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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Suffocation Seeks NYC Band

The legendary Death Metal band Suffocation has been busy working on their seventh studio album, which is follow up to their most recent album titled "Blood Oath". While the fans wait with great anticipation, the band has decided to perform a very special show in New York City.

Their show in New York City will take place on May 15th at Santos Party House in New York City. Joining Suffocation will be Misery Index. And get this, the band is seeking for a local Extreme Metal band to open this show.

Here is the bands OFFICIAL statement:

If you are an independent Extreme Metal band located in New York City, and would like the opportunity to perform as an opening act for the Suffocation's show on May 15th at Santos Party House, email emg.joann@gmail.com for consideration.

You can purchase tickets by clicking HERE!

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Sick Of It All: 25 Years of Nonstop Madness

In 1986, the Hardcore music scene was on a decline and there was an urgent need for a fresh sounding band that not only possessed the attitude that is vital within the New York Hardcore scene, but that could potentially get Hardcore music back on track! Sick Of It All is the band that managed to keep the Hardcore train from derailing.

The band was formed in Queens, New York, when brothers Lou (singer) and Pete Koller (guitarist) recruited Armand Majidi (drums) and Rich Cipriano (bass) with the mission of creating fun music with a strong message. Soon after the band formed, they recorded a demo which eventually lead them to become part of the legendary Sunday afternoon matinees at CBGB's in New York City. Soon after they started gaining some local fans, the band recorded their self titled 7" record.

A few years later, Sick Of It All got signed to Relativity Records and recorded their first full-length record titled "Blood, Sweat and No Tears", which was released in 1989. In 1992, they released their second full length album titled "Just Look Around".

In 1993, things got very interesting for Sick Of It All. A vital move for the band was when their current bassist Craig Setari (formerly in Straight Ahead, Rest In Pieces, Youth of Today and Agnostic Front) replaced Rich Cipriano on bass. They also got their big break when major label EastWest Records offered them a record deal. The band inked the deal and soon after recorded "Scratch the Surface", this is also when they produced the music video for their epic anthem "Scratch the Surface". They eventually also recorded a video for "Step Down". Thanks to the success of "Scratch the Surface", the band was able to go on a worldwide tour for the first time in their careers.

In 1997, they released their revolutionary album "Built To Last", which to this day is considered one of the best records in Hardcore history. This record found the band exploring their musical style and blending some more Punk Rock music into their well crafted mix. This record features popular anthemic songs such as "Us vs. Them", "Busted" and "Good Lookin' Out".

The year after releasing "Built To Last", the band decided to leave EastWest Records and to ink a deal with Fat Wreck Chords (owned by Fat Mike of NOFX). Soon after switching labels, Sick Of It All released the single "Potential For A Fall", which they recorded a video for. In February of 1999, they released "Call To Arms".

At the turn of the century, the band switched gears sonically and recorded "Yours Truly". This album was not well received by many fans, even though great songs like "Blown Away", "The Bland Within", "District" and "America" were all tracks recorded for this record. Some believe that the cover art had to do with the nonacceptance of the fans.In 2001, Sick Of It all decided it was time to share their lives as touring musicians with their fans, and they released their first home video titled "The Story So Far". A year later, they released a live record which was part of the Fat Wreck Chords "Live In A Dive" series.

Their seventh studio album titled "Life on the Ropes" was released in 2003. The year later, they came out with an album titled "Outtakes for the Outcast" full of b-sides, covers, and rare tracks.

In 2005, Sick Of It All inked a deal with Abacus Recordings and recorded "Death To The Tyrants". A few years later, a tribute to Sick Of It All titled "Our Impact Will Be Felt" was recorded and released. The covers album features Bane, Bleeding Through, The Bouncing Souls, Ignite, Comeback Kid, Hatebreed, Himsa, Madball, Most Precious Blood, Napalm Death, Pennywise, Rise Against, Sepultura, Stretch Arm Strong, The Suicide Machines, Unearth, and Walls of Jericho. After reading this list, its safe to assume that Sick Of It All have crossed over through various Heavy Music genres and influenced a lot of artists.

Last year, they released "Based On A True Story" via Century Media. The album was very well received, and proved that Sick Of It All has plenty of fire left to burn. We were able to be part of their CD Release/Worldwide tour kickoff show in New York City and to interview Lou Koller. You can watch this video interview below.

Sick Of It All believe in being on top of the game at all times. After 25 years of nonstop madness, they haven't missed a beat and just like fine scotch, the more they age, the better and tighter they get. They proved this and more at their recent 25 Year Anniversary show at Webster Hall.

Here is an EXCLUSIVE video interview we did with Lou Koller, right after they got off stage!

Here is an OFFICIAL statement of the band following their 25th anniversary show:

"The NYC 25th anniversary show was a huge success! It was an awesome kick off for the 25 Years of Non-Stop Hardcore World Tour! First we are off to Eastern Europe with a stop in Russia, then Artefacts Festival w/ Dropkick Murphys & NOFX, a few Scandinavian shows w/ Devil's Brigade & Dropkick Murphys, on to Groezrock and Paaspop, a quick stop back home for the Black N Blue Bowl (featuring Gorilla Biscuits, Agnostic Front, Terror, Absolution and plenty more!) before heading back to Europe in June for Nova Rock, Hurricane & Southside Festivals as well as a show in Milan w/ System Of A Down. We'll finally round out the summer by heading down under with our old pals in Rise Against! We have a lot of catching up to do, so please make your way to the shows and help us ring in the last quarter century of nonstop hardcore!"

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The 2011 Summer Slaughter Tour

The lineup for the 2011 Summer Slaughter Tour has been announced and it promises to be one of the heaviest tours of the year. The event will be headlined by The Black Dahilia Murder, who will be joined by Whitechapel, Darkest Hour, Six Feet Under, Dying Fetus, As Blood Runs Black, Oceano, Fleshgod Apocalypse and Powerglove.

The tour dates and venues for this years Summer Slaughter Tour will be announced on Wednesday April 20. Additionally, there will be one more band on this years tour that the fans get to pick!

Here are the bands that you can vote for: Dawn Of Ashes, Revocation (my personal pick), Neuraxis, Conducting From The Grave, The Contortionist, Within The Ruins, Volumes, Augury, 7 Horns 7 Eyes (recently signed to Century Media), Rings Of Saturn, and Structures. You can vote right here!

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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Liquid Metal Kidnaps Kirk Windstein

Liquid Metal decided it was time to kidnap Kirk Windstein (Crowbar, Down, Kingdom Of Sorrow) and the only way that they will let him go is if he annihilates the satellites with some hard hitting powerful music.

Here is the OFFICIAL press release:

"Sludge Metal lord Kirk Windstein joins Liquid Metal host Jose Mangin inside the Sirius XM headquarters for an hour special surrounding the latest release from CROWBAR called Sever The Wicked Hand (out now through E-One Records). You’ll hear Kirk discuss the new album, their current stint on the Metalliance Tour (featuring Saint Vitus & Helmet), his upcoming summer plans with Kingdom Of Sorrow on the Mayhem Festival, the update on the recording of the new Down, and how life as a father has grounded the 20 year plus Metal veteran and made him see things in a new light. Tune in not only for the exclusive content but also for hard hitting numbers from all his bands, plus some of his favorite cuts from Pantera & Black Sabbath!"

Here are all the details:

- Where? Liquid Metal (Sirius 27/XM 42)

- Who? In-Studio guest: Kirk Windstein

- When? Thursday, March 31 @ 8 PM Eastern

Repeat broadcasts:

- Friday, April 1 @ 5 PM Eastern
- Saturday, April 2 @ 12 PM Eastern
- Sunday, April 3 @ 3 PM Eastern

Photo credit: Bards Eye Photography

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Horns Up Rocks California Takeover

This April Horns Up Rocks will be invading California for the 2011 Revolver Golden Gods Awards and The Big Four tour! Here is the OFFICIAL statement from Horns Up Rocks founder Jo Schüftan:

"During the last year Horns Up Rocks has been delivering a very original and unique flavor of entertainment to all our fans. While we do respect all the sites and promoters that are out there, we believe that we stand out for truly uniting the Heavy Music scene and celebrating our lifestyles. This has all been done through hard work, dedication and passion. Our recent events are living proof of this. I am personally very stoked about our upcoming journey to the West Coast and I am looking forward to covering the Revolver Golden Gods Awards and the Big 4! See you in the pit!"

The Revolver Golden Gods Awards will take place on Wednesday April 20, 2011, at Club Nokie in Downtown Los Angeles. For this edition of the "Revolver Golden Gods Awards" (presented by Epiphone), WWE pro-wrestling legend and FOZZY front-man Chris Jericho will be hosting the event for the second year in a row! Additionally, Mötley Crüe will be receiving the "Ronnie James Dio Lifetime Achievement Award" and shock rock legend Alice Cooper will receive the "Golden God Award". Wait, there's more! This years awards show will be headlined by Avenged Sevenfold, additionally you can expect performances by: The reunited ORIGINAL Alice Cooper Group, Loaded(led by DUFF MCKAGAN of Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver), Devildriver (leading an All-Star tribute to Black Flag featuring Jamey Jasta from Hatebreed), Asking Alexandria (with a guest appearance by SEBASTIAN BACH), Volbeat, Fozzy and many more!

The Big 4 (Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth & Anthrax) tour will take place on Saturday April 23, 2011, at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California. Needless to say, this is the tour of the year and as of right now the only show scheduled in North, Central and South America. After last years successful Big 4 tour in Europe, the Metallica clan (who organized the whole event) decided it was time to deliver the heaviness to the US Metaleros.

We will see you in California!

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Ikillya Listening Party at Duff's

During the last year we have come across a lot of solid Heavy Music bands, but very few have the personality and well crafted aggression that Ikillya possesses. We've had the chance to catch the band live numerous times, and they always make sure they deliver a lethal dose of pure adrenalized Death Metal. In times were their is a flood of bands all over the world, Ikillya is making sure to keep their craft intact while staying clear from the flood.

This Saturday April 2, 2011, Ikillya wants you to come to Duff's Brooklyn (the Heavy Metal Mecca) and headbang to the sounds of their new record titled "Recon". We've had a chance to listen to it and have even spun it at a few of our events, and we strongly suggest that you come indulge your ears into some fresh original hard hitting music. Here is the OFFICIAL statement from Ikillya's frontman Jason Lekberg:

“We’re really proud of RECON and are excited to share it with our friends at Duffs. It’s been an honor to work with everyone on the team on this recording. The experienced production team has helped us capture the aggression and intensity with which we wrote these songs.”

Here are some facts about Ikillya's "Recon":

- Recorded at both Spin Studios (Long Island City, NY) and Nova Studios (Staten Island, NY).

- Produced and mixed by Josh Wilbur (Lamb of God, Black Tide, This or the Apocalypse).

- Engineered by Paul Suarez (Lamb of God, Avenged Sevenfold), Ryan Kelly (Opeth/Orbs/Winds of Plague), and Armando Subero. Drums on RECON were provided by Jeff Gretz (Zao,
Emanuel and the Fear).

- Tracklisting:

1. At My Signal
2. …And Hell Followed With Him
3. E.H.R.
4. Razorblades
5. Godsize
6. Lifesblood
7. Bombs Away
8. Escape Plan
9. Jet Fuel Genetic
10. Echoes In Eternity

Ikillya is: Jason Lekberg (vocals), Dave Kerr (guitar) and Mansa Gory (bass/trumpet).

Download the track “Godsize” for free by joining the Ikillya mailing list at Ikillya's Official Site.

Here are all the details about the listening party:

- Date/Time: Saturday April 2, 2011 @ 10 PM
- Location: 168 Marcy Avenue, Brooklyn NY (JMZ Trains to Marcy Ave.)

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bassist Jon Miller leaves Devildriver

Jon Miller has decided to leave DevilDriver after being with the band since their formation in 2002. Their latest album titled "Beast", was released on February 22 via Roadrunner Records. Here is Miller's OFFICIAL statement:

“I just wanted to thank all of the DevilDriver fans around the world for their die-hard love and support for the past nine years. Yesterday, I decided to leave DevilDriver. It was the most difficult decision of my life but it is something that I needed to do for myself. I had the best times of my life hanging out with all of you guys, but it is time for me to move on. Much love to everyone.”

Here is the band's OFFICIAL statement:

“Everyone in DevilDriver wishes Jon Miller the best in the future!!! Thank you for everything you have done for the band in the past 8 plus years. Much happiness and success to you, Jon.”

Sources close to the band believe that Miller left the band in order to live a healthier lifestyle. Miller did not take part of DevilDriver's Canadian tour in January or the Australian tour in February and March, since he decided to go to rehab. This was after Miller was forced to leave the bands past 2 European tours, due to alcohol and drug related problems. This is a statement he had made earlier this year regarding his substance abuse:

"I need to make a change so that I can save my own life and keep the friends that I still have left. I know that alot of DevilDriver fans seek me out first as the one to party with because I consider myself a very social person who is quite outgoing, personable and friendly. That was all fun in my 20′s touring with the band, but as I am entering my early 30′s I can feel the damage catching up with me mentally and physically. I don’t want to burn out prematurely before my time on this Earth is up. On January 1st I will be entering an intense rehabilitation program in order for me to reclaim my health and the person who I once was."

The band has not confirmed a permanent replacement for Jon Miller.

We wish Jon all the best in his path to a healthier lifestyle! \m/

Photo credit: Cornelia Wickel from Music Photocalypse

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Slayer recruits Cannibal Corpse guitarist Pat O'Brien

Guitarist Pat O'Brien from Death Metal masters Cannibal Corpse will be joining Slayer on their current European tour, as Gary Holt from Exodus (who has been filling in for Slayer's Jeff Hanneman) will be joining his band Exodus for their April 4 gig at "Estadio Nacional" in Santiago, Chile. Hanneman was forced to miss Slayer's European tour after being diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis (commonly known as flesh-eating disease). Holt has been filling in for Hanneman since Slayer kicked off their touring cycle on February 26 in Australia.

Holt's last gig with Slayer will be on April 4 in Padova, Italy. O'Brien will be joining the band for their show April 6 show in Croatia, and will perform with Slayer until the end of their European tour on April 14 in Eindhoven, Holland.

Here are the remaining dates for Slayer's European tour::

- March 28, 2011: La Rivera, Madrid, Spain (Gary Holt, guest guitarist)
- March 29, 2011: Coliseum, La Coruna, Spain (Gary Holt, guest guitarist)
- March 30, 2011: Pavilhao Atlantico, Lisbon, Spain (Gary Holt, guest guitarist)

- April 1, 2011: St. Jordi Club, Barcelona, Spain (Gary Holt, guest guitarist)
- April 3, 2011: Rome Atlantico, Rome, Italy (Gary Holt, guest guitarist)
- April 4, 2011: Gran Teatro, Padova, Italy (Gary Holt, guest guitarist)
- April 6, 2011: Zagreb Arena, Zagreb, Crotia (Pat O'Brien, guest guitarist)
- April 7, 2011: Gasometer, Vienna, Austria (Pat O'Brien, guest guitarist)
- April 8, 2011: Arena Budapest, Budapest, Hungary (Pat O'Brien, guest guitarist)
- April 10, 2011: Prague O2 Arena, Prague, Czech Republic (Pat O'Brien, guest guitarist)
- April 11, 2011: Lodz Sportshall, Lodz, Poland (Pat O'Brien, guest guitarist)
- April 13, 2011: Volkshaus, Zurich, Switzgerland (Pat O'Brien, guest guitarist)
- April 14, 2011: Klokgebouw, Eindhoven, Holland (Pat O'Brien, guest guitarist)

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

St. Murphy's Law Day with Jimmy Gestapo

This past St. Patrick's Day we headed over to the Trash Bar in Brooklyn NY, for the Murphy's Law annual St. Patrick's Day takeover. We had experienced this epic event last year, and thought that it couldn't be beaten, we were wrong! This years mayhem was unbelievable. The band sounded amazing (except for when some drunken douche knocked Raven's Saxophone amplifier) and the fans had no problem at all being fed some real Hardcore Punk with a touch of Reggae. They also didn't complain when being fed PBR's, Jager and other party treats.

As it has become a tradition, Jimmy Gestapo was the life of the party, and made sure that everyone had a good time. As he pointed out during their set, it was really cool to see Hardcore heads, Punk kids and Metaleros, mixed together in the pit having a blast!

This night was very special not only because it was the Murphy's Law annual St. Patrick's Day takeover at The Trash Bar, but it was also the bar's 7th year anniversary. For those of you who are not familiar with The Trash Bar, the venue is considered by many the resurrection of the legendary New York City club CBGB's (Closed in 2006). The vibe at the bar never disappoints and the staff there are some of the coolest people ever.

Here is an EXCLUSIVE video recap of the Murphy's Law annual St. Patrick's Day takeover, featuring a chaotic interview with the always outspoken Jimmy Gestapo. Watch it until the end to find out when you can expect some new Murphy's Law music! So grab a beer, grab a smoke, kick off your shoes, and enjoy!

Special thanks to Jimmy Gestapo and Murphy's Law, The Trash Bar and all the fans!

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Cavalera Conspiracy return with a "Blunt Force Trauma"

Whenever you put the Cavalera brothers (Max and Iggor) inside a jam room, nobody is safe! As we all know, the Cavalera brothers formed the legendary Brazilian Heavy Metal band Sepultura in 1984, and single handily changed the phase of Heavy Music forever. While neither of them are in Sepultura anymore, they are still spreading artistic terrorism with the music that they have been creating with Cavalera Conspiracy. The other members of the band include: guitar virtuoso Mark Rizzo and bassist Johnny Chow.

Their second album is titled "Blunt Force Trauma" and it will be in stores on Tuesday March 29, 2011. After spinning the record numerous times, at different times of the day, on different days... here is the Official Horns Up Rocks review:

Ever since we heard the first Cavalera Conspiracy album titled "Inflikted" (Released on March 24, 2008), we were immediately hooked with this amazing band. From the get-go, we felt the power behind the songs that we have missed ever since the Cavalera brothers recorded Sepultura's "Roots" in 1995. The only missing element that Cavalera Conspiracy were lacking on "Inflikted", was the redefining of their musical craft that can only be done once a band tours endlessly and learns about each others musical strengths and weaknesses. This is exactly what they proved on their new album "Blunt Force Trauma"

As soon as we started listening to the opening track titled "Warlord", our blood started pumping out of control and our ears starting bleeding profusely. Once "Torture" came on, we started understanding the message that Cavalera Conspiracy want to transmit on their new record. One thing we did not expect, which totally blew our minds up, was the duet on "Lynch Mob" between Max and Roger Miret from the legendary New York Hardcore band Agnostic Front! After clearing the air with our fists, we turned the volume even louder and started headbanging to "Killing Inside" and "Thrasher". All of a sudden, "I Speak Hate" came on and we found ourselves headbanging violently out of control (this might be illegal in some countries).

The second half of "Blunt Force Trauma" is kicked off by the song "Target", which lyrically reminds us of Sepultura's song "Territory". Musically speaking "Genghis Khan" has a similar vibe to the first few Sepultura albums. Concluding the record in true Heavy Metal form, Cavalera Conspiracy left the three most brutal songs of the entire record to the very end. By the time you get to the songs "Burn Waco", "Rasputin" and "Blunt Force Trauma", make sure their is nobody surrounding you because they wont be safe!

This record should be bought and owned by every Heavy Music fan worldwide!

Track listing:
- 1) Warlord
- 2) Torture
- 3) Lynch Mob (Featuring Roger Miret of Agnostic Front)
- 4) Killing Inside
- 5) Thrasher
- 6) I Speak Hate
- 7) Target
- 8) Genghis Khan
- 9) Burn Waco
- 10) Rasputin
- 11) Blunt Force Trauma

Special Edition:
12) Psychosomatic
13) Jihad Jow
14) Electric Funeral (Black Sabbath Cover)

Limited Edition Vinyl LP:
15. Six Pack (Black Flag Cover)

Wait, there is more! Starting tomorrow at 9 AM, our friends over at Sirius XM Liquid Metal bring you "MAXimum Cavalera Week". Here are all the details:

- Starts: Tuesday, March 29th at 9 AM (Eastern)

- Ends: Monday, April 4th at 3AM (Eastern)

Official Press Release:
"Liquid Metal celebrates the release of Cavalera Conspiracy’s second album "Blunt Force Trauma" with a special we call "MAXimum Cavalera Week"! Every other hour for a week you’ll hear something NEW off the latest Cavalera Conspiracy and in between those hours either a Soulfly, Sepultura, Nailbomb or other bands that feature Max or his sons (Ritchie’s Incite, Igor & Zyon’s Mold Breaker). "MAXimum Cavalera Week" exclusively on Sirius XM Liquid Metal!"

You can listen to the NEW Cavalera Conspiracy album titled "Blunt Force Trauma (IN STORES TUESDAY MARCH 29, 2011!)" right here!

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Slayer, Rob Zombie and Exodus: Hell On Earth

After over a decade of not sharing a stage, the mighty Slayer and the dangerous Rob Zombie will be headlining a historic North American summer tour. The two titans will be joined by the Thrash Metal legends Exodus! The summer trek will kick off on Wednesday, July 20 at the Sovereign Center in Reading, PA and will conclude on Saturday, August 6 at the WaMu Theatre in Seattle, WA. Tickets go on sale on Friday, April 1 at 10:00 AM and it will sell out. The big question that all Slayer fans have is whither guitarist Jeff Hanneman will be back with Slayer for this tour? Sources close to the band are confident that Jeff will back on stage and ready to shred and melt faces!

"We haven't toured with Zombie since Ozzfest 1999, so you can expect no less than 'hell on earth,'" said Slayer's Kerry King. "Total sonic annihilation and a visual bludgeoning. Bring your own body bag..."

"Total destruction on stage and off is what this combination promises," states Zombie, "Seriously, how much more Hell could you ask for? The answer is none more Hell."

Here are some facts about these 3 phenomenal bands:

Slayer was formed by Jeff Hanneman and Kerry King in 1981 in Huntington Park, California. Slayer became a global phenomenon when they released Reign in Blood in 1986, which is considered one of the most influential Heavy Metal records of all time. Slayer are the kings of fast tremolo picking, atonal guitar solos, double bass drumming, and screaming vocals. They have always had controversial lyrics and album art, and as a result have had several album bans, delays, lawsuits and lots of criticism from religious groups and the general public. Slayer has won 2 Grammy's, one in 2007 for the song "Eyes of the Insane", and one in 2008 for the song "Final Six". They are also part of the "Big Four" of the Bay Area Thrash Metal family, along with Metallica, Anthrax and Megadeth.

Rob Zombie has sold more than 15 million albums, has seven Grammy nominations, has also directed five major motion pictures (including the #1 record-breaking Halloween) and dozens of music videos. With over 25 years under his belt as a successful entrepreneur, his unique meld of horror and Hard Rock has influenced him as a musician, and more recently, as a director and writer. After this not to be missed tour, Zombie will be starting production on his sixth feature film, "The Lords of Salem", with the producers of the Paranormal Activity franchise. Joining Rob Zombie on this tour once again, will be drummer Joey Jordison from Slipknot.

Exodus was formed by Kirk Hammett (Metallica), Gary Holt and Tom Hunting in 1980 in San Francisco, California.
After 30 years of ups and downs, including numerous lineup changes, two extended hiatuses, and the deaths of two former band members. Exodus is still standing heavy and strong. Gary Holt, who is currently replacing Jeff Hanneman in
Slayer, remains the only constant member of the band. On the other hand, drummer Tom Hunting who is also one of the founding members, has departed from the band twice but he is back behind the throne of Exodus.

Tour dates:
- July 20, 2011: Sovereign Center, Reading, PA
- July 22, 2011: DTE Amphitheatre, Detroit, MI
- July 23, 2011: Stage AE, Pittsburgh, PA
- July 27, 2011: MTS Centre, Winnipeg, MB Canada
- July 29, 2011: Credit Union Centre, Saskatoon, SK Canada
- July 30, 2011: Scotiabank Saddledome, Calgary, AB Canada
- July 31, 2011: Rexall Place, Edmonton, AB Canada
- August 2, 2011: Save-On-Foods Memorial Center, Victoria, BC Canada
- August 3, 2011: Rogers Arena, Vancouver, BC Canada
- August 5, 2011: Rose Quarter Memorial Coliseum, Portland, OR
- August 6, 2011: WaMu Theatre, Seattle, WA

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sick Of It All 25th Anniversary Show = Legendary

Last night Sick Of It All celebrated their 25th Anniversary at the Webster Hall in New York City. Joining them for a night of real deal Hardcore, were Snapcase, Merauder and Razorblade Handgrenade. We got their as the venue was starting to get filled up, and within 30 minutes it was completely packed with over 1400 kids.

Razorblade Handgrenade from New Jersey kicked off the festivities with some old school style of Hardcore Punk, and as usual got the pit warmed up with some straight up bashing. As soon as the mighty Merauder stepped on stage, they delivered the Gangster Hardcore Metal which they have been notorious for since their inception in 1990. We had a chance to interview their charismatic front-man Jorge Rosado, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for this very special/comical interview!

By the time Snapcase stepped on stage, Webster Hall was one huge Hardcore party. It is amazing to see a room full of people united by their common love of music. If there is one thing that Snapcase knows how to do, is to get people jumping out of control with their perfect blend of Hardcore, Punk and Metal.

As soon as Snapcase stepped of the stage, the crowd started growing anxious as they awaited for their home town heroes to bring their old school antics to a packed venue full of old and new fans. While Sick Of It All are known for bringing a smile into peoples faces, they are also known for inspiring their fans to slam into each other out of control, to stage dive into each other to and make them lose their voice.

After 25 years you might think that they are getting old and mellowing out. Yeah right! Sick Of It All delivers the most energetic display of aggression wherever they may roam. Last night Lou's vocals sounded crisp and chaotic (like they should), Pete's guitar tone made Webster Hall vibrate uncontrollably, Craig's bass made everyone's hearts feel the power, and Armand's drums sounded tight as hell. No surprise there right? After all we are talking about the World Champions Of Hardcore, yes we said it. Last night Sick Of It All proved that they are the World Champions! We have tons of video coming very soon, as well as a very special post show interview with SOIA's singer Lou Koller.

We want to congratulate Sick Of It All for keeping their music intact and powerful for 25 years! We also want to thank all the fans for making it a legendary night, were there were no major incidents. As announced last night by Sick Of It All, they will be performing at this years Black N Blue Bowl on May 28th! Get your tickets today, because this show will also sell out!

"Thank you to everyone who came out to our 25th anniversary show! It was a great turn out, great to see all our old friends! Thanks to Snapcase who we couldn't have done this show with out, Merauder and Raorblade Handgrenade! Special thanks to our crew and everyone who helped us put that show together! NYC see you at the Black-N-Blue Bowl May 28th!" -Sick Of It All

"Hard to believe that Sick Of It All has been doing this for 25 years. We have so much love and respect for them and it's such a huge honor to be a part of this." -Snapcase

We have a ton of LIVE videos coming very soon! But check out this insanity for now!

PHOTO CREDIT: Lionel Bergeron

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