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Friday, December 17, 2010


What better way to end such an amazing year in Heavy Music, then by announcing the RETURN of Headbangers Ball on MTV2. While the show continued running after Jamey Jasta left the show, the old school HBB fans were not feeling it. What was missing? A good host, with some kick-ass guest and at a better time slot.

The HOST: José Mangin from Sirius XM Liquid Metal and Latination! Here are some facts about our Metal Compadre:

- José Mangin is one of the most passionate and knowledgeable Metal heads on the planet.

- He started his career in radio at the University of Arizona in Tucson, where he was Metal Director at the College radio station.

- While attending Pharmacy graduate school in Memphis, he landed a job in radio and ended up choosing a life of Rock N Roll over medicine.

- In 2000 he moved to New York City and began his job as a national radio Program Director and on-air personality at Sirius Satellite Radio.

- Apart from hosting a few special episodes of Headbangers Ball, José also hosted the very first Revolver Golden Gods Awards for MTV2 in 2009.

- In the last 10 years José Mangin has interviewed every Metal icon! The infinite list includes: Ozzy Osbourne, Ronnie James Dio, Peter Steel, Phil Anselmo, James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Tom Araya, Kerry King, Dave Mustaine, Corey Taylor and the list goes on and on.

Here is what José had to say about his new adventure with HBB:
“It’s been a lifelong goal and dream to be a part of the holy HEADBANGERS BALL a show that gave me my metal wings when I was a little kid,” said Mangin. “I’m far beyond honored to be hosting 2010’s ‘Year in Metal’ special with a team that dominates and has the same goal I do—to infect the world with heavy metal music! As our godfather Ozzy Osbourne always says…‘let’s go f’in CRAZY!!!’”

Tune in to MTV2 this Saturday for a NEW version of the show! The show will be kicked off in style, check the press release out: "The can’t-miss half-hour special presentation will feature some of the biggest names in Metal: Anthrax, Max Cavalera, In this Moment, Ozzy Osbourne bassist Rob Blasko and editors from Revolver and Decibel magazines, who will all be on hand to look back at 2010’s defining moments of metal. If that wasn’t enough, the show will also provide viewers with VIP access to an exclusive performance from Brooklyn’s own, Life of Agony."


We want to congratulate our good friend José Mangin and wish him the BEST OF LUCK! \m/

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Thursday, December 16, 2010


On Sunday November 28, thanks to Doc Coyle (God Forbid) and Ria Katz (Santos Party House), God Forbid, Mutiny Within, Dead Men Dreaming, Timeless, Human Decline, The Judas Syndrome, Empyreon and a Great Day To Die, took center stage at Santos Party House in New York City, in order to help Tommy Vext (former singer of Divine Heresy and Snot) raise some funds. The matinee was a memorable event, and it was really good to see so many people supporting such an awesome cause.

While all the bands kicked ass, the highlight of the night was when Tommy returned to the stage after 17 months (his last show had been on May 17, 2009 with Snot in California), and played an emotional acoustic set. Tommy was joined by his best friend Doc Coyle from God Forbid, who is also his band-member on a new project they recently started working on (pre-production started on December 9th).

The project was suppose to start months ago, but it had to come to a halt when he was viciously attacked by his own brother. Here is an extract of an interview with Tommy (courtesy of Metal Insider) explaining what happened that horrific day.

"On the evening of September 19th I was leaving my apartment in Brooklyn to visit my sister and was struck over the back of my head from behind during an attempted robbery. I fell and turned around and was struck again with a crowbar. The metal bar broke my left arm and this is when I saw my attacker. A 6’1, 320 pound man covered in dirt & blood. It was my estranged brother. Homeless, intoxicated and desperate, he repeatedly hit me on the back and sides with the weapon as I tried to shield myself from the blows. I managed to get on my feet and throw him off of me. I took off to a neighbors house and called 911. The ambulance arrived and I was rushed to the Hospital. After multiple X-rays & MRI’s, the doctors found I had a fractured skull and broken arm. I was discharged the next day. Because my attacker had not been apprehended I was staying with a friend in Manhattan during the first few days of my recovery. Four days after the incident, I collapsed in a Manhattan restaurant and was rushed back to the Hospital. This time the doctors found I had been internally bleeding since the 19th and now my spleen had ruptured. I went into emergency surgery at Cornell Hospital where my spleen was removed and I received a blood transfusion."

Here is a video that our good friend Tommy Jones from "The Studio" in New Jersey, shot and edited at the benefit. If you couldn't make it, but still want to help Tommy out. You can donate any amount via his PayPal account: tommyvext@gmail.com. We also have an EXCLUSIVE interview with Tommy coming soon!

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A Vision Of Disorder

And to the brink, I will rise!!! Vision Of Disorder is ready to rise once again and show the world what they are capable of doing through their furious music. Like most successful bands, their career has been one hell of a roller-coaster. What started as a Hardcore band in 1992, quickly evolved into a crossover between Hardcore, Metalcore and even Grunge Music. While some fans might see this as a lame move, there is nothing more refreshing then watching a band evolve their musical craft.

The journey has not been easy for Vision Of Disorder. Their early years got the band nationwide recognition, which resulted in a very fast paced and stressful rhythm for some very young guys. Get this, by the time most kids start college, VOD was playing shows with some of the best Heavy Metal bands in history: Black Sabbath, Pantera, Slayer, Sepultura, Tool, and Megadeth! While this was amazing for a Hardcore band from Long Island New York, there are a lot of things that VOD found the hard way.

One of the hard lessons that Vision Of Disorder learned very quickly was how the record industry works. We believe that one of the factors that affected the relationship between the band and the record industry was the fact that it was hard for record labels to categorize their music, which affected the way their music was marketed. In 2002, after years of disappointment with various record labels, the band took an extended hiatus.

Fast forward to 2006, when the band reunited at the “Superbowl of Hardcore” in New York City. The response of the fans was incredible, but Vision Of Disorder were not in the proper head-space for recording a new album and to go on a full-blown tour. Part of the delay in the band making a full comeback, is the fact that singer Tim Williams is overcoming his addictions.

Currently, the band is recording a 5-song demo that they plan on shopping around to different record labels. Once they find the right deal, they will re-enter the studio and work on their next full-length album. Their goal is to keep the evolution of Vision Of Disorder going strong, and to record songs that will transmit furiously when they get on stage in front of the “VOD kids”.

Here is an interview we conducted with VOD's frontman Tim Williams, when they DESTROYED The Gramercy Theater in New York City this past August:

Here are some interesting facts about Vision Of Disorder:

- VOD was formed in 1992, when guitarists Matt Baumbach and Mike Kennedy recruited singer Tim Williams, drummer Brendon Cohen and bassist Mike Fleischmann.

- Around the time when they recorded their 7 inch titled "Still", they got invited to participate in a documentary about the New York Hardcore scene titled N.Y.H.C., which helped the band to start creating an underground following. This was enough for Roadrunner Records to offer the band a major record deal.

- In 1996 they released their self-titled album, often referred to as the "green album" because of the artwork on the cover. The album was glorified by many old school Hardcore fans for its original sound.

- "Imprint" was recorded in only 2 weeks, because that is what was budgeted by Roadrunner Records. As a result the sound is raw, which turned off some fans. This is when the band decided to leave Roadrunner Records. “Imprint” features a duet between Tim Williams and Phil Anselmo from Pantera, Down, etc.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


When a Heavy Music fan sees the Biohazard logo at a doctor's office or medical laboratory, the first thing that comes to mind is Brooklyn based Hardcore legends BIOHAZARD. Established in 1987 in Brooklyn, when Hardcore music was at a pivotal point. The Brooklyn based band took Hardcore music to another level, and added a new flavor to the ever changing genre. Not only did every song have attitude and power, but it also had that urban feel that makes New York Hardcore such a unique musical style. Biohazard was one of the first bands to perfectly blend Hardcore Punk, Heavy Metal and Hip Hop.

While the band has had its ups and downs, including a few lineup changes, today they stand tall and strong. Their original lineup is back together, and after experiencing Biohazard live at Irving Plaza in New York City in 2008 and at The Crazy Donkey in Long Island in 2009, the 4 man have not lost the fire that got them worldwide recognition. We are of course talking about Evan Seinfeld (Vocals/Bass), Billy Graziadei and Bobby Hambel (Guitars), and Danny Schuler (Drums).

As soon as Biohazard gets on stage nobody is safe, this Hardcore veterans can wake the dead up with their energetic display of musical fury. While their message has changed throughout the years, their power has remained intact. In our opinion, the break they took worked in their favor because now they are at a different phase, and we are pretty sure that their upcoming release is going to be one of the best records of 2011.

Here are some interesting facts about Biohazard:

- Biohazard was formed in 1987 in the Bensonhurst neighborhood of Brooklyn.

- Peter Steele (RIP) from Type O Negative and Carnivore, named the band.

- Their first demo was released in 1988, and the media immediately took notice, since they felt that the lyrics displayed fascist and white supremacist views, even though Evan Seinfeld is Jewish.

- The band was accused of promoting racism through their music, and after denying this for years, Seinfeld and Graziadei explained that it was a publicity stunt to win over Carnivore’s fans. Eventually, they stopped playing the controversial songs. From that moment on the band started to transmit a message of tolerance and anti-racism.

- While Biohazard has never considered themselves a Hardcore band, they became a key asset of the New York Hardcore scene. During the CBGB’s days, they often shared the stage with NYHC titans Cro-Mags and Agnostic Front.

- In the past many clubs have refused to let Biohazard play, since they are afraid that the show will be too violent. As a result, bands like Mucky Pup would sneak them on stage to perform a few songs before their set.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Seventh Void

Seventh Void was established in 2003, when Johnny Kelly and Kenny Hickey from Type O Negative joined forces with Matt brown from A Pale Horse Named Death and Hank Hell. Their debut album “Heaven is Gone” was released in North America on April of 2009 on Vinnie Paul’s (Pantera, Damageplan, Hellyeah) record label “Big Vin Records”, and in November 2010 in Europe via “Napalm Records”.

The first time I heard of Seventh Void was after Peter Steele passed away this in April. Once I heard the musical power of Seventh Void, I couldn’t believe me it took that long to discover then. But hey, better late than never! “Heaven is Gone” is one of my favorite tracks out of the album, and it was also the first song I heard from them. I’ve always been a fan of Kenny’s voice, especially in songs like “All Hallows Eve” & “We Hate Everyone” by Type O Negative. Another factor that adds to the bands over sound is having Johnny on drums. Johnny in my opinion is one of the most influential drummers in Heavy Metal, along with Sal Abruscato (Life Of Agony, A Pale Horse Named Death), Vinnie Paul (Pantera, Damageplan, Hellyeah), Lars Ulrich (Metallica) and Dave Lombardo (Slayer).

My ear drums tell me: “This band kicks ass!” From the moment I listen to the album from beginning to end. Every song has its own feel, but never loses its edge like most bands do when they try experimenting. There are certain “mainstream” bands that write one or two good songs, and the rest of the album sucks! Seventh Void is not this type of band, and you can tell that they work carefully on every song to make sure that the whole album is good front beginning to end.

I have had the pleasure of chatting with Johnny Kelly a few times, and he is just a down to earth guy who is lucky to be doing what he loves to do. His passion and humbleness are the reason why he has so much respect and support from the fans. From what I have heard, the chances of having Seventh Void perform in Toronto are slim. But if I have to travel to see them, I will be the first in line.. Cheers and Keep those Horns High UP!

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Album Cover by Joey James

Johnny Demone (Horns Up Rocks correspondent in Toronto, Canada) \m/

In Memoriam: A Tribute to Chuck Schuldiner

Yesterday marked the ninth year anniversary of the passing of a true legend: Charles Michael "Chuck" Schuldiner (May 13, 1967 – December 13, 2001). Chuck was the founder of one of the most renowned and influential bands in Heavy Metal: DEATH.

Schuldiner was the singer, main songwriter, rhythm and lead guitarist of Death (founded in 1983). Due to his influence and talent, he is worthily known as "The Father of Death Metal." Known for his modesty and kindness, Chuck often denounced the flattering attention he received for his accomplishments. "I don’t think I should take the credits for this Death Metal stuff. I am just a guy from a band, and I think Death is a Metal band.”

Chuck started playing guitar at the tender age of 9. After his older brother passed away, his parents figured that giving him a new hobby would help young Chuck to cope with this significant loss. When he was 16, Chuck started a band called Mantas, which eventually became Death. His initial influences include: Iron Maiden, Billy Idol, and French band Sortilège.

In 1987, Schuldiner released the first Death album, which he titled “Scream Bloody Gore”. A year later he released “Leprosy”, and in February of 1990 he released the critically acclaimed “Spiritual Healing”. One of the key moves Chuck made in order to get Death to the next level, was to recruit fellow legend and guitarist James Murphy.

The turning point for Death was when they released their breakthrough album “Human”. On this album Chuck explored more technical and progressive abilities, which eventually became Death’s signature sound. This musical progression and perfection continued on 1993's “Individual Thought Patterns”, 1995's “Symbolic”, and “The Sound of Perseverance”, which was released in 1998. Over time, Death underwent many lineup changes, which opened the doors for various musicians who are now considered Heavy Metal all-stars. A few of these all-stars who contributed to Death’s legacy include: Gene Hoglan, Richard Christy, Sean Reinert, Paul Masvidal, and Steve DiGiorgio. With these accomplishments, Death warranted their perpetual legendary status throughout the Metal world, which still stands strong today.

Throughout his career, Schuldiner was never afraid to take on controversial issues and uphold his own personal views. On the album “Spiritual Healing”, he divulged his anti-drug values through his lyrics for "Living Monstrosity" and even raged against abortion on the track "Altering the Future.” He was also known to speak openly against “satanic” themes, which have always been part of Death Metal. He disputed in opposition to stereotypes and classifications that portrayed Metal-heads to be harmful to animals and people, or to be purveyors of death and malevolence. He strongly opposed artists who were "out of control", and attracted negative attention to the Death Metal scene. Chuck was a role model to the fans, and also to the bands he had the chance to influence through his music and viewpoints.

After further evolvement of his musical endeavors and styles, Chuck decided to retire the Death name, and formed a new band called Control Denied. In 1999, they released “The Fragile Art of Existence”.

Around May of 1999, Chuck had been experiencing pain in his upper neck. After being sent for an MRI exam, he was sadly diagnosed with life threatening pontine glioma, a malignant type of brain cancer that attacks the brain stem. He was immediately sent to undergo radiation therapy. In October 1999, Chuck’s family announced that the tumor had necrotized. Then in January 2000, chuck underwent a surgical procedure in order to remove the rest of the tumor. The operation was a success, and Chuck continued his work with Control Denied.

In May 2001 (two years after his initial diagnosis), the cancer returned. This time, due to a financial debt he was not able to receive the immediate surgery that his condition required; to make matters worse his medical insurance denied the coverage of the treatment. Many influential figures of the music industry, as well as a strong alliance of dedicated fans, gathered in support of Chuck’s impact to the music world, and rallied to raise funds to benefit his demanding medical needs. Still unable to acquire the necessary surgical procedure that would possibly save his life, he underwent chemotherapy. The harsh side effects of this treatment immensely weakened Chuck, and took a severe toll on his ability to continue with his music. In late October, Chuck’s frail body fell ill to pneumonia. On December 13th, 2001, at approximately 4 PM (Eastern), Chuck tragically died at the young age of 34.

Today, 9 years after the passing of a true Heavy Metal icon, Chuck’s memory continues to thrive through the influence of his music and the admiration of his ability to always stay true to his beliefs. Chuck is truly a pioneer of Metal, and a hero for all who he has affected with his accomplishments, attitude, and morale. "I would like to live forever, if it was possible", he once said in an interview. Little did he know at the time, that with the significant and historical impact he left on the Metal community, he surely would.

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Written by: Alissa Shimansky (Brutal Bitches Productions NY).
Co-written by Frank D’Erasmo, Founder/Drummer of Legionary (NY/NJ).

Monday, December 13, 2010

The 2011 March Metal BEATDOWN

It gives us great pleasure to announce that we are hosting an EPIC Underground Heavy Metal show on Saturday March 5th 2011, at The Trash Bar in Brooklyn. After the success of Death-Mas (thanks to everyone who came), the awesome staff at The Trash Bar have asked us to come back and bring the fury that we are famous for!

On March 5th, Horns Up Rocks and Brutal Bitches Productions present:


Location: The Trash Bar in Brooklyn (256 Grand Street, Brooklyn NY 11211-4303)
Time: DOORS @ 7, SHOW @7:30 PM Sharp (Open bar from 8 - 9)
DJ: Jo Schüftan from Horns Up Rocks
Host: KARA PAIN from Sirius XM Liquid Metal!!! \m/
Entertainment by: Alissa Shimansky from Brutal Bitches Productions
TICKETS: $12. Contact info@hornsuprocks.com or the bands for presale tix!


Slam One Down: This party band originated back in 2005 when J.R. started coming up with killer riffs and song ideas that you can hear now on their demo titled "The Basement Demos". The riffs followed J.R. through three different bands and it was not until he met vocalist Bobby Brazen that he solidified the style that you hear today.

RESOLUTION 15: We are very stoked to have Resolution 15 on board! This is a band whose sound is rooted in Thrash Metal, Hardcore, Punk, and Classical Music. They use violins in place of guitars to disseminate their egalitarian message of global change.

Formed in 2007, Resolution 15 released their self-titled debut to rave reviews (being featured on the front page of CD Baby for an entire month and in articles in numerous metal blogs) and quickly became a fixture in the New York metal scene. Get to the show early, because you don't want to miss this awesome band!

FLAMES OF FURY was founded in the Spring of 2009, by guitarist Jason Perez & vocalist Angelica Vargas, with the goal of creating the most intense and exciting metal songs possible. With a dedicated stride towards excellence with every note composed, played, and sung, Flames of Fury will blow you away with their extreme mix of power, speed, thrash, epic, doom, black, symphonic, traditional, & modern metal styles.

ALEKHINE'S GUN is a Thrash Metal outfit from Brooklyn, New York. Blending the aggressive styles of Death and Thrash Metal with fierce in your face vocals, AG is strategically looking to make their move in the Metal scene! Come check them out!

FENRISMAW came to life during the winter of 2009. Fenrismaw is the musical manifestation of ancient, primal devastation. Keeping to the creed of real musicianship, and the mentality of the darkest of Metal, Fenrismaw blends primordial savagery with cold, sinister complexity. This is an age drowned in sub par, mediocrity. This is a genre stagnating in the filth of those parasites who do nothing for Metal. We are here as an ally to those true brothers and sisters who have been driving Metal forward. The realm that the Gods of Metal have forged before us is ours to lay claim to.

EMPYREON emerges onto the scene with an innovative sound consisting of keyboard driven melodic metal. Hard to define or categorize, the band prefers to simply call it "Metal".

Comprised of NYC based session musicians, the band had begun as a mutual side project and musical curiosity among members Mike Khalilov (Keyboard, Guitars), Phil Coard (Bass) and Frank Godla (Drums). It began with the Eternal Nightmare EP arranged, recorded by Don Chaffin (Ace Frehley), produced by Eyal Levi (Daath), and mastered by Scott Hull (Meatloaf, John Zorn) within just 1 week of inception.


THE HIXON is a hard hitting Thrash Metal band that leaves a mark of chaos wherever they roam. Ever since their inception over 10 years ago, The Hixon have remained true to their roots and have always proved that Thrash Metal is alive and well.

Last year they toured with Charred Walls of The Damned around the tri-state area, and together with Horns Up Rocks and Jefferson Avenue Productions, they brought their annual Hixonfest to New York City. The event was a huge hit and people are still talking about it. This is why we decide to invite them to the 2011 March Metal Beatdown as our special guest!

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