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Monday, December 27, 2010

MADBALL Sets It off!

The Kings of New York Hardcore played a mean set at The Studio at Webster Hall on December 19th. The Hardcore titans celebrated the release of their latest offering “Empire” (released on October 10th), as part of the "East Coast Empire tour". Joining Madball were openers Incendiary, Lionheart and Bitter End. This was the last show of the tour.

As soon as Freddy Cricien, Hoya Roc, Mitts, and fill-in drummer Ben Dussault (ex-Throwdown) stepped on stage, the crowd went wild. The "kids" were hungry for some Hardcore, the real deal Hardcore that has been Madball's trademark since 1988. Madball performed a devastating set that had the whole floor shaking like an earthquake.

Despite of flaws from the sound guy at the beginning of the set, the action was non-stop. From the moment they kicked off their set with their classic song "Set It Off" (which you can view below), all the way to their classic staple shout "Hardcore Still Lives", Madball brought the beat-down. Freddy Madball and company know their roots and their fan base, proof of this is when they sing in Spanish, these tracks always sound the hardest! Just saying.

The new tracks from "Empire" were very well-received and had the audience singing and swinging hard, specially to "All or Nothing" (the band recently recorded a video for this song in Brooklyn), and "R.A.H.C. (Real American Hardcore)": an instant anthem that hopefully will stick to their already violently classic setlist.

Madball have nothing to prove at this point in their career. Their music and legacy speaks for itself. The bruisers live, and they won’t go out without a fight.

We want to thank Madball for so many years of amazing music, and for supporting Horns Up Rocks since day 1! Huge shout-out to Cuz Joe from Black N Blue Productions for putting this epic show together! \m/

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