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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Long Island UNITES

On Saturday November 13, Horns Up Rocks and Jefferson Avenue Productions are joining forces again for a night of Heaviness at the Irish Viking in St. James Long Island. After the success of Hixonfest this past summer, we thought it would be cool to bring the same level of intensity to Long Island. This time around we have a DJ set by Jo Schuftan (founder of Horns Up Rocks), a Sexy Evil Burlesque Show and live performances by:

Endwell: "Endwell formed in Queens, New York in 2003 and started gaining popularity through local shows. After gaining enough experience through various local shows, the band independently recorded and released their first EP titled The Missing Pieces in 2005. The band toured the country for various hardcore bands in support of the new EP and began expanding their fan basis with their energetic live shows. They won a Battle of the Bands, which earned them a spot on the Hellfest bill. Their minor success caught the eye of Bayside's front-man Anthony Raneri. Bayside was signed to Victory Records and suggested to Endwell that they should attempt to get signed to the label.[1] Members of Endwell grew up listening to various Victory bands including Earth Crisis and Hatebreed." SOURCE: Wikipedia

The Judas Syndrome: "Within the last few months The Judas Syndrome have been very busy spreading their craft; they have recently opened for legendary bands like Vision Of Disorder, Despised Icon and Nile. The band has also released a phenomenal video for their song "Death of the Soul", which was directed by Frankie Nasso and former God Forbid guitarist Dallas Coyle. Additionally the band has been on constant rotation on Sirius XM Liquid Metal, on WSOU 89.5 FM, and on Music Choice. Today they debut their video on MTV's Headbangers Ball!" SOURCE: Horns Up Rocks

Lies Beneath: "A five-piece metal band with influences ranging from thrash, to death-metal and hardcore. With classic dual-guitar attack, a crushing rhythm section, dynamic vocals and brooding soundscapes, this band creates an undeniable presence and demands captivation from any audience." SOURCE: Lies Beneath

Doomsday Morning: "The music of Doomsday Mourning creates an interesting soundscape that delivers an onslaught of rhythmic, melodic and lyrical brutality. The new EP entitled: The Science Of Exploitation showcases a very interesting form of heavy music featuring guest vocals from Emmure, The Judas Syndrome, Endwell, From The Pawn & Born Of Osiris. This is straight to the point, honest & real New York attitude music." SOURCE: Doomsday Morning

The Apparition: "Spreading the haunting the best way possible, brews, beards, and breakdowns." SOURCE: The Apparition

If He Dies: "I saw these guys open a show a few weeks ago and was blown the fuck away." SOURCE: Tim Strohsnitter from Jefferson Avenue Productions

Retarded Peep Booth: "Since this Long Island, New York, United States quintet first formed in late 2010, worrying about genre limitations has never been a priority. Taking musical chances, and buying things you've seen, however, have been. While Retard Peep Booth are as heavy as any band out there, they are beholden to no one scene and no preconceived notions of what Grindcore music should be." SOURCE: Retarded Peep Booth

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Alekhine's Gun = No Mercy Metal

On Halloween weekend 2010, a vast amount of freaks took over Crash Mansion in New York City for the fourth episode of the "No Mercy Metal Showcase". In case you been living under a rock, the New York City Metal scene has been getting stronger and better. This is one of the top reasons why we started Horns Up Rocks.

This time around, all the bands involved brought a different flavor of Metal, which made it the perfect soundtrack for Halloween. From all the bands that performed at the "No Mercy Metal Showcase", there is one in particular that caught our attention from the get go. They call themselves Alekhine's Gun, after chess legend Alexander Alekhine. Alekhine invented a chess play, which consisted of him beating his opponents with three chess pieces shaped like a gun. The name could not be a better fit for Brooklyn's latest addition to the ever growing New York Heavy Metal scene.

In just a few months Alekhine's Gun have left many ears ringing here in New York City. We predict a very bright future for this band, simply because they have the right attitude and mindset. Oh, we forgot to mention that they have a female screamer known in the scene as Jessica "The Crusher". You may think that she is another Maria Brink, or Angela Gossow. But what sets "The Crusher" apart is her blend of styles, which truly represents the New York City Heavy Metal scene. We can't forget that the roots of Punk Rock and Hardcore music, have influenced many bands in Heavy Metal (Pantera, Lamb Of God, Goatwhore). We had the chance to chat with "The Crusher" about her new band, her musical background, and the mission of Alekhine's Gun. So buckle up, raise the horns, and listen up! \m/

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

TEN Life-Changing Metal Videos

Music videos have played a very important role in the music industry. Historically, there have been many bands that have crossed the spectrum of success, thanks to eye catching videos. Today we are presenting to you, a segment called "TEN Life-Changing Metal Videos". These are videos that once your eyesight gets infected by them, you can never cleanse them out of your eye balls!

Want to send us your picks? Hit us up at info@hornsuprocks.com!


JUDAS PRIEST "Breaking the Law"


PANTERA "Domination (Live in Moscow)"

SLAYER "South Of Heaven"

IRON MAIDEN "Run to the Hills"

SEPULTURA "Territory"

LAMB OF GOD "Laid To Rest"

SLIPKNOT "Before I Forget"


Want to send us your picks? Hit us up at info@hornsuprocks.com!

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Jasmin St. Claire - Confessions of a Sex Symbol (Trailer)

Brazilian Metalera Jasmin St. Claire decided it was time to sit down and chat with Horns Up Rocks founder Jo Schuftan, to discuss her career and to celebrate the release of her new book "What Was I Thinking? Confessions of the World's Most Controversial Sex Symbol". Jasmin is not afraid of being asked "blunt" questions, specially after being on the "Howard Stern Show" 19 times (which makes her the Highest Rated and Favorite Adult Film Star Guest). The interview took place at the "World Famous" Duff's Brooklyn on Halloween night!

Here is the trailer, the complete series is coming very soon to Horns Up Rocks! It will include EXCLUSIVE images of Jasmine's latest SEXY shoot. \m/

We want to thank Jasmin for her awesomeness, as well as Jimmy Duff for the hospitality! Huge props to Damien Mitchell for the pictures and Jay Belou for the video work!

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


This past Friday, the first version of Dimebash 2010 took place at the Key Club on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, California. The event was organized as a tribute to "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott (Pantera and Damageplan), who was shot and killed on December 8, 2004 at the Alrosa Village in Columbus Ohio. The event was also a fund raiser for the "Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund". Additionally, the concert was shot for a future DVD release and proceeds from the sales will also go towards the fund.

The event featured some of the top Hard Rock musicians in the world, here is the partial list:

Lemmy Kilmister (MOTÖRHEAD)
Jerry Cantrell and Mike Inez (Alice In Chains)
Simon Wright (DIO)
Brent Smith, Zach Myers and Eric Bass (SHINEDOWN)
Kerry King and Dave Lombardo (SLAYER)
Robb Flynn and Phil Demmel (MACHINE HEAD)
Chuck Billy (TESTAMENT)
Maria Brink and Chris Howorth (IN THIS MOMENT)
Tony Campos (STATIC-X)
Gerry Nestler (PHILM)
John Boecklin (DEVILDRIVER)

This "All Stars" performed songs by PANTERA, BLACK SABBATH, and MOTÖRHEAD

Additionally, the sold-out event was hosted by Jose Mangin from Sirius XM, Headbangers Ball and Latination. Jose has hosted several Dimebag events, including the "Ride for Dime". Mangin also jammed with Chuck Billy (Testament), Phil Demmel (Machine Head), Joey Jordison (Slipknot & Rob Zombie) and Tony Campos (Static X & Asesino). During their cover of Mouth For War, he cut his head open with Phil Demmel's Dean headstock. Chuck Billy later baptized Jose's gash as the "Dimegash".

Here are some pictures by Dirtjunior.com from this historic event:

Lemmy Kilmister

Jerry Cantrell and Robb Flynn

Chuck Billy and Jose Mangin

Robb Flynn and Tony Campos

Here are some videos shot during Dimebash!

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Rhythmical Precision with Dave Lombardo

When it comes to drumming techniques, there are very few drummers that can deliver every hit with so much precision and technique, like Slayer's Dave Lombardo does. What started as a hobby soon became the key to a successful career. Apart from his work with Slayer, Lombardo has merged into other musical genres and has managed to leave his drumming trademark in every project he has been part of. What sets Dave Lombardo apart is his diverse style, which is a result of his extensive musical taste.

Recently, our friends over at Music Photocalypse caught up with Dave Lombardo at the Sonisphere Festival in Finland to discuss Lombardo's role as Slayer's drummer, and also his many side projects. Also discussed are his kids’ musical tastes, his collaboration with Mike Patton from Faith No More, and much more. Without further due, here is an interview with one of the best drummers in the history of Rock N’ Roll.

Slayer has gone from getting no recognition by regular radio and television, to performing on national programs like Jimmy Kimmel Live. Do you feel that this is something Slayer earned after so many years of hard work, or is it something that the band would rather not have happening?

Dave: I think it is earned, because we have worked hard. We have not gone away, we have not been lazy. We have always kept doing what we liked to do, and also doing what felt right to us.

A lot of people work better with the pressure of a deadline. You guys actually wrote most of “World Painted Blood” album in the studio. Did this add more pressure to the band thus affecting the band’s creativity?

Dave: I think it improved the creativity of the band. It did not put any pressure on anybody. I think, what it did – it just made us work harder together, instead of, you know, knowing that there was enough time and you argue and you know, things break down, whatever, musically. But it did not happen this time, this time we all worked together.

What about the visual concept of the album? When we saw the promo video about the guy killing women to create a copy of his mother from their body parts, we were definitely shocked.

Dave: I do not like it at all. But that is the part of the arts of SLAYER. But it is not something I like too much. I think it could have been done in a different way.

A lot of drummers constantly practice to progress. I’ve heard that you do not practice at home and you also do not warm up before the shows. How do you manage to be so precise?

Dave: Well, I have a different kind of philosophy. When I go to practice with the band, let’s say a week before we go on tour, every day that I practice is a day that I am warmed up. So if I played yesterday, why do I need to warm up today, when I am already strong from the day before? I think sometimes you tire yourself out. I tire myself out, why would I do this? I will sit like this before I go on stage (pretends to sit on a drum throne), maybe I will stretch a little bit, but just stretching, not doing any kind of drumming.

Since you joined Slayer, how did your approach to drumming change, comparing the beginning of SLAYER’s history and when you came back after being away for 10 years?

Dave: I feel like the stuff I did before “Decade Of Aggression” was very immature. I think the stuff that I am playing now is more mature, it is a little better, and it is structured better. The drum rolls have a little more flavor than before. Back then they were cut up thoughtless. But some people don’t agree with that. They think that those old records are good, which I agree, they are good, but they could have been better.

What is the biggest difference between playing with SLAYER and playing with other bands?

Dave: Slayer’s music is more physical, it is more like I am going to the gym. With other bands, if we take Fantômas for example, which is Mike Patton’s band that I play in, it is very different – that music is very thought-out. You have to really think about what you are going to do.

Speaking of Fantômas, how did that come about and how does it feel to work with Mike Patton?

Dave: Mike Patton is great, he is a genius. I love working with that guy! We have always known what each other is working on. Me and Mike Bordin (the drummer of Faith No More), we are fans of each other’s work, so we always said hi to each other, we knew each other. Patton was a Slayer fan, well, still is into Slayer. Faith No More played their last show in Los Angeles and I went there and Patton approached me like 3 months later after I met him at that show. He approached me and asked me if I wanted to play in a band that he was putting together. He explained the music and I said “I understand what you want”.

So of all the projects and bands that you have played with, which is the most interesting one?

Dave: Fantômas.

Well, that is quite understandable. I’ve heard that you are working on a solo percussion album, how is that going?

Dave: Slow [laughs] I can’t finish it. It is like I want to finish it so bad, but I can’t for some reason. I have all my stuff with me, my little studio travels with me, but I just can’t. When I am flying almost every other day, I am playing a show every day; it is very difficult to get into that mood.

Is it just percussion, or is there some accompanying music?

Dave: I call it drum music; to me it is like almost world music, a little bit like that. A little bit strange, it is more ambient, with soundtrack kind of music.

What do your kids listen to?

Dave: Muse, Circa Survive, The Fall of Troy, and more of modern Metal.
Are they into the music you are writing?

Dave: I don’t know. I played our CDs for them. But they are more into newer stuff that is coming out. And they introduced me to an awesome band by the way. You probably going to laugh, but do you know that “Black Parade” album?

The album by My Chemical Romance?

Dave: Yes. But it is a fantastic album! Ok the band… It is not really metal. But the album is really good. “American Idiot” by GREEN DAY – this one is also a fantastic album. My kids all love their music. So I really got into some of those albums. To me they are really good because they got solid musical structures, great songs and their music is good...

Is there any work that you have done in the past which you would redo if you had a chance?

Dave: Yeah, the DJ Spooky album, that rap-record I did. I wasn’t satisfied with it then. Maybe some of the playing could have been better.

Many musicians, especially vocalists and guitarists, in some kind of fit of honesty admit that they got into music mostly to get laid and to score with chicks. So what is the deal for drummers, because nobody can see them usually?

Dave: I know that is true. I think initially I got into music, because, of course, I wanted to be a rock star and it had to do with chicks…

So you have that too *laughs*

Dave: So yeah, I have that too.

But it is probably much easier for a vocalist to score chicks than a drummer…

Dave: Oh yeah, for a vocalist it’s easy, he could be 4 feet tall and not a great singer and he would still get all the chicks. But are you asking if it is easier for me? Sometimes.

Well, I don’t mean for you, but for drummers in general.

Dave: Yeah… Once they find out that it’s the drummer, then something happens.
Slayer has an image of being a cool tough band, but have you ever had any Spinal Tap moments?

Dave: All the time, like getting lost while getting off-stage. You know it is like “where do I go?” and I can’t find my way to the dressing room. That has happened to me. I started the wrong song, like we are playing a set on stage and I start the wrong song. One time with Fantômas I fell off my drum riser, things like that happen all the time. I fell off my drum riser, things like that happen all the time. \m/

Interview by: Tanja Caciur, Victoria Maksimovich from Music Photocalypse for Bravewords.com.

Here are some video of Dave Lombardo doing what he does best!

Pictures courtesy of Music Photocalypse and Damien Maurer (Almost Famous Photography)

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

TOP 5 Album Covers

On yesterday's episode of VH1 Classic's That Metal Show, Eddie Trunk, Don Jamieson and Jim Florentine, picked their top 5 album covers. Here are the results? Don't agree with them? Check out OUR Top 5 and send us YOURS to info@hornsuprocks.com!


OZZY "Blizzard Of Ozz"


JUDAS PRIEST "British Steel"

KISS "Alive"

Here is the HORNS UP ROCKS Top 5:


PANTERA "Cowboys From Hell"


MACHINE HEAD "The Blackening"

SLAYER "Reign In Blood"

Here is the Top 5 of James Coleman (Horns Up Rocks fan)

VAN HALEN "1984"

METALLICA "Master Of Puppets"

MEGADETH "Peace Sells (But Who's Buying0"

TWISTED SISTER "Come Out and Play"

IRON MAIDEN "Somewhere In Time"

Don't agree with these Top 5's? Send us YOURS to info@hornsuprocks.com!

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