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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The MAXIMUM CAVALERA Tour Proves That The Cavalera Legacy Is Intact!

Max Cavalera's reach for musical horizons that have never been reached before is what has established him as one of the most influential Heavy Music musicians of all time. And now his kids are following his footsteps! The "Maximum Cavalera" tour is in full effect, and for the first time ever the fans are getting the chance to see Max's kids with their bands INCITE (Richard Cavalera's band) and LODY KONG (Zyon & Igor Cavalera's band)!

This Friday, the "Maximum Cavalera" tour visited the city that never stops rocking! Apart from the Cavalera clan, the show featured performances from WYKKED WYTCH and our friends from IRATETION. Here is our recap of this great show!

Usually when you have an early show (this one started at 5:40) the venue is pretty much empty. Well, this time around New Jersey badass Metallers IRATETION made sure that this wasn't the case. Ever since we came across IRATETION, we knew that their energetic music would transmit beautifully on a big venue with a proper sound system. This was definitely the case!

Following IRATETION, were Miami's own WYKKED WYTCH! If you think Miami, Florida has no place in Heavy Music think again. Not only did they deliver a perfect blend of Blackened Death Metal a la GOATWHORE, but they get the crowd moving thanks to Ipek's great presence and energy!

                                                  IGOR CAVALERA (Lody Kong)

Next it was time for the first Cavalera's to hit center stage and prove why the Cavalera legacy is not to be messed with. While LODY KONG still needs some work within their musical craft, the energy of the band reminded us of THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN! While Igor Cavalera has an air to NIRVANA's Kurt Cobain, his vocal style is scream based and not harmony based. And hey, Zyon Cavalera's drumming proves that he has uncle Igor's drumming DNA!

                                          RICHIE CAVALERA (Incite)

Around 7:45 PM, Richie Cavalera's INCITE took center stage and demonstrated that they have been working hard on their stage show. It is very cool to see Richie come to his own, but its not surprising to see him exhaling out of control. Richie is the blonde kid that used to join SOULFLY on stage while the band was touring all over the world. The energy presented by INCITE warmed the crowd up for the SOULFLY tribe!

                                       MAX CAVALERA (Soulfly)        

Once the SOULFLY tribe took over New York City, nobody was safe! While the band made sure that they presented the crowd a lot of NEW songs from their damaging album entitled 'Enslaved', we really liked how they mixed in classic SOULFLY and SEPULTURA songs. We can honestly say that Max Cavalera and company know that they needed to prove that the students (INCITE, LODY KONG, WYKKED WYTCH & IRATETION) can still learn from one of the best lineups in Heavy Music today!

                                            TONY CAMPOS (Soulfly)

                                          MARC RIZZO (Soulfly)
SOULFLY with INCITE, LODY KONG and WYKKED WYTCH (Remaining Tour Dates):

May 01, 2012: The Brikhouse in Wilmington, NCMay 02, 2012: Ziggy's in Winston-Salem, NC
May 04, 2012: State Theater in St. Petersburg, FL
May 05, 2012: Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale, FL
May 07, 2012: Scout Bar in Houston, TX
May 08, 2012: Emo's East in Austin, TX
May 10, 2012: Jake's in Lubbock, TX
May 11, 2012: Sunshine Theatre in Albuquerque, NM

Photo credit: Steve Lars from Creative Ventures International & Steve Lars on Facebook

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Nykk D said...

Goatwhore is from New Orleans, not Miami.

Anonymous said...

it doesnt say goatwhore is from FL it says Wykked Wytch plays blackened death metal a la goatwhore. english, can you read it?