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Friday, May 28, 2010

Golden Gods Screening Fiesta 2010

On Saturday May 22 2010, Revolver Magazine and Tones of Death brought together hundreds of Metaleros to Fontana's Bar, for the premiere of the second edition of the Epiphone Revolver Golden God Awards. The night also featured a live set by Virginia's Thrash Metal masters Municipal Waste, who were joined by Attake and Ramming Speed, for a vulgar display of Metal. Nights like this one proof that Heavy Music is alive and well!

Speaking of nights that proof how strong Heavy Music is at present time, on April 8 of this year, Revolver Magazine pulled out the black carpet "literally" and welcomed all of Heavy Music's 666 list to the second edition of the Revolver Golden God Awards. That night definitely made Lucifer very proud, as Ozzy, Rob Halford, Lemmy Kilmister, Slash, Dave Grohl, Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, Corey Taylor and many other rock-stars paraded into the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles. The appearance that will go down in history though, is the one from the late Ronnie James Dio (R.I.P.). As we all know Dio lost his battle with cancer recently, and the Revolver Golden Gods marked his last public appearance. That night Ronnie James Dio was honored with the Liquid Metal Golden God Award for best vocalist.

We had a chance to talk to Revolver's Editor in Chief Brandon Geist and to Revolver's Creative Director Josh Bernstein, about the award show, the state of Heavy Music, the magazine and also about the great Ronnie James Dio. Here is what went down:

The full list of winners and presenters for the 2010 Revolver Golden Gods Awards is as follows:

\m/ Metal Blade Golden God Award: Rob Halford (presented by Ozzy Osbourne)

\m/ Epiphone Best Guitarist Award: Zakk Wylde (presented by Kerry King of Slayer)

\m/ Ferret Music Best Underground Band Award: Dillinger Escape Plan (presented by Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie)

\m/ Liquid Metal Best Vocalist Award: Ronnie James Dio (presented by Jerry Cantrell and Mike Inez of Alice in Chains)

\m/ Samson/Zoom Best Live Band Award: Metallica (presented by Scott Ian of Anthrax and Allison Robertson of the Donnas)

\m/ Guitar World Comeback of the Year Award: Alice in Chains (presented by Phil Bozeman, Ben Savage, and Alex Wade of Whitechapel)

\m/ Roadrunner Records Honorary Headbanger Award: Robert Englund (presented by Kat Von D and Jim Rota and Emily Burton of Fireball Ministry)

\m/ Just Cause 2 Hottest Chick in Metal Award: Maria Brink of In This Moment (presented by Marta of Bleeding Through and Corey Parks of Nashville Pussy and Chelsea Girls)

\m/ Drum Workshop Best Drummer Award: Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan of Avenged Sevenfold, accepted by his family (presented by Vinnie Paul of HELLYEAH and Pantera and Joey Jordison of Slipknot, Murderdolls and Rob Zombie)

\m/ Splatterhouse Lifetime Achievement Award: Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead (presented by Dave Grohl)

\m/ BallHype Most Metal Athlete Award: Marc Colombo, Leonard Davis, and Corey Procter of the Dallas Cowboys and the band Free Reign (presented by Dave Mustaine of Megadeth)

\m/ Harley-Davidson Album of the Year Award: Alice in Chains (presented by Eddie Trunk, Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson of VH1 Classic’s “That Metal Show”)

We have a lot more content coming your way over this Memorial Day holiday weekend, so make sure you stay tuned.

Interviews: Jo Schüftan
Photographers: David Kenedy, Roger Vai, Damien Mitchell Maurer
Videographer: Alex Salcedo
Music: Severed, The Hixon, Killcode and Merauder
Additional graphics: Revolver Magazine & Royal Flush Magazine

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


This press conference is absolutely heart breaking. Horns Up Rocks is inspired by bands like Slipknot, because of the originality, honesty and kindness they inspire. In this hard times, our thoughts are with Paul's wife Brenna and the entire Slipknot family.

Only the good die young! RIP Paul Dedrick Gray, we love you and you will ALWAYS be remembered by all your fans worldwide! \m/

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Horns Up Rocks Eye Blog - DOS

Here is the second installment of the Horns Up Rocks Eye Video Blog. Lots of updates that you don't want to miss out! \m/

This is the first installment of the Horns Up Rocks Eye Blog, dedicated to Paul Gray (RIP)and all the rockers who have left us behind.

Monday, May 24, 2010

TRIBUTE to Paul Dedrick Gray (#2): 4/8/1972 - 5/24/2010

The Heavy Metal community is in shock, after hearing about the death of Paul Gray from Slipknot. I honestly don't see Slipknot continuing without Paul, simply because what makes Slipknot so special, is the contribution of each and every single band member. Regardless, of what happens with Slipknot, our thoughts and prayers are with Paul's family and the entire Slipknot camp. So crank up some Slipknot and lose your mind! \m/

Here is a compilation of the best of Paul Gray (RIP):

OFFICIAL tribute from Slipknot to Paul Gray (1972 - 2010)

Slipknot Debut Ozzfest Performance 1999 (RAW AND UNCUT)

SLIPKNOT GRAMMY EXPERIENCE (Paul Gray talking about the significance of a Grammy)

Paul Gray Interview Unmasked

#2 Paul Gray video tribute (4/8/1972 - 5/24/2010)

Slipknot - Paul Gray Behind The Player - Duality Lesson [Part 1]

Slipknot - Paul Gray Behind The Player - Duality Lesson [Part 2]

Slipknot - Paul Grey #2 Mask

Slipknot - Paul Gray Behind The Player - Surfacing - Jam with Roy Mayorga

Slipknot - Duality ( Ozzfest 2005 ) @ San Bernadino (Raw and Uncompromised)

Slipknot - Spit it Out! LIVE @ DOWNLOAD 2009!

SlipKnoT - Duality & (SIC) (Live at LOUD PARK 08)

#2 Paul Gray Unmasked Photos

#2 Paul Gray lighting his Xmas tree on FIRE! (DO NOT ATTEMPT!)


SLIPKNOT: Original, Unmatched and Dangerous!

It was 1999, and I remember going to a record store in Bonn, Germany, called Mr. Music. This is were I spent most of my allowance during my high school years. My brother Igor and I would go there weekly, since the store clerk (Swen) was always hooking us up with new killer music. In one of those visits Swen pulled out the first Slipknot VHS, which is titled "Welcome To Our Neighborhood". He tells me in a thick German accent: "Joseph, you have to check this out! It will blow your mind away!"

As soon as I got home, I sneaked into my parents room while my mom was running some errands and watched the tape over and over again. I couldn't believe my eyes, not only were this guys scary looking and intriguing. But they sounded like an orchestra from hell. "Welcome To Our Neighborhood" contains footage from their first appearance at Ozzfest, as well as one on one interviews with the band. This was back when Ozzfest was a full-blown tour and it travelled all over the country. In other words, Ozzfest gave Slipknot their big break!

After watching this video every day after school, one day Igor calls me and says: "Joe, Slipknot is playing in Cologne and we have to go!" It was a Friday in the Fall of 1999, and the day we had been so eagerly waiting for, had finally arrived. To be honest, I had a feeling of fear and excitement of what I was about to experience. After strolling through town, we finally arrived at the suburbs of Cologne. We went inside this small club, called "The Kantine". The club was packed and everyone was pumped to see Slipknot!

As soon as the lights were dimmed and the Intro for Sic started, the place erupted! The band members start coming out, one by one. I remember that the stage was too small for 9 insane guys plus all their instruments, to be on that stage at the same time. As a result, the guys kept bumping into each other. This also meant that they kept knocking equipment down, which made the sound horrendous! All this elements only made the band angrier and the fans were feeding from that aggression. As a result, everyone went ape shit during their entire set. I think I lost my mind that night, and never got it back.

After the show we met and hung out with most of the band and they were some of the coolest artists I have ever met. I immediately was hooked to Slipknot's musical power and ever since that day I consider Slipknot one of my favorite bands. I had the chance to catch their first show ever at Madison Square Garden (hopefully not their last), which was also my first time at The Garden, and that performance definitely went on the record books.

The Heavy Metal community is in shock, after hearing about the death of Paul Gray from Slipknot. I honestly don't see Slipknot continuing without Paul, simply because what makes Slipknot so special, is the contribution of each and every single band member. Regardless, of what happens with Slipknot, our thoughts and prayers are with Paul's family and the entire Slipknot camp. So crank up some Slipknot and lose your mind! \m/


Paul Dedrick Gray (#2): 4/8/1972 - 5/24/2010

It saddens me beyond belief, to inform you all that another one of our Metal brothers has passed away. Paul Dedrick Gray from the Heavy Metal band Slipknot, was found dead today by a hotel worker at 10:50 AM in his in Urbandale hotel room. Paul will always be remembered as one of the most charismatic bass players in Heavy Metal and he leaves behind his wife Brenna, who is pregnant with their first child.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Paul's family, and his band members: Sid Wilson, Joey Jordison, Chris Fehn, Jim Root, Craig Jones, Shawn Crahan, Mick Thomson and Corey Taylor.

We will keep you updated accordingly.