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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

MASTODON: NEW Album Update Available!

Great news! MASTODON have confirmed the rumors that they are working on their sixth studio album, the follow up to 2011's 'The Hunter', via the following statement:

"For those of you who are interested, Yes we have been VERY busy writing and putting songs together for the next studio MASTODON album, we are down at our space hammering out riffs that can be friends and working our fingers to the bone to put out another great album. thank you to all our loyal fans!!!!" - MASTODON

The band also recently recorded a track for "Monsters University", the prequel to the Disney/Pixar movie Monsters Inc. scheduled for release on June 21, 2013. This will be the second time that the band dwells into animated features. The band made an appearance in the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie.

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