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Monday, February 25, 2013

METALITY Brings You A FREE Compilation Called 'Global Ways Of Destruction'

Our friends from Metality.net are proud to announce their 3rd digital compilation featuring bands from all over the world, continuing the site's series of offering free music (with the permission of the labels and acts involved) to headbangers around the globe. 

One of the highlights of the compilation is "The Afterlife Illusions," a NEW song by Egypt's premier Death Metal powerhouse, SCARAB; taken from the band's highly anticipated upcoming album, 'Serpents of the Nile' (the follow-up to their debut full length, 'Blinding the Masses').

Track listing for METALITY - The Compilation (Volume 3) is as follows:
  1. Omnium Gatherum - New Dynamic (Lifeforce Records)
  2. Mors Principium Est - Bringer of Light (AFM Records)
  3. Scarab - The Afterlife Illusions
  4. Oblivion - Reclamation (Ft. former ALL SHALL PERISH guitarist, Ben Orum)
  5. Nervecell - Psychogenocide (Spellbind Records/Lifeforce Records)
  6. Destinity - Black Sun Rising (Lifeforce Records)
  7. Nightrage - Delirium of the Fallen (Lifeforce Records) 
  8. Universum - Fractured Archetype (ft. MISERATION/EX-SCAR SYMMETRY's Christian Alvestam) 
  9. Zonaria - Liberation Zero (Listenable Records)
  10. Bilocate - Hypia (ft. Dan Swano)  (Code666 Records)
  11. Divine Disorder - Children of Menace (ft. guest solo from NILE's Karl Sanders)
  12. Anuryzm - Syntax of Trinity (Melodic Revolution Records)
  13. Neosis - The Deconstruction of Reality 
  14. Anarchadia - True World Order (ft. ICED EARTH's Jon Shaffer) (Metal East Records)  
  15. Coat of Arms - Notes and Chords
  16. Overunit Machine - Cassandra Syndrome 
  17. Ambassador Gun - Wounded Knee (Prosthetic Records)
  18. Billy Bob's Blood Drenched Brew - Kill Sea Otter
  19. Perversion - Pillars of the Enlightned 
  20. The Weeping Willow - Valued and Hated
  21. Brood of Hatred - Track TBD
  22. Voice of the Soul - Guardians of Genocide 
  23. Breeze of the Dying - This City Burns
  24. Ostura - Infernal Hymn  
  25. Benevolent - Clairvoyant Transmission  
The "download" version of the release features the unsigned portion of the album exclusively, it also features bonus tracks by Indian Thrash Metallers, CHAOS, Kuwait based melodic Death Metallers, BLACKWELL, and a killer cover of the classic Dio tune "Dream Evil" by Sarj Masood (featuring Adel Qattan, Marcos Santana, and Bader Nana).

Click here to download

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