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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: "Shockwave Festival" 2012 Cancelled!

Yesterday (July 3rd), Canadian Metallers VOIVOD confirmed that they dropped off the inaugural "Shockwave 2012" tour, which was scheduled to kick off on July 6 in Seattle, Washington. Here is a statement the band posted on their Facebook page:

"Shockwave tour is no longer as advertised. VOIVOD really wanted to be touring, but the situation was out of the band's control and the tour producers could not live up to the promises."

Following VOIVOD's decision to drop off from the tour were CATTLE DECAPITATION, MISERY INDEX and HAVOK. Which only leaves FEAR FACTORY on board (the rest of the bands on the bill had already dropped off). According to some reliable sources FEAR FACTORY have already been looking to jump on another tour.

While the organizers of "Shockwave Festival" haven't confirmed or denied the cancellation of the tour, without the bands there is no show. Stay tuned more more information!

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