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Friday, February 18, 2011

OFFICIAL March Metal Beatdown Promo!

In case you have been living under a rock, Horns Up Rocks and Brutal Bitches Productions are joining forces once again and bringing you what we consider one of the best underground Heavy Metal shows of 2011: "The 2011 March Metal Beatdown"!

We have a sick line up:

- Slam One Down
- Flames Of Fury
- Alekhine's Gun
- Resolution 15
- Fenrismaw
- Empyreon

- Special guest: THE HIXON

Additionally, we are very stoked to have Miss Kara Pain from Sirius XM Liquid Metal hosting the event! Kara is an excellent role model to all the ladies that are part of the Heavy Music scene, and this will be her debut as a host.

Wait, there is more! Our founder Jo Schuftan will be DJing the Heaviest music in between bands, and the lovely Alissa Shimansky from Brutal Bitches Productions will keep you entertained with her antics!

"The 2011 March Metal Beatdown" is only 2 weeks away, and we hope to see you there!

Here is the OFFICIAL promo:

Tickets: $12 (Email events@hornsuprocks.com or the bands for presale tickets)


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The Past, the Present and Future of Horns Up Rocks

One week ago was the Horns Up Rocks 1 year anniversary. The following video was meant to be played at our Anniversary Fiesta at Duff's Brooklyn. Fortunately (and we do mean that), we had a record breaking turnout and all our plans to keep people "entertained" went right out of the window. The party was so successful, that it made it into the All-time Top 10 of events that have taken place at Duff's Brooklyn! This is an honor for us, and once again we want to thank the staff at Duff's and the guys from Slam One Down. And of course, YOU the Horns Up Rocks fans!

Without further due, here is a video featuring our founder Jo Schuftan about the past, the present and the future of Horns Up Rocks. Enjoy!

Horns Up Rocks 1 Year Anniversary Video (Starring Jo Schüftan) from Joseph Schuftan on Vimeo.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Misery: Evil Is Crowned

At present time the Heavy Music scene in the tri-state area is going through a revitalizing process, in which we are starting to see more and more bands stepping up their game and getting away from a set formula. One of those bands is Misery, a band that after 10 years of hard work, is finally starting to get the recognition they deserve. With the release of their new album titled "Evil Is Crowned", produced by Joey Z from Life Of Agony, the band has evolved into a hard-hitting powerhouse.

When we arrived at Duff's Brooklyn to their Official listening party, we immediately felt the groove and our ear drums reacted to their furious blend of Heavy Metal and Hardcore by demanding "more volume"! The crowd's reaction was positive to songs like "Evil Is Crowned" and "I Hate Your Face", some were even bobbling their heads in approval.

When we asked their producer Joey Z how he got involved with Misery, this is what he to say: "The guys brought me a recording they had done somewhere else and were looking for a way to fix it. After listening to the recording, I knew they had a lot of potential but needed a producer that could help them achieve their goals. After seeing them perform live and realizing how tight they are, I offered to be their producer."

Recorded at System Two Studios Brooklyn, which is the same studio where Life Of Agony's classic album "River Runs Red" was recorded. "Evil Is Crowned" is an album that will take Misery to a new level; many are weighing them in as the next band from the New York area to become part of the elite. After their successful tour with Devildriver, they have already been asked to be part of another national tour. We have an EXCLUSIVE interview coming soon, so stay tuned!

Track listing for “Evil Is Crowned”:

1 - Evil Is Crowned
2 - Bullet
3 - Gone Tomorrow
4 - I Hate Your Face
5 - Break the Silence
6 - Social Anxiety
7 - The Hurt Spell
8 - Hangover in Harlem
9 - Mind Your Business
10 - Live Fast Die Slow
11 - Head Like a Hole (Nine Inch Nails Cover)

Things are looking bright for Misery, and if you listen to their new album “Evil Is Crowned”, it will all make sense to you. Here are some statistics about Misery:

- Misery was formed in the early 90's, in a time where Heavy Metal was resurrected by bands like Pantera.

- Their first full-length album is titled "Fifteen Years OF Aggression and it was released in August of 2008.

- In early 2009 Misery was named “The Next Great Metal Band”, by Jay Jay French of Twisted Sister, after winning the Metal Blade Records and J&R Music competition.

- Misery has shared the stage with: Biohazard, Pro-Pain, Overkill, Sheer Terror, Sworn Enemy, Death Angel, Buck Cherry, Suffocation, E-Town Concrete, Internal Bleeding, Bile, Napalm Death, Nile, Fozzy, Testament, Brand New Sin, Life Of Agony, Devildriver, My Mortality & Spoiler NYC.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hellyeah Duff's takeover!

Last night the band Hellyeah held their Official after party at Duff's Brooklyn, following their performance with Buckcherry and All That Remains at the Best Buy Theater in Times Square. As usual, the vibe was great and the band had a great time with their fans. Among the rowdy fans were media personalities Jose Mangin (Sirius XM Liquid Metal and MTV's Headbangers Ball) and Don Jamieson (That Metal Show).

Here are some images we captured last night:

Pictures by: Rene Encarnacion

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

HIT THE WALL = NEW Lamb Of God Song

Heavy Metal titans Lamb Of God are currently working on their seventh studio album, which is tentatively due in late 2011/early 2012. As usual, the pressure is on for them to keep flying the Heavy Metal flag up high and to prove the entire world that they are one of the most furious bands within the last 15 years.

Today they have a gift for you: a brand new song titled "Hit The Wall", which is featured on the Iron Man 2 (SEGA) video game soundtrack. So crank the volume, scare your neighbors, and get your neck moving!

Click here to listen to a NEW song by Lamb Of God titled HIT THE WALL

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Amon Amarth NEW song and Tour details!

Sweden's Heavy Metal vikings Amon Amarth are making plenty of noise lately, and this is over a month before the release of their heavily anticipated NEW album "Surtur Rising" (hitting the Metal world on March 29th)! Just imagine how much noise will be made by Amon Amorth and their fans, once they release the new album and go on a Worldwide tour.

From what we've heard so far, the album is exactly what you can expect from Amon Amarth: furious Swedish Metal with high technicality and originality. Right now you get to hear yet another track from their upcoming album thanks to Decibel Magazine, this one is titled "Slaves Of Fear" !

Wait, there is more! Here is an EXCLUSIVE video produced by Metal Blade TV, featuring Amon Amarth's frontman Johan Hegg talking about the concept behind "Surtur Rising".

The band will obviously be going on tour and once again will demonstrate why they are feared and respected by millions of Heavy Metal fans worldwide! In case you haven't heard, Amon Amarth have decided to do something special for their fans and make their upcoming US tour all about them (no opening bands)! The tour will feature two sets by Amon Amarth, including a set which will feature every song from their new album "Sutur Rising". Here are the tour dates:

4/14/2011 The Bottom Lounge - Chicago, IL
4/15: Station 4 - Saint Paul, MN
4/16: Granada Theater - Lawrence, KS
4/17: The Summit Music Hall - Denver, CO
4/19: Wonder Ballroom - Portland, OR
4/20: Showbox Sodo - Seattle, WA
4/22: The Regency - San Francisco, CA
4/23: Ace Of Spades - Sacramento, CA
4/24: House of Blues - West Hollywood, CA
4/25: Nile Theatre - Mesa, AZ
4/27: White Rabbit - San Antonio, TX
4/29: Culture Room - Fort Lauderdale, FL
4/30: Beacham Theatre - Orlando, FL
5/01: Masquerade - Atlanta, GA
5/02: Jaxx - Springfield, VA
5/03: Peabody’s - Cleveland, OH
5/05: Best Buy Theater - New York, NY
5/06: Paradise Rock Club - Boston, MA
5/07: Theatre Of Living Arts - Philadelphia, PA


Presented by METAL HAMMER

13/5 (N) OSLO / Betong
14/5 (S) STOCKHOLM / Tyrol
15/5 (S) GOTHENBURG / Trädgarn *
17/5 (DK) COPENHAGEN / Vega
18/5 (D) HAMBURG / Grosse Freiheit 36
19/5 (B) ANTWERP / Hof Ter Lo
20/5 (NL) AMSTERDAM / Melkweg
21/5 (D) COLOGNE / E-Werk (Tickets)
22/5 (F) PARIS / Elysee Montmartre
24/5 (D) MUNICH / Tonhalle (Tickets)
25/5 (I) MILAN / Limelight
27/5 (D) DESSAU / Metalfest Germany
28/5 (A) MINING / Metalfest Austria
29/5 (CH) PRATTELN / Metalfest Switzerland

*without Black Dahlia Murder

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Horns Up Rocks 1 Year Anniversary = Metal Magic

This past Saturday we celebrated our 1 year anniversary at the Heavy Metal Mecca = Duff's Brooklyn. The night was a complete success from start to finish, and we proved that if the fans of Heavy Music unite, nobody can touch us.

The event kicked off around 8 pm to a crowd of about 60 people. While Slam One Down was setting up, the jukebox was cranking some powerful music and getting everyone pumped. Next thing you know, Slam One Down sound checked and everyone's jaws dropped! Since the crowd was hungry for some furious Metal, our founder Jo Schüftan quickly introduced the band and kicked off the rage session by putting back a Pabst Blue Ribbon with the aid of the Slam One Down funnel. The party was on!

For the next hour, Slam One Down kept the crowd excited with their crisp tight sounding music filled with positive Heaviness. Not only did they play their party anthems, but they even threw in a few covers like Pantera's "Becoming", Metallica's "Seek and Destroy", and Machine Head's "Davidian". This are all obviously very hard songs to cover, but they performed them flawlessly. Needless to say, the crowd demanded an encore.

Through the rest of the night everyone literally bumped elbows with each other and peacefully fought their way to the bar. We have actually not seen Duff's that packed and in such raging mode, since the Official Slayer CD Release party for "World Painted Blood" in October of 2009. The success of this event was thanks to the amazing staff at Duff's who made sure everyone had enough to drink, We actually didn't see anyone without a drink at hand, and at the end of the night the amount of PBR cans all over the bar made it clear that the night was a complete riot! Another key factor to the nights success was having the Slam One Down crew over, they all came to have a good time and make sure that nobody was standing still.

We can proudly say: Mission accomplished! If you missed this party or arrived too late and missed the band, they will be headlining The 2011 March Metal Beatdown at the Trash Bar in Brooklyn on Saturday March 5th. See you there!

FYI: VIdeo of the night and plenty of pictures coming very soon!

Here are some quotes that pretty much sum up the Horns Up Rocks 1 Year Anniversary FIesta!

"RELENTLESS weekend of fun - Thanks to MISERY, Joey Z, and Nightcrawler for a kick ass Friday night (Check out MISERY's CD "EVIL IS CROWNED", you won't be disappointed) and to SLAM ONE DOWN and Joseph Schüftan for makin' Saturday night a fuckin' 4 alarm rager !! We're crankin' it up a few more notches this week - Stay tuned !!" - Jimmy Duff (Owner of Duff's Brooklyn)

"Awesome fucking night in Brooklyn. Thanks to Joseph Schüftan and Duff's Brooklyn for having us and helping us bring the party. Everyone went apeshit over the new covers and we even played a brand new original song that we didn't expect to play. Cheers to Horns Up Rocks on their one year anniversary and we wish them many more." -Slam One Down

"Had a great time at the Horns Up Rocks Anniversary! It's great to participate in something so genuine, communal, and straight up brutal! Just wanted to say that the Lies Beneath gang appreciates what you do and would love to continue to participate. Let me know about any events in the future that we can be part of! Whether it's at Duff's, Public Assembly, Crash Mansion even a basement! it'd be an honor! Keep your horns strong! \m/ - Andrew Czegledi (Drummer of Lies Beneath)

"I haven't seen Duff's jumping like that since the Slayer party...and that's saying a lot." Lou Toro (exZAKKed)

"OMFG! Last night was AMAZING! Thanks so much to everyone who came and made the night so special! The fact that we packed Duff's Brooklyn and everyone had a good time with Slam One Down as the soundtrack of chaos, simply put: HISTORY in the making! Missed it? Well, come to the 2011 March Metal Beatdown on March 5th at The Trash Bar!" - Jo Schüftan (Founder of Horns Up Rocks)

Pictures courtesy of Rene Encarnacion and Evil Steve!

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Slayer's Jeff Hanneman forced to miss tour

Slayer's legendary guitarist Jeff Hanneman has been forced to miss the Australian Soundwave Festival, which Slayer is schedule to perform at on February 26th after contriving an acute infection known as necrotizing fasciitis (usually caused by a spider bite). The band made this hard decision because they didn't want to cancel on their loyal fans, specially after being forced to postpone or cancel a significant amount of tour dates in 2009 and 2010 after Tom Araya underwent a surgical procedure in order to relieve the extreme pain he had on back and neck. Speaking of Araya, here is his official statement about this new challenge for the mighty Slayer:

"Jeff is our brother, we've all been friends and together as a band for almost 30 years, so we just want him to completely recover as soon as possible."

To this Kerry King added:

"After everything that happened last year, we all agreed that we just can't let our fans down again. Jeff is totally on board with this decision, so we will tour as planned. At this point, we can't pinpoint exactly what day he'll be back, but he'll be back as soon as he possibly can. And we can't wait for Jeff to get better and get his ass back on the road."

In a recent interview that Kerry King did for Australia's Loud magazine, after being asked why Slayer has outlasted so many bands, he said: "Well, the front three people never changed, and I think that's important. You've got to have a nucleus of people where you never wonder who is going to be onstage. As far as a band thing, I think that's important. I don't mean that as a shot on MEGADETH, but at the end of the day, MEGADETH is Dave Mustaine and that's it. It's whoever Dave decides to play with on this record. Could you imagine watching SLAYER without me, Jeff orTom? It just couldn't happen! That's something to be said there, because we're all irreplaceable. The last few years I've noticed people in bands are almost interchangeable. I've seen some of my friends stay home because their wives were going to have a baby and they'd have somebody replace them when they play live, and I think… how can you fucking do that?"

The band has announced that Gary Holt from Exodus will replace Jeff on this tour. This information is official and it comes from reliable sources that are close to the band. Anything else your read or hear, is just a rumor. We wish Jeff a speedy recovery and to the rest of the Slayer team the best of luck with this new challenge!

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Image by Damien Maurer