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Friday, May 6, 2011

An Evening with Amon Amarth in Times Square

Last night Amon Amarth brought their furious Heavy Metal to hundreds of headbangers at the Best Buy Theater in Times Square, New York City, for "An Evening with Amon Amarth". We had personally never seen the band, but had very high expectations, which the band proved right last night and demonstrated that they are one of the most important Heavy Metal bands to ever surface from Scandinavia.

Last night was Amon Amarth's show, and like any band that plays New York City, they know that people have great expectations. We had a chance to talk with the band before the show and they were all pretty anxious to deliver their powerful music to all the Metaleros present at the show.
For over 2 hours the band demonstrated how tight they are on stage and made everyone in the crowd tired just by watching them play their music at full blast. The band played two full sets. On the first set they played their brand new album "Surtur Rising" in its entirety, and after a short intermission (beer break) they played a second set full of their famous Viking Metal anthems. The technicality of this band is without a doubt what made them successful and what keeps people coming back to their shows and losing their mind in the pit.

We ran into Brian Slagel from Metal Blade Records (Amon Amarth's label) at the end of the show and we sarcastically told him that the show was so bad that we either wanted our money back or for the band to do another show. He confirmed that they will be back in New York City at the end of the summer. We can't wait! \m/

SETLIST for Set 1:
1) "War of the Gods"
2) "Töck's Taunt: Loke's Treachery Part II"
3) "Destroyer of the Universe"
4) "Slaves of Fear"
5) "Live Without Regrets"
6) "The Last Stand of Frej"
7) "For Victory or Death"
8) "Wrath of the Norsemen"
9) "A Beast Am I"
10) "Doom Over Dead Man"

SETLIST for Set 2:
1) Twilight of the Thunder God
2) Masters of War
3) Live for the Kill
4) With Oden on our Side
5) Guardians of Asgaard
6) Asator
7) Varyags of Miklagaard
8) Thousands Years of Oppression
9) Without Fear
10) Victorious March/Gods of War/Death in Fire

1) Cry of the Black Birds
2) Runes to My Memory
3) The Pursuit of Viking

Here is what the fans thought about the show:

"I've been to many metal shows, countless to be honest. And I can truly say, The show you put on tonight was the most brutal show I have ever been too. keep up the good work guys! \m/" - Anthony Rafferty (Staten Island, New York)

"This was the best show I have ever been to. Of course I had to finish my evening with a trip to see thor. I think Johan would have been a much better choice." - Stephanie Ramos Weininger

"AWESOME SHOW ♥ Thanks for making a bad day turn into a great night :3 I lost my voice and I am damned happy about it. Thanks guys!" - Ley Dodds

"Thanks so much had a blast. Mosh the whole night. 1 and 2 sets were fucking brutal!" Diego Tapia (Queens)

Remaining US tour-dates:

5/06: Paradise Rock Club - Boston, MA
5/07: Theatre Of Living Arts - Philadelphia, PA


Presented by METAL HAMMER

13/5 (N) OSLO / Betong
14/5 (S) STOCKHOLM / Tyrol
15/5 (S) GOTHENBURG / Trädgarn *
17/5 (DK) COPENHAGEN / Vega
18/5 (D) HAMBURG / Grosse Freiheit 36
19/5 (B) ANTWERP / Hof Ter Lo
20/5 (NL) AMSTERDAM / Melkweg
21/5 (D) COLOGNE / E-Werk (Tickets)
22/5 (F) PARIS / Elysee Montmartre
24/5 (D) MUNICH / Tonhalle (Tickets)
25/5 (I) MILAN / Limelight
27/5 (D) DESSAU / Metalfest Germany
28/5 (A) MINING / Metalfest Austria
29/5 (CH) PRATTELN / Metalfest Switzerland

*without Black Dahlia Murder

Photo Credit: BetYouIdid

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