleman, NC. The guitar, a Mark Morton Signature model Jackson Dominion from Mark's personal collection, will be autographed and will come with photographs from the performance and a personal letter of appreciation from Mark. More details on the start date of the auction will be announced soon.

“I can't put into words how excited I am to be working with Victory Junction,” states Morton. “The work they do is astounding. To have the opportunity to contribute to such an incredible cause is nothing short of an honor. I had the chance to spend some time at the camp recently, and to see what they're doing warmed my heart and soul. I hope anybody reading this will take a few minutes to check out this wonderful organization. Together, the camp, my wife and I are putting together some BIG ideas for the future and we are simply thrilled to be a part of it!”

Victory Junction is a year round camping environment for children ages six to sixteen with chronic medical conditions or serious illnesses. Founded by Kyle and Pattie Petty in honor of their son Adam, the camp is located in Randleman, NC, with a second location opening soon in Kansas City, KS. Victory Junction offers programs for a range of disease groups and maintains strong relationships with more than 30 partner hospitals. Victory Junction's mission is to provide life-changing camping experiences that are exciting, fun and empowering, in a safe and medically-sound environment. As a non-profit organization, the camp operates solely through the support of generous individuals, groups and corporations to provide this experience at no charge to children and their families."

Stay tuned for more details about the upcoming auction!

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JASTA reveals Cover, Track List & Featured Artists for his New Solo Album

The Heavy Music world is at its feet awaiting the release of Jamey Jasta's first solo album, simply titled "Jasta" (July 26th, 2011 via eOne Music). We had the chance to interview Jamey about this new venture (you can watch the interview below) and this is what he had to say about it:

"It is a little something different for me and I hope you guys dig it. There are a lot of collaborations, a lot of clean vocals, and there are different styles of riffing. It is still heavy and aggressive. There is some screaming, but I tried some different things to change up the recipe a little bit."

Track list:

01. Walk That Path Alone
02. Mourn The Illusion
03. Screams From The Sanctuary
04. Nothing They Say
05. Anthem Of The Freedom Fighter
06. Something You Should Know (Ft. Phil Labonte of All That Remains)
07. Set You Adrift
08. Enslaved, Dead or Depraved (Ft. Randy Blythe of Lamb of God)
09. With A Resounding Voice (Ft. Tim Lambesis of As I Lay Dying)
10. The Fearless Must Endure (Ft. Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society)
11. Heart Of A Warrior (Ft. Mike Vallely)
12. Death Bestowed (Ft. Mark Morton of Lamb Of God)

Album cover:

Here is the full interview:

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Black Dahilia Murder: NEW Album Stream

The Black Dahilia Murder are ready to crush all your senses with their brand new studio album titled "Ritual" (Due in Europe on June 17 and in North America on June 21 via Metal Blade Records)! Their fifth studio album will most likely top all their previous releases, because the band is sounding heavier and tighter than ever ever before. The album was once again produced by Mark Lewis (Trivium, Bury Your Dead, Deicide), who also worked on 2009's "Deflorate".

"Ritual" track listing:

01. A Shrine To Madness
02. Moonlight Equilibrium
03. On Stirring Seas Of Salted Blood
04. Conspiring With The Damned
05. The Window
06. Carbonized In Cruciform
07. Den Of The Picquerist
08. Malenchanments Of The Necrosphere
09. The Grave Robber's Work
10. The Raven
11. Great Burning Nullifier
12. Blood In The Ink

Here is the OFFICIAL press release:

"The Black Dahlia Murder has invited MSN.com to take part in revealing their new album, Ritual, to the world. The global exclusive premiere of Ritual will take place on Tuesday, June 14th at music.msn.com. The full album, alongside previously released tracks Moonlight Equilibrium, Conspiring With the Damned, and Malenchanments of the Necrosphere, will be available for streaming for an entire week. The stream ends on Tuesday, June 21st, which is the day the album will be released to the masses in North America. The Black Dahlia Murder adds: "Finally, we get to reveal our labor of satanic love, Ritual! Turn out the lights, turn up the tunes, and let the night entrance you!"

Ritual is a collection of 12 tracks that see the band staying true to their sound and style while progressing in both writing and musicianship. Guitarist Ryan Knight has delivered truly searing leads that will without a doubt daze and lay waste the ears of both loyal Black Dahlia diehards and burgeoning fans alike. Music for Ritual was recorded in early 2011 in Detroit, MI with Mark Lewis (Deicide, Unearth) and the band producing with vocals and mixing taking place at Orlando, Florida based studio, Audio Hammer with Jason Suecof (BDM, Beneath the Massacre, Job for a Cowboy, All That Remains). The first single off Ritual, Moonlight Equilibrium, is now live at the following location along with several pre-order options: MetalBlade.com/BDM

The Black Dahlia Murder will return to Europe on June 18th and will appear at various festivals including Hellfest, Graspop, With Full Force, Sonisphere and more. North American fans will be able to catch TBDM live when the band headlines one of the summer's heaviest tours, the Summer Slaughter Tour, with label-mates Whitechapel and Six Feet Under in addition to Darkest Hour, Dying Fetus, and more. To see entire schedule of dates and to order your copy of Ritual, head to MetalBlade.com/BDM.


06/18 Gothenburg, SE Metal Town Festival
06/19 Clisson, FR Hellfest
06/21 Bulle, CH Ebullition
06/22 Augsburg, DE Kantine
06/23 Karlsruhe, DE Stadtmitte
06/24 Dessel, BE Graspop Fest
06/25 Montabaur, DE Mach1 Festival
06/27 Brno, CR S Club
06/28 Graz, AUT Explosiv w/ Protest The Hero
06/29 Budapest, HU Dürer Kert w/Protest The Hero
06/30 Zagreb, HR Mocvara
07/01 Lustenau, AT Culture Factory
07/02 Roitzschjora, DE With Full Force
07/03 Badalona, ES Estraperlo Club
07/04 Madrid, ES Sala Live
07/05 Lisbon, PT Cine Teatro De Corroios
07/06 Gijon, ES Sala Acapulco
07/08 Knebworth, UK Sonisphere

Summer Slaughter Tour w/ The Black Dahilia Murder, Whitechapel, Darkest Hour, Six Feet Under, Dying Fetus, As Blood Runs Black, Oceano, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Powerglove:

07/22 Los Angeles, CA House Of Blues
07/23 Anaheim, CA The Grove
07/25 Portland, OR Roseland Theatre
07/26 Seattle, WA King Cat Theatre
07/28 Sacramento, CA Ace Of Spades
07/29 San Francisco, CA The Fillmore
07/30 San Diego, CA House Of Blues
07/31 Scottsdale, AZ The Venue Scottsdale
08/02 Denver, CO Summit Music Hall
08/04 Louisville, KY Expo Five
08/05 Detroit, MI St. Andrews
08/06 Milwaukee, WI The Rave
08/07 Cleveland, OH House Of Blues
08/08 Chicago, IL House Of Blues
08/09 Toronto, ON Sound Academy
08/10 Montreal, QC Olympia
08/11 New York, NY Irving Plaza
08/12 Worcester, MA The Palladium
08/13 Philadelphia, PA Theatre Of Living Arts
08/14 Sayreville, NJ Starland Ballroom
08/16 Atlanta, GA The Masquerade
08/17 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Revolution
08/19 Houston, TX House Of Blues
08/20 San Antonio, TX Backstage Live
08/21 Dallas, TX House Of Blues

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Premiere of Machine Head's "Locust"

The mighty Machine Head has a new song for your ears to indulge themselves with. Maybe they just want to tease your ear drums by making them excited about their upcoming 7th studio album, which is expected to be released this September via Roadrunner Records. The truth is that with the results of Machine Head's last two albums (Through the Ashes of Empires & The Blackening), the band is under a lot of pressure to deliver yet another masterpiece to their worldwide fan base.

"For the past two records [as well as] this one, we've really been writing for ourselves. And we don't really have a set plan; we didn't really sit down and even go, like, 'We had a bunch of long songs on the last record, we've gotta do a bunch of short ones.' We had some time off and we started itching to get back in and start writing — just whatever was flowing out. And it's killer, man; it's super-exciting. We're all really, really excited about what happened, what came out. We feel like we've got another kick-ass album on our hands and we can't wait for everybody to hear it." - Dave McClain

Without further due, here is "Locust"!

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Tribute to Mario Comesanas (Only the good die young)

When we heard the sad news that Mario Comesanas had passed away at the young age of 30, from a brain hemorrhage that was caused by a rare form of leukemia, there was no doubt in our minds that this sad news would affect everybody within the Heavy Music community.

Throughout his career in music, Mario left his mark as been a genuine, passionate, and charismatic guy. Ever since he started doing radio at WSOU 89.5 FM with a show called "Hardcore Reality", it was evident that Mario was a huge supporter of Heavy Music and that he wanted to devote his career to all things heavy.

Soon after he graduated from Seton Hall University, he joined Sirius Satellite Radio (now Sirius XM) and started working with Jose Mangin as a DJ in Hard Attack (now Liquid Metal). During his tenure there, he also started working with Revolver Magazine at the Rockstar Mayhem Festival, were he hosted artist meet and greets and did some marketing work for the magazine. Mario had also recently joined the independent label distributor RED Distribution.

Mario was also the singer of December Aeternalis, and most recently, Low Road. Ironically, we had recently talked to Mario about booking Low Road for the first Horns Up Rocks show in New Jersey.

Please put your Horns Up for Mario Comesanas, our Metal and Hardcore brother!

This is what his friends and colleagues had to say about Mario's passing:

"It is with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to our very close friend & fellow Liquid Metal host Mario Comesanas, who passed away earlier this evening at 8:39 PM ET in Jersey City, NJ... I got the chance to say goodbye, hold his hand, kiss his head & tell him thank you for being a Metal soldier with me all these years & to say hi to Dime for me... Our thoughts & prayers are with his fiance Liz, Mario's family, friends & fans worldwide... For respect for the family any other information will have to wait. We love you Mario & thanks for coming into our lives swinging & kicking! Rest in Peace..." - Jose Mangin (Sirius Xm Liquid Metal)

"I am in utter shock, he is a young young man, with a fiancee, and a whole future ahead of him - we worked together for close to 5 years - the Revolver family is collectively speechless..." - Josh Bernstein (Revolver Magazine)

"RIP Mario Comesanas. A true supporter of Metal & Hardcore & all around great guy. Condolences to his friends and family, and all at Sirius XM Liquid Metal." - Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed, Kingdom Of Sorrow, Jasta)

"I hate that this is how it has to be and that you will never be able to hold me or smile at me or say "marry me?" in that retarded voice, but I love that I will forever be able to hear your voice through recordings and music until the day I die. I'm so glad you have SO many people in your life that love you deeply and post pictures of you that I can gaze at for hours. I don't know how to live without you but like you said, I'm the strongest person you know and I'll spend the rest of my life trying to live up to that. This blunt is for you." - Liz (Mario's Fiance)

"We would like to send Prayers to the Friends/Family of Mario Comesanas... Besides Metal... Mario was always a Hardcore kid, a 1000% genuine friend. Helped BNB in more way than 1! Its a VERY SAD DAY for all of us... He was at the BNB Bowl a few weeks ago doing what he always did... SUPPORTING The HC Community! Mario, we love you... May you R.I.P." - Black N Blue Productions

"It is with a sad heart that I say goodbye to a good friend & fellow Liquid Metal host Mario Comesanas who passed away earlier this evening at 8:39 PM ET. My prayers are with his fiance Liz, Mario's family, friends & fans... for respect to the family any other information is private at this time. Mario, I can still hear your laugh in my head. Thank you for blessing our lives with laughter and love. Rest in Peace..." - Kayla Riley

"Mario, thank you for being a true pioneer to all that was Metal. Your kindness and everything about you. It brought me great pleasure to work with you. Your talent and compassion for everything you did. I am a little short of words right now, I will miss you my brother. God bless you." - Munsey Ricci

"My ally in brutality at Sirius, I will miss you, Mario." - Ian Christie

"Mario Comensanas was one of the most inspirational people to fucking grace this earth. RIP my coworker, my peer, my fellow musician, hustla & dear friend. We were but once just kids." Zeena Koda (Sirius XM Liquid Metal)


Mario's last interview was with New York Hard Core legends Agnostic Front, a day before the Black N Blue Bowl! This song is dedicated to Mario, Rest in Peace brother!

Mario, in behalf of the entire Heavy Music community: Thank you so much for everything you did for all of us! You will never be forgotten and we all love you!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Alekhine's Gun Exclusive Song Premiere

Ever since Alekhine's Gun infected our ears with their powerful breed of Heavy Metal, we have kept a magnifying glass on who we consider one of the best New York City Heavy Music bands of the last 5 years. What really stands out about this phenomenal band is their effortless display of annihilation! Alekhine's Gun has proven in less than a year, that they are here to stay with a fist full of vengeance.

- Vital Statistics:


The Crusher - Vocals
Sheprock - Guitar
Paulie Pisano - Guitar
Daniel Martinez - Bass
Angel Cotte - Drums


\m/ ORIGIN: Brooklyn, New York

\m/ MISSION: To melt your faces!

\m/ BIOGRAPHY: Alekhine's Gun is a Metal outfit from Brooklyn, New York. Blending Thrash elements with subtle Hardcore undertones and fierce in your face vocals, AG has made shockwaves in the NYC Metal scene in less than a year.

This veteran lineup consists of vocalist Jessica Pimentel (Everybody Gets Hurt/ New Faith/ Step 2 Far), guitarists Jeff Martinez (Desolate) & Paul Pisano, Bassist Dan Martinez (King Hell), and drummer Angel Cotte (Eyes of the Sun, Immortal Flesh). Alekhine's Gun is currently working expeditiously on their EP entitled "Meditations in Wrath".

\m/ SONG PREMIERE:Today, we present to you a brand new ass kicking song by this "NYC Metal Warriors!" This song is taken from their brand new EP titled "Meditations in Wrath" and this song is called "Vengeance".


Here is an interview we conducted with "The Crusher" last year on Halloween!

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Anal Cunt's Seth Putnam dead at 43

It saddens us to inform you all that vocalist Seth Putnam of Grind Metal machines Anal Cunt, died yesterday morning (Saturday, June 11). According to Catharsis PR (Anal Cunt's PR company) Putnam died from a heart attack.

Seth Putnam will always be remembered for writing controversial music, which included lyrics that would shock, offend, or invoke morbid humor. Apart for being the vocalist of Anal Cunt since 1988 (year when the band was formed), Putnam lend his infamous scream to many Heavy Music bands. His most notorious guest appearance was when he laid down some wild vocals on Pantera's eighth studio album titled "The Great Southern Trendkill".

We had the chance to meet Seth years ago at Duff's Brooklyn and he was a very unique person who always made sure that everyone around him was enjoying themselves, saying that he was the life of the party is an understatement. Rest In Peace brother of the Grind, you will be missed by your family, friends, and the entire Heavy Music scene!

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