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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sindependence Metal Bash

In the last year Horns Up Rocks has become synonymous to top notch event production within the New York City metropolitan area thanks to our ability of uniting the Heavy Music fans of the tri-state area. After the success of the March Metal Beatdown and the Dark Arts Music Festivus, we are rejoining forces with Brutal Bitches Productions and bringing you the Sindependence Metal Bash! On Saturday, July 2, 2011 we are taking over Fontana's Bar in New York City!

The event will not only celebrate America's Independence from the British, but it will also mark the release of "Death of the American Dream": the brand new album of Long Island's Heavy Music titans Lies Beneath. We are very proud of hosting this special show and to return to Manhattan for what promises to be an amazing event. Lies Beneath performed at "Hixonfest" (the first Horns Up Rocks event ever) last summer at Ace Of Clubs, and totally killed it.

Joining Lies Beneath will be Alekhine's Gun, No Remission, Ashes of Your Enemy and Eyes Like Cyanide. Additionally, the event will be hosted by Horns Up Rocks founder Jo Schüftan and Tim Martinez (DJ Tim No 37) of No Mercy Metal, and DJed by Alissa Shimansky of Brutal Bitches Productions.

Here are the artist bio's:
- Lies Beneath: A five-piece Heavy Metal band with influences ranging from Thrash, to Death Metal and Hardcore. The band offers their listeners a classic dual-guitar attack, a crushing rhythm section, blended with dynamic vocals and brooding soundscapes. Lies Beneath creates an undeniable presence and demands captivation from any audience. With the release of their new album titled "Death of the American Dream", Lies Beneath are heading towards chaotic headbanging territory.

- Alekhine's Gun: A Thrash Metal outfit from Brooklyn, New York. Blending the aggressive styles of Death and Thrash Metal with fierce in your face vocals, this band is strategically looking to make their move in the Metal scene without compromise! Come check them out!

- No Remission: A powerful 4-piece Heavy Metal band from Westchester, NY. They have proven the very meaning of perseverance in establishing themselves among the underground Tristate Metal scene. Relentless in their quest to push far beyond the barriers of mainstream predictability, this fearsome foursome has earned the respect in opening for acts Dying Fetus, Anal Cunt, and Marc Rizzo of Soulfly & Cavalera Conspiracy. The band is about to release their third full-length album titled "Through the Blackened Skies,’ which was being mixed and produced by Billy Graziadei of Brooklyn legends Biohazard. No Remission is driven in taking their music to a much larger audience.

- Ashes of Your Enemy: From the heart of New Jersey in late 2005, emerged this 5 piece metal outfit whose name alone underlines a fierce, uncompromising vision. Brought together by means of a shared concept, they collectively dug deep into their metal roots and began to structure and refine their sound. Their latest EP "Anthem" is currently in heavy rotation on Sirius XM Liquid Metal XM!

- Eyes Like Cyanide: A Hardworking New York based Heavy Metal band with all the trimmings. Now that Tracy Myzeri Gonzalez is crushing on vocals, Eyes Like Cyanide bring a brutal assault every time without any remorse, so check them out!

What can you expect at the Sindependence Metal Bash?

- 5 phenomenal Heavy Metal bands that will crush all your senses and get your headbanging out of control!

- Many icons of the New York City Heavy Music Scene!

- Hosts: Jo Schüftan from Horns Up Rocks and Tim Martinez (DJ Tim No 37) from No Mercy Metal.

- DJ Alissa Shimansky from Brutal Bitches Productions:

- Cost: $10 ($12 at the door)

And plenty of SEXY debauchery! See you all on Saturday, July 2, 2011, at Fontana's Bar in New York City

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