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Monday, July 12, 2010

No Mercy Metal Showcase - Part DOS

The underground Heavy Music scene is going through very exciting times here in New York City. There are a vast amount of young up and coming bands that have a crushing sound, and the fans are starting to notice this. One of the top reasons why we started Horns Up Rocks is because we know how hungry both the bands and the fans are for something new and original. I think collectively, the Heavy Music fans are getting tired of the same musical equation. So we predict some very interesting times for the Heavy Music scene here in New York City.

We are very proud and stoked to announce that Horns Up Rocks will be co-sponsoring the No Mercy Metal Showcase! The main reason why we decided to do this is because we believe whole-heartedly in the movement that Gotham Rocks, Tech-9 Music and Tim No 37 have created. So on Saturday July 24th, you are all invited for Part Dos of the No Mercy Metal Showcase, in which you will get to experience first hand what we are talking about.

There will be 9 killer bands performing at Santos Party House, which is New York's #1 club! Here are the details:

DATE: Saturday July 24, 2010
LOCATION: Santos Party House
ADDRESS: 96 Lafayette St.
New York, NY 10013

3:45 Dush - absolutely up the minute in their approach to aggressive music, yet at the same time, they draw on melodies and atmospherics that evoke ancient truths, summoning to mind the Bronze Age and the mysteries of the cradle of civilization.

4:30 Until Ashes - We're not here to change the world, but we're here to make it at least a tad bit more bearable.

5:15 We Fall As Heroes - They're not ordinary, because if you ask a random metal head in Queens, they know about WFAH.

6:00 From Bliss To Devastation - Music and lyrics filled with passion and written from the heart, live performances filled with raw energy and emotion allow them to connect with their audience.

6:45 Letchworth - Their style varies from fist throwing, heart pounding breakdowns, to melodic melodies.

7:30 Eyes of The Sun - Our music is intended to create a range of emotions for the listener that we ourselves experience and extract from.

8:15 Facing The Sun - came together as a band in 2007 when some like-minded, blood thirsty folk decided that they wanted to redefine what metal is today.

9:00 Embrace Agony - Melodic heavy metal band with methodical and creative approach to their music that blends different elements of metal, hardcore and hard rock into one powerful delivery.

9:45 Severed - managed to survive and conquer the fickle nature of the NY music world through an indomitable work ethic and a musical ideology that favors quality songwriting above all else.

Hosted by Mother Unique!

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