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Saturday, May 8, 2010

SEVERED - CD Review & invitation to crush!

The band Severed from New York City is a band that needs to be carefully watched by the heavy music fans. From the circle of bands that are exhaling from the New York tri-state area, Severed stands out because of their determination and flawless display of Metal Core! On their new self titled album, which was recorded and mixed by John Machado at Five Towns College. The Severed boys keep it crushing, fresh and senseful. In my opinion, a record that is way ahead of its time. And any record label out there that doesn't see this, is focused on the wrong musical ideals.

Severed is composed of Christian Geraldino on Vocals, Justin Whang & Shane Sorbello on Guitars, John Wiley on Bass and drummer Jorge Sosa. On their new self titled album, Severed takes the listener through a journey of crushing vocals cooked to perfection with a pefect blend of melodic ingredients. The lyrics are very well thought-out and Christian is easy to understand even when screaming his lungs out! The guitar work from Justin and Shane is crushlodic, they combine some heavy riffs with some harmonies a la Swedish Metal. And you can't forget about the rhythm section, both John and Jorge groove the hell out every song. The album contains nine songs that together make this a great record. How do I define a great record? When I spin it over and over again, without skipping a single song.

Here is an exclusive live video presented to you by Horns Up Rocks:

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Horns Up Rocks FAMILIA!

The main mission of Horns Up Rocks is to UNITE people regardless of their musical tastes, religion, race or social status. On this section of Horns Up Rocks we are going to pay tribute to the Horns Up Rocks FAMILIA! Because without you, this would not make sense!


Don Jamieson - That Metal Show (Exclusive Rockast!)

Recently, I had the privilege to catch up with Don Jamieson from VH1’s That Metal Show and interviewed him about the past, the present and the future of Heavy Music!

Courtesy of Duff's Brooklyn!

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Friday, May 7, 2010

REVOLVER Golden God Awards Screening PARTY @ Fontana's NYC!

This year, the Revolver Magazine family decided to take their second edition of the "Revolver Golden God Awards" to a whole new level of confidence and power. Not only did they bring together Ozzy Osbourne, Lemmy Kilmister (Motörhead), Slash (GNR & Velvet Revolver), Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters & Nirvana), Ronnie James Dio (Heaven & Hell and Dio), Corey Taylor (Slipknot & Stone Sour), Vinnie Paul (Pantera, Damageplan & Hellyeah), Rob Zombie and many more rockers into a night of Metallic mayhem. But they also made sure they covered every angle of the game. They had amazing live performances by Rob Zombie, Lemmy, Dave Grohl and Slash. And they also had exclusive "black carpet" interviews hosted by Jose Mangin from Liquid Metal, Headbangers Ball and Latination. To sum it up they crossed into another level, in my opinion the best awards show in years.

On Saturday May 22nd, we are going to be covering the party of the year! Which party? The "Revolver Golden God Awards" screening party at Fontana's in New York City. Not only will everyone be watching VH1's coverage of the awards show while throwing the horns up in the air, but faces will be melt when Municipal Waste and Atakke tear it up! This is a motherf'ing invitation to a FREE night of music! The party will be MC'd by Jose Mangin! You do not want to miss this party!

See you then!

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

From Bliss to Devastation - Lost In Failure VIDEO (4-22-2010)

After running like a maniac from work to my place to grab all my stuff and from my place to the Gramercy Theater, I arrived as Long Island's From Bliss to Devastation was opening the "Wrath of Sanity" tour. I immediately ran inside and recorded some video of them rocking. Here is the band performing "Lost In Failure". Enjoy!

FBTD on MySpace

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Earth Day with Earth Crisis (Pictures)

NEW deftones - Diamond Eyes!

The day many of us have been waiting for has finally arrived. The new deftones album titled "Diamond Eyes" is in stores now and it is a record that will help the band add a new layer of success to their amazing career. "Diamond Eyes" is the sixth studio album from the deftones and it is an instant classic. "Diamond Eyes" is the type of album that once you start listening to it, you are so consumed by their adrenalized sound that the next thing you know, you are giving it a second spin. Every song on the album is crisp, Chino's vocals are beautifully destructive, the rhythm section is tighter than Giselle's body and the guitar sounds are heavy and dirty.

In my opinion "Diamond Eyes" is on the same scale as "Adrenaline", "Around the Fur" and "White Pony". And if you want to have the most sensual musical experience with your significant other, this is the album you want to have as soundtrack to your sexual healing adventures, add some candle light and you should experience the night of your lives. Enough said!

While I know that many of you have heard it before today, since it leaked on the Internet over a month ago. Horns Up Rocks is a huge supporter of purchasing music. So support the band and remember that the money the band makes from the sales of "Diamond Eyes" will help to cover the medical bills of bassist Chi Cheng.

Here is the video for Diamond Eyes:

Here is an interview of deftones with our good friend Jose Mangin, at the Revolver Golden God Awards:

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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mastodon, BTBAM, Baroness concert review!

On Thursday (4-22-2010) Mastodon / Between the buried and me and Baroness stopped at The Webster in Hartford, CT which I attended. This had been my first show in CT in god knows how long. The last show I probably saw was 100 Demons in some dive bar somewhere maybe 6-7 years ago. (For a good reason)

I arrived in the middle of Baroness’s set. They seemed to be having a good time and rocking out hard, although the crowd seemed to be falling asleep. Nothing compared to the crowds of under 100 I witnessed growing up in CT @ various Hard Core/Metal shows in the mid-late 90’s where people would literally lose their fucking minds. (Those were the days)

Blake Richardson and Brann Dailor are two of my favorite drummers and I haven’t seen either Mastodon or BTBAM yet, so I had been looking forward to this show for quite some time. BTBAM starts up Fossil Genera - A Feed From Cloud Mountain from their latest album The Great Misdirect and I immediately whip out the iPhone to record footage and the douche fuck security guard taps me on the shoulder after about 10 seconds telling me I can’t record video. This aggravated the fucking testicles off me for the remainder of the show. BTBAM’s set was unfortunately short, but they snuck in a few jams from Alaska and Silent Circus. If you have never seen this band I highly recommend it, they are just as amazing live as they sound on their album. I look forward to seeing them headline sometime soon.

Then around 10pm Mastodon comes on and fires up Oblivion. Throughout this first song and the remainder of the entire Crack The Skye album which they played in its entirety, the guitarist Brent was having a meltdown over his microphone which was constantly feeding back and his guitar rig didn’t seem to be loud enough and I doubt was functioning properly. After they took a break post Crack the Skye, which was a tad shaky due to Brent’s anger, they came back in full force. Following a bunch of stuff off Remission/Leviathan/Blood Mountain, which proceeded to melt what was left of my face into the ground, it was all over.

Aside from the technical difficulties and short set of BTBAM I’d say it was a pretty rad show. All the bands came pretty hard (what she said) and did their thing. The one thing that did bother me that has nothing to do with the bands are the spoiled shithead, fuck face un cultured brat CT kids who come out to these shows and act like total fools. Throughout BTBAM’s set I was standing next to some dude who was playing a video game on his iPhone the entire time. I honestly wanted to shove him into the pit for being a tool shed. You are spending $50 to come see a show. Watch the fucking bands douchebag. I can understand tweeting/texting/updating sites/posting pictures and telling your friends how sick the show is, etc. But come on seriously, you are in the presence of amazing musical talent to be consumed by a stupid video game. Maybe BTBAM isn’t your style. That’s totally fine. You still paid good money to come to a show. Watch the god damn bands. Show some respect. You know how brutal it is to live on the fucking road for months at a time and sweat your balls off in front of a room full of people every night to pay your bills? No, you don’t.

Secondly, the venue had a designated bar area way in the back which you COULD NOT GO BEYOND WITH DRINKS. I don’t remember the last time I went to a show and wasn’t allowed anywhere near the stage with a beverage…Absolutely ridiculous. You give out wristbands for a reason.

Conclusion : Mastodon, Between the buried and Me and Baroness are mega talented, nipple igniting beasts of bands and deserve your full, undivided attention. They also deserve to have their fans be able to get shit hammered in front of the stage.

I really have to stop drinking when I write these.

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By: Chris Denman

Photo Credit - BrianSharks