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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday Special: Tribute to Peter Steele & the FANS

After carefully watching what different media outlets released this holiday season, we decided that instead of creating an end of the year summary using old content, we would instead create a 30-minute program that showcases the impact of Heavy Music in 2010. In order to make this a successful program, we would have to find the ideal platform. That platform? New York City’s Times Square, also known as the “center of the world”!

You may be thinking that we went into a Broadway show and bumped elbows with tourists. But the reality is that what we experienced was magical.

We arrived at the Best Buy Theater (formerly the Nokia Theater), which is the best sounding venue in New York City. The place is pimped out! As soon as we got there we ran into a lot of familiar faces, one face that stood out was Tommy Vext (formerly from Divine Heresy and Snot). From that moment on, we knew this night would be like no other! The video special will make this very evident, so make sure you check it out. We have live footage, exclusive interviews and more!

Seventh Void, which features members of Type O Negative opened the night with a tight set, and made all the concert attendees remember the great Peter Steele (RIP)! A few minutes later, it was time for Long Island’s Kings of Hardcore Vision Of Disorder. VOD never just shows up to a show, they make sure they get the crowd pumped and could have easily headlined the show. We had the chance to talk to their singer Tim Williams (included on the video special), and 2011 is shaping up to be an awesome year for this phenomenal band.

As soon as VOD finished their set, we caught up with Revolver Magazine’s Editor In Chief Brandon Geist and discussed the impact of Heavy Music in 2010 (also included on the video special). Revolver Magazine’s latest issue is a tribute to all the “fallen heroes” of Heavy Music. Make sure you pick it up!

Next up was Biohazard, who always makes sure to get the crowd moving and that they leave with a smile on their face. We had the chance to talk to their guitarist Bobby Hambel (also included on the video special), and he is a true legend!

In our opinion, Biohazard should have been the main headliner, simply because they are a lot more energetic then Life Of Agony. As a result, the crowd was somewhat tired once Life Of Agony took center stage. Nevertheless, Life Of Agony sounded amazing!

WIthout further due, here is our 2010 Holiday Special (includes bonus footage starring Brian Fair from Shadows Falls)! We want to dedicate this piece to Peter Steele, Ronnie James Dio and Paul Gray! And of course, all the fans of Horns Up Rocks!!!

Special thanks to our photographers Evil Steve, Damien Mitchell and Simi Friedman. Our videographers Lucky, Evil Steve, Lisa Marie Gort DeStefano and Alissa Shimansky. And last but not least, Jose Mangin, Brandon Geist, Tim WIlliams, Bobby Hambel, and Brian Fair!

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IMPRINTED by Jo Schüftan (Founder of Horns Up Rocks)

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