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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Joey Z's Method Of Groove Studio Destroyed By "FrankenSandy" - Statement Available!

Sandy the bitch strikes again! Earlier today Joey Z (LIFE OF AGONY) announced that his recording studio was destroyed during the horrible storm. Here is a statement from Joey regarding the demise of Method Of Groove Studio, and how he plans to continue making awesome records!

The Bad News:  

"After years of hard work that went into the development and brand, Method of Groove Studio has been completely devastated and submerged due to Hurricane Sandy.  There is nothing left there.  The water level inside the building was believed to be as high as 8 feet.  Not only have I lost all the recording gear, I also lost all of my touring gear, dating back to the early 90’s… all of it.   I was able to enter the building yesterday after water levels receded down to a couple of feet."

The Good News:

"My family is ok. My friends are ok. My home is ok. I will continue this path of producing and touring. I’ve recorded many bands in other studios before, whether it was America, Europe or Canada, and mixed them back here in NY. My mixing / mastering studio was not harmed since it is in a completely different location. I spoke with my management team, and we are confident with plans moving forward to record clients out of other studios. I have so many great friends both inside and outside the music industry, and feel blessed. I am going to leave the website up and running, and maybe alter it a bit over time. Contacting me for recording, mixing or mastering is still the same, (sans the studio telephone line). For all those who already have been helping and have sent their love and support, I thank you so much. I shot some video yesterday with hope for government, and/or insurance relief, which can be seen below."

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Unknown said...

sorry joey . im glad that the most important thing is your family is okay . stay strong .
mike raff

Unknown said...

sorry Joey . the most important thing is the family is okay . stay strong.
Mike Raff

Hanneke said...

I am very sorry to hear that Joey. But glad that friends and family are ok! Stay positive Joey! And I wish you good luck with moving forward.