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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Queen V: Queen of Rock

Last week we headed to an event called "Take Back New York", which took place at Don Hill's here in New York City. The event featured live music, mixed in with two fashion shows. The event featured the amazing Queen V, a band that plays a very eclectic mix of rock, which makes the girls groove and the guys drool. This type of events bring people together in harmony and the vibe at Don Hill's was impeccable.

That night we had the pleasure of interviewing Queen V and talk to her about music, fashion and culture. Queen V is the type of person that radiates energy on and off the stage. Her talent has taken care to places where most can only dream of. Queen V has worked with Metal God Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead, guitar legends Slash and Tom Morello, and many other high profile artists.

If you haven't seen Queen V rock the stage, you need to do your ears a favor and take them to a Queen V show. On Thursday July 29 Queen V will be headlining the 2 year anniversary of the Gotham Rocks showcase, which will take place at the Highline Ballroom in New York City. Gotham Rocks are one of the gatekeepers of the tri-state Rock N Roll scene, and the event promises to be memorable.

Here is an exclusive interview with Queen V! We want to thank the girls from Sugar N Spikes for making this happen.

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Unknown said...

AYO HORNS UP! Miz Katastrophe of S&S here. This priceless interview with rock n roll goddess Queen V is awesomely inspiring! Love this bad-ass chick for holding her grounds in the legendary NYC music world & non-stop bringing back rock! Sharing the stage with Queen V and my girls and experiencing her unleashed energy as she owned the mic at Don Hill's was a huge thrill! Thanks Horns Up Rocks, very glad to have hooked you up with this really sick interview with the one and only V. -Miz www.sugarandspikesrocks.com